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A great hit of the '80s, permanently ingrained in our heads...

Story of Eurythmics - "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"

The song "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" is the title single of the British synth-pop duo Eurythmics' album of the same name. The album was released in 1983, and the song became a hit and the most famous composition of the famous band. To this day it is considered to be the duo's calling card.

After the parting there will be a meeting...

Who knows if we would have ever heard Sweet Dreams if one day, back in 1975, Lennox, a waitress at a restaurant, hadn't brought Stuart an order. He was a musician in the folk-rock band Longdancer and she was a student at the Royal Academy of Music in London. The acquaintance turned out to be no coincidence, and soon grew into love. Dave and Annie worked together in the pop band The Tourists, but broke up after the band broke up.

The parting was benign, the couple maintained a good relationship and soon began performing under the name of the synth-pop duo Eurythmics. The main principle of collaboration was freedom. The musicians did not limit themselves by the limits of style.

Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart
Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart

The road to success was not easy, it led Stewart to a hospital bed, and Lennox had a serious nervous breakdown. But then a meteoric rise followed. In 1983, the band released an album called Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).

"Hold your head up high..."

Annie Lennox
Annie Lennox

It is hard to say what made the album more successful - the avant-garde music video for the title single, in which Annie appeared with her head shorn and her hair colored orange, or the song itself, which immediately became a hit. In all the charts - not only European, but also overseas, where "Sweet Dreams" immediately hit the first lines of the charts. The photo of Annie Lennox in a spectacular and unexpected appearance appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

Telling the story of the song's creation, Dave Stewart once confessed to journalists: the bass line, which surprised and delighted even the famous musicians, appeared by chance - the musicians just accidentally played the track backwards. We know what happened in the end.

The spotted cow in the clip also owes its appearance to Dave. Dave, a big fan of surrealist painters, decided to add it.

Annie's bright orange hair, the cow - there's a lot of spectacular and unusual things about this song. Starting with the creation story itself. The musicians confessed that "Sweet Dreams" was born after a stormy quarrel. It was a confirmation that negative emotions can also serve as a strong source of inspiration.

Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart
Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart

The meaning of the song was revealed by Annie, who composed almost all the lyrics. She sees it as meeting personal needs. "Sweet Dreams" is supposed to push a person toward them, but everyone can interpret it in their own way.

Marilyn Manson recorded the most famous cover version of the single, performing the song in slow motion. However, he himself admitted that he was "on acid" at that moment.

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) was one of Rolling Stone magazine's top 500 most famous songs of all ages.

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