"Rock 'n' Roll Child Care: The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards' time as a babysitter

“I was the head of the family for several weeks! When she was at work, I changed the baby's diapers! So - in the suburbs of Melbourne lives someone who does not even know that I took care of him and changed his diapers ... "

How Keith Richards tried on the role of a nanny

Keith Richards one of the most rock and roll guitarists in history! And it's not even that he has been playing in a cult rock band all his life The Rolling Stones… This title is fully justified by his rebellious lifestyle! How many stories - crazy, and more reminiscent of an episode of a movie - can be told about this amazing person: what is a story worth when in 1965 year, during the group's performance in Memorial Auditorium (Sacramento, California), his guitar touched the microphone stand... Flames broke out, and Richards fell unconscious on the stage...

“I literally saw Keith take off into the air backwards. I thought he was dead! I was horrified. At that moment, we all died, time stopped ... ”recalled one of the team members.

Keith Richards
Keith Richards

Fortunately, Richards just lost consciousness. He was shocked by the electric shock from the microphone... And yes: he survived, perhaps only thanks to the thick soles of his suede shoes Hush Puppies, which delayed the electric charge ... The very next night he returned to the stage. He was also greatly amused by the doctor at the hospital he was taken to:

"He said, 'Well, he either wakes up or he doesn't. Now that sounds really funny!' the guitarist recalls.

However, this is far from the only story Keith Richards, which proves that he was and remains a real icon of rock in its brightest and most eccentric manifestations ... For example, did you know that in 1973 year he tried on the role of ... nanny? This curious episode of his life can be described as "Rock and Roll Child Care!" Actually - about everything in order.

Acquaintance with a young mother

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger
Keith Richards and Mick Jagger

Cult guitarist The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards became part of many fantastic stories: he saw literally everything in his life, from problems with the law to electric shock on stage ... And yet one of the strangest stories of his life is a story that shows the legendary rocker in the picture of home comfort ... One bizarre story from memoir of a guitarist called "Life" (2010) says that in 1973 Richards gave up his rock and roll life for a while and became a nanny to a little boy in Melbourne... All this time he lived with the mother of the child because of illegal substances. In fact, this is how it went...

Respite during the tour

The Rolling Stones in the 70s Quiz
The Rolling Stones in the 70s Quiz

The story goes that while The Rolling Stones were in the middle of their tour 1973 years (the group toured for Australia), Richards was at the peak of his addiction (and this is not about alcohol...) And the guitarist went further when his addiction to illegal substances moved from the streets to the pharmaceutical world. In fact, it was a very slippery slope ... And, fortunately, Richards eventually got off it.

Long time The Rolling Stones suffered from the dominance of addiction over their two guitarists - Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood. During his Australian tour in 1973 year they took a breather. It was during this period of his life that Richards met a single mother involved in pharmaceuticals ... He moved in with her during a stopover, and who would have thought that while living in the suburbs of Melbourne, the guitarist would get a taste of normal family life ... It lasted only a few weeks, but this was quite enough for many years later the participant Rolling Stones wrote a whole story about it in his autobiography.

The charm of home comfort

Keith Richards...
Keith Richards...

As already mentioned above, in 1973 The Rolling Stones took an abrupt break while touring Australia. Richards decided not to waste time alone, and contacted a single mother who had access to pharmaceutical drugs with psychotropic effects ... He moved in with her for several weeks, and, to his own surprise, was fascinated by the laid-back and comfortable rhythm of country life. In my memoirs "Life" 2010 the guitarist recalls:

“Living for a week in the suburbs of Melbourne with a mother and a small child was rather strange ... After about four or five days, I felt like a real Australian old man! It was something like, "Sheila, where's my fucking breakfast?!" At some point, I had the feeling that I had lived there forever. And it was really great!”

Keith Richards
Keith Richards

Apparently, after a hectic life on the road for the past decade, the allure of home comforts has proved appealing to the guitarist of one of the most popular rock bands in history...

"Rock and Roll Child Care"

Young Keith Richards...
Young Keith Richards...

Could anything like this be expected from this person, but during his "country relaxation" Keith Richards even provided some free child care for a single mother while she was at work! The rocker, whose name can be measured by a huge stadium, behaved like a real master of the house!

“I was the head of the family for several weeks! When she was at work, I changed the baby's diapers! So - in the suburbs of Melbourne lives someone who does not even know that I took care of him and changed his diapers ... "


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