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Klaus Meine: "We had one goal: we just wanted to have more girls at our concerts!"

The story of the legendary song "Still Loving You" - The Scorpions

"Still Loving You" (I still love you) is a legendary ballad by the rock band Scorpions. The composition was released as part of the album Love at First Sting (1984). To this day, it is considered not only the hallmark of the German band, but also an exemplary rock record.

Still Loving You gained particular popularity in France, where it literally provoked hysteria and a sharp rise in the birth rate. There has not been such a surge in the popularity of a rock band in this country since The Beatles.

At the beginning of the 2000s, the composition was re-recorded with the participation of the Philharmonic Orchestra and included in the Moment of Glory album.

We invite you to remember the history of its creation, as well as learn unusual facts related to it!

idea, meaning...

Let's take a look at one of the most beautiful ballads that the history of world music has ever seen... This, of course, is about Still Loving You by the German band Scorpions. The musicians released this wonderful composition in 1984, which immediately made a lot of noise! For example, only one single cover!

Single cover
Single cover

Scandalous for those years, it became a reason for the pride of the famous German photographer Helmut Newton. The picture was called "Love at the first bite" ... Actually, it was also decided to name the album within which this delightful ballad was released ...

"Still Loving You" is a slow, very soulful love ballad. As for its sound, it gradually grows under the influence of adding more and more new instruments... The most important "ingredient" of the song is the percussion part.

The song is sung from the perspective of the protagonist, a man who is madly in love. The hero is very worried that the relationship between him and his beloved will overtake its logical end ... As follows from the lyrics of the song, there is already “no past passion” between them ... But the hero is ready to “light the fuse and start all over again”!

Many people wonder: how did it happen that at a certain period the Scorpions moved away from classic hard rock?


Indeed, at some point, the group stopped at the fact that they began to please the fans with new, but (it is worth paying tribute) incredibly soulful compositions ... Here is Still Loving You one of the most! Today, the ballad is considered one of the best lyrical songs not only in the history of rock, but also of world music in general! She is also one of VH1's top ballads!

In one of his interviews, Klaus Meine, vocalist and leader of the Scorpions, said:

“We had one goal: we just wanted to have more girls at our concerts!”

Klaus Meine, leader of the group
Klaus Meine, leader of the group

Well: apparently, the musicians exceeded their plan! And with their love hit, they provoked an unreal baby boom in France in 1985! At that time, the most popular name for newborn girls was the name Sly (Sly) - an abbreviation for (Still Loving You)!

Interesting Facts

The album “Love at First Sting” was a huge commercial breakthrough for the Scorpions! In the States, the release reached number six, becoming platinum three times! Not bad, right?

It is this disc that is the only one, absolutely all the songs for which were written by Klaus Meine, and all the music - by Rudolf Schenker.

In France, the single sold 2 million copies!

Despite the gentle lyrics, some have managed to see a political message in the ballad! The line about pride and the wall played a role in this. It is worth noting that the composition was released in the first half of the 80s, shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall...

In the early 90s, the group was invited to a meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev in the Kremlin! Soon, Soviet music lovers were imbued with the work of "Scorpions" ... And if "Wind of Change" is the undisputed leader in terms of recognition, then "Still Loving You" confidently takes second place as a favorite folk hit!

In an interview, Matthias Jabs, the band's guitarist, spoke about one young Sly heiress:

“... At that time we performed in Paris - the city of love ... After the concert, a young couple approached me and asked for an autograph. They showed me a picture of their baby and said they named her Sly - after our song! It was so unexpected, but nice... And now, we performed in Paris again, only 20 years later... And what do you think? After the show, this couple approached us again, only with a girl of 20 years old ... It was their daughter, the same Sly ... We were touched ... Everything ... I think this is a great and very touching story!


Definitely: Still Loving You is one of the most tender, greatest and most beautiful ballads in the history of world music. I wish there were more of these! That's all! Enjoy the great video for this song...

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