40 Years of Slayer History

When Slayer was together, the band was very strong. We decided to remember what it was like. In this article we will talk about the creation history, the first success and the breakup of Slayer. 

History of Slayer

For a long time this group was one of the most popular American thrash metal bands. They have millions of fans and thousands of concerts. But, unfortunately, the band itself no longer exists. The musicians have gone their separate ways in 2019

But when they were together, the collective was very strong. We decided to remember what it was like. In this article we will talk about the creation history, the first success and the breakup of Slayer. 

History of Slayer


Group Slayer appeared in 1981 downtown HuntingtonA park. The future guitarists of the band first met at an audition for the band Ledger. Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King They got to talking and soon decided to form their own thrash metal band. Later Tom Araya took over as bassist, and Dave Lombardo, a pizza delivery guy at the time, was hired as the band's drummer. 

The band began not with their own songs, but with covers of Judas Priest and Iron MaidenThe founder of the Metal Blade label was present at the concert and noticed the unique sound of the Slayer artists. The founder of the Metal Blade label was present at the concert and noticed the unique sound of the Slayer artists. Later he offered to sign the band. After that the business of the band was on the rise.


At this time, the band began to actively release new songs and perform at concerts. But under the terms of the contract signed with the label, the band had to release the debut record as soon as possible. The problem was that no one gave them money for that - they had to make something out of it.

The musicians borrowed money from their parents and took great risks to record the album. They had to put in as much as they could to make the effort pay off. That's how their first record came out Show No Mercy. And it became popular - the musicians sold 40,000 records, returned the money to their parents, and continued recording with the rest. 

Slayer's most popular albums and songs

The success of Slayer came about the same time when the genre in which they played their music became popular. thrash metal. And that was in 80-90s years. Many people caught it and still remember it.

The most popular album is considered to be Reign in Blood, released in 1986. It is the benchmark for all thrash metal artists even almost 40 years later! Music Producer Rick Rubin helped Slayer with the release of the album. Thanks to Rubin the songs of the album became noticeably slower, shorter and of higher quality.

The most popular songs from it were «Angel of Death», «Piece By Piece» and «Necrophobic». It was also the band's first album to hit the Billboard 200, and became «golden» In the United States.

The second most popular album is Seasons in the Abyssreleased on October 9, 1990. The artists said that they were inspired to record the album by spooky stories and mysticism. For the creation of this album the producer was invited Andy Wallace. Here they returned to speed and brutality, adding melody. Popular songs here were «War Ensemble», «Blood Red» and «Spirit In Black». This album reached number 44 on the Billboard 200, and in 1992 became the oolotym».

How and why Slayer broke up

In 2013, one of the founders of the group passed away. Jeff HannemanThis was a huge blow to the members. Earlier that year he had left the band. Dave Lombardo. Later, the former band member admitted that it happened because of a quarrel with Kerry King. On November 30, 2019, they gave their last concert. On stage, they exchanged hugs and said they would miss each other. It happened, by the way, in the musicians' hometown of Los Angeles.

Throughout its history, the band has received a huge number of awards, two Grammys, been on the cover of many music magazines and even released the movie. But, more importantly, they changed the face of music and made a huge contribution to thrash metal, becoming iconic artists of this genre.


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