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History of the song "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" - The Beatles (1968)

Anyone who is truly gifted can easily make a masterpiece from almost any material at hand. An incentive for creativity can be a fleeting impression or image, a piece of a completely ordinary phrase. And this is confirmed by George Harrison, author of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps".

Where did it all begin?

The Beatles

The composition, which later became a classic, originated from a phrase that caught the author's eye in a randomly opened book.

Harrison reminisced about the track's history:

I wrote the song at my parents' house in Warrington. Then I Ching's "Book of Changes" came to mind... According to the tradition of Eastern philosophy, what is happening is already conditioned by a higher order, and there are simply no coincidences. Meaning can be found in every detail.
This song is about testing that idea. I wanted to create a text based on what I saw in any book that turned up - because it would directly relate to the “here and now” moment. I took the first book that came across, opened it, “weeping tenderly” caught my eye. This was the starting point for creating the song.

the beatles while my guitar gently weeps

After she was introduced to other members of the Beatles, no one took her seriously: everyone preferred their own work. This painfully affected George's condition, but he was persistent, considering the composition to be quite good.

The next day he went to London with Eric Clapton and asked a colleague to play the guitar part of the song. After much persuasion, he agreed. And it was the first precedent in the career of the Beatles.

A visit to the studio by Clapton, who had purposely come for the song, aroused the interest of the band and prompted them to look at the composition with different eyes. The work began to boil - and, as time has shown, it fully justified the wildest expectations.

Release and success

The song was included on the Beatles' double album (1968), commonly known as the "White Album".

White Album (Super Deluxe) cover
White Album (Super Deluxe) cover

According to Rolling Stone, this song took its place among the 500 greatest in the history of music, as well as among the 100 guitar hits of all time.

"White Album" (Eng. The White Album)
"White Album" (Eng. The White Album)

This is interesting

  • The original version of the track included one more verse, which differed from the final version by only a few lines.
  • In 2002, Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton performed the hit at a performance that was timed to coincide with the golden jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

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