AC/DC - The Jack (1975) - History of the making of a rock song

How the famous hit of AC / DC was created

Song History: AC/DC - "The Jack" (1975)

This musical composition demonstrates how important it is to know the history of song creation. Otherwise, you can get into an unpleasant situation, for example, by ordering on the radio for your acquaintance, a rock lover, the track "Jack" (English name "The Jack") performed by AC / DC, thinking that the composition is about poker or another card game. game. But, unfortunately, the name can be used not in a direct, but in a figurative sense. Therefore, if your acquaintance is a connoisseur of rock, then most likely you will receive a slap in the face.

Why? The fact is that in the song the word "Jack" means a venereal disease. In Austria, they call it "clapper", that is, "gonorrhea". Therefore, the phrase in the musical composition "she's got the jack" is translated as "she has a jack", that is, she has gonorrhea. But those who are not particularly versed in the translation of lyrics may find themselves in a strange position, distorting the understanding of the song.

History of writing

AC/DC Band
AC/DC Band

The text of the song "Jack" was written by Bon Skott, who read a letter from a fan to his idol, Australian rock musician Malcolm Young. The note said that the rhythm guitarist had infected the girl with a venereal disease during intimacy. But for the musician, this was absurd, since before the meeting he checked his health in the clinic, and no diseases were detected.

Bon also shared the story that AC/DC had contracted an STI during close contact with their female fans while on tour. Therefore, during the performance of this track, the musicians on the chorus pointed their fingers at these girls. Whether this is true or not is unknown.

Initially, the song was called very frankly - "Tripper" (the English name is "The Clap"). But the direct meaning was clearly not suitable for playback on the radio, so all the “slippery” and unpleasant words were disguised as card terms. But at solo concerts, the group performed their musical composition in its original version, without embarrassment in expressions.

Recording a song

The track "Jack" was recorded in Australia in 1975 and was included in the album "TNT". The song was later included on the band's first international album, High Voltage.

Angus Young
Angus Young

This is interesting

Because of the hidden meaning, the new version of the song, adapted for the general public, can be interpreted in its own way. For example, someone thinks that the phrase "full house" means "full house" (poker combination), but in fact - "a bunch of various sexually transmitted diseases."

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