The history of the creation of the album "The Prodigy", which was included in the Guinness Book of Records

The legendary album "The Prodigy" is over 20 years old. The record was released on June 30, 1997 and became the most successful in the history of the group. Over 300,000 copies were sold in the UK in the first week, and later sales very quickly exceeded the million-copy mark. We understand what is the uniqueness of "The Fat of the Land".

"The Fat of the Land" (1997) - the release that changed the perception of electronic music

"The Fat of the Land" - Third studio album by an English musical group "The Prodigy". He left at the end 1990s on the label Maverick Records. Many critics positively spoke about this work, and, moreover, "The Fat of the Land" occupied first places on many music charts, including Billboard 200. To date, it is known that more than ten million copies.

Even cover album "The Fat of the Land" attracts Attention: definite article "The" group name changed on an ant. As titles plates interpreted famous phrase "to live off the fat of the land", which meant "to live modestly on what nature gives you."

The Prodigy at a photo shoot
The Prodigy at a photo shoot

In "The Fat of the Land" hip hop much more than in the previous two albums "The Prodigy", but the motives indie music. Many artists have covered Firestarter, which was part of the album, including bassist "Kiss" Gene Simmons, who included it on his second solo album in 2004, appropriately titled "Asshole".

bits different from the usual style "The Prodigy", and MTV and radio stations rotated over fatal songs. In addition to unusual bits, the team stood out appearance your vocalist. Keith Flint looked very shockingly: shaved head, heavy nose ring - ideal for a revolution in dance music.

Immediately after release album topped the chart Billboard 1997. In the same year, two and a half million copies of it were sold in America. The success of "The Fat of the Land" changed fate groups "The Prodigy", which after that became very popular. According to the artists themselves:

"We a dancing group with a rock vibe. That's what makes us different. We absorb hip-hop, dance rhythms and rock, their energy and toughness. That's what it means the sound of "The Prodigy".

He played a significant role in the creation of the album. Keith Flint. In the recording of four songs, he proved himself as vocalist, but text for three songs he came up with on his own (although he usually did this Liam Howlett), two of which became hits. In addition, Keith performed a cover "Fuel My Fire", which was part of the 1994 album "Hungry for Stink" by the band "L7".

During the making of "The Fat of the Land" Matt Cameron, band drummer "Soundgarden", also took part in the creation of "The Fat of the Land". He was sign with the guys from The Prodigy. It is still unknown exactly how they agreed, but interesting is the fact that in the comments to the album the name Matt was replaced on mark. Is it a bug or a trick, listeners guessing still.

David Bowie, Madonna and U2 always tried to be "on the same wave" with listeners, but at the same time they remained unique performers with their sound. Noticing the popularity "The Prodigy", musicians tried to negotiate with them, buy from them copyright and write down joint track. But in the end the group refused collaborate with these popular artists. Howlett, creator and member of the group, admitted:

"I was very flattered the fact that such artists turned to us. But we refused. Perhaps it was worst decision for all our lives, but I don't want to spray our unique sound."

Madonna in her youth
Madonna in her youth

American Feminist Society "National Organization of Women" was outraged by the track "Smack My Bitch Up". They considered her misogynist, but the musicians themselves talked about what they put into the meaning of the song other meaning - "to do something sharply, quickly." Also, some listeners believed that the phrase was taken from the slang of lovers of illegal substances, but this version of "The Prodigy" was denied.

Track "Smack My Bitch Up" played on the radio only at night due to the fact that it was present profanity. The video for this song was forbidden on many TV channels propaganda immoral behaviour.

Interesting fact: there is a version that the picture below was originally the cover of the single "Smack My Bitch Up". But death princesses Diana in August 1997 influenced the release date and artwork. media inflated hype in connection with the release of the album and its cover (allegedly it is somehow connected with the death of Diana), so the musicians had to change.

The original and final cover art for "Smack My Bitch Up" by The Prodigy
The original and final cover art for "Smack My Bitch Up" by The Prodigy

Album in 1999 "The Fat of the Land" was mentioned in Guinness Book of Records. He was recognized by selling record UK. It was not only an award, but also an important event for the world show business. Album in 1998 nominated as "Best Alternative Music Album" at the award Grammy Awards in 1998, but he conceded "OK Computer" groups radiohead.

In 1998, readers of the magazine Q included "The Fat of the Land" in top most grandiose albums for all history where he occupied ninth place. In 2000, the same magazine put it on 47th out of a hundred on your list the best British albums for all the time.

In 2012 British independent label "XL Recordings" again published "The Fat of the Land" in honor of the anniversary. except two records, options were available on CDs and in digital format, which include remixes from artists like Major Lazer, «noisia", «Zeds Dead", «The Glitch Mob». After "The Fat of the Land", "The Prodigy" released another three records, but none of them failed become as popular as she is.

Album cover of The Fat Of The Land by The Prodigy
Album cover of The Fat Of The Land by The Prodigy

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