What really happened between Freddie Mercury and Jim Hutton

So who was Jim Hutton really? According to many observers and Hutton himself, the rock legend and the hairdresser had a very warm relationship, full of ups and downs, like any other.

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Personal life of Freddie Mercury, the legendary frontman of the band "Queen.", was complex, but definitely intense. Romantic relationship with Jim Hutton filled the last seven years his life of happiness and were a tidbit for the media. The paths of the two men crossed long before they entered into a relationship. However, Freddie and Jim remained devoted to each other until the tragic November. 1991 of the year. It is worth noting that some details of their relationship remain to some extent hidden, which is why even today - after so many years - people are wondering: so who really was Jim Hutton? According to many observers and Hutton himself, the rock legend and hairdresser had very warm relationsfull of ups and downs like any other.

At first, Jim Hutton answered Freddie with a refusal.

Freddie Mercury and Jim Hutton
Freddie Mercury and Jim Hutton

Jim Hutton was a hairdresser when they Freddie first met. Anything between them was not love at first sight. The meeting happened in 1983 in one of the clubs London. Then Hutton did not know who Freddie was and, following from his words, "Mercury was not his type." He refused to a famous singer in an offer to have a drink together, and after much harassment, Freddie rudely replied with conversations: “fuck off.”

Until spring 1984 of the year Hatton remained in the relationship with another man. But they crossed paths with Mercury again - like the previous time, in a London nightclub. The singer again offered Hutton a drink and this time received a positive response. They had fun until morning.

They were caring for each other

Jim Hutton and Freddie Mercury
Jim Hutton and Freddie Mercury

From memories Jim Hutton it follows that they Freddie There were many very warm and sincere moments. They were caring in relation to each other: the couple often watched old films together, and often during this process, Hutton massaged Mercury legs. Jim also talked a lot about Freddie's crazy love for his cats. After the death of the singer, Hutton said that both of them were satisfied with their relationship:

“At first, Freddie was worried that this relationship would negatively affect his career. But then we came to the conclusion that this is exclusively our personal life and our business!”

For a long time, Hutton pretended to be the singer's gardener.

Jim Hutton and Freddie Mercury
Jim Hutton and Freddie Mercury

A few months after they met Hatton moved to a mansion Mercurywhere they lived together. However, when guests came to the singer, Jim had to pretend to be a gardener. He was even paid for his work! dealt with finance Mary Austin, former fiancee freddie, which until the death of the singer occupied most important place in his heart. Once Freddie said that he never loved anyone so muchhow he loved Mary Austin. That is, even Hatton! Mercury said:

“All my lovers have asked me why they can’t replace Mary for me, but this is simply impossible!”

Young Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury...
Young Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury

However, this fact did not prevent Freddie treat Jim as a spouse. Once the singer even joked:

“Piaf, Streisand ... Now I have a husband who is a hairdresser!”

Interesting fact: Freddie and Jim wore ringssymbolizing them love and преданность each other. Hutton first met Freddie's parents in 1988 year, but then they did not know what role he plays in the life of their son.

Hatton changed Freddie for the better

Jim Hutton
Jim Hutton

Having fun that night at the club - when Hatton answered Mercury agreeing to drink, the men went to the singer's house in Kensington. Waking up in the morning, Freddie made tea for the guest, and they exchanged phone numbers, but Mercury did not call Jim for several months. Only three months later, he dialed him to invite him to a dinner party. The singer explained why he didn’t call for so long: he was on tour and worked hard in Germany. Curious, but especially for this evening, Hatton bought flowers! Truth, threw them out along the way, as he was very embarrassed by his own romantic gesture.

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury

The dinner was attended by many close associates of the singer, including an assistant Peter Freestone and manager Paul Prenter. That evening, Hatton was in the center of their attention: everyone asked him leading questions, thereby trying to find out who Freddie really was. Once between Freddie and Jim broke out chemistry, the first became less frequent night clubs, so as not provoke Hatton to jealousy. Word to Jim:

“Several times I saw him with other guys, and after that we had quarrels. When I saw him leaving his apartment in Kensington with some guy, I told him that he had to make a decision. It couldn't go on like this…”

In the end, Freddie chose Hatton.

Hutton's first concert experience

Freddie Mercury had a relationship with Jim Hutton (left)
Freddie Mercury with Jim Hutton (left)

Jim Hutton witnessed some of the most significant events in the life of Freddie Mercury, including the performance "Queen." on the"Live Aid." in 1985. Jim has never before didn't go to concerts (Especially on such a large scale). One can only imagine what impression made on him a charity concert and live show Freddie.

The show was true enchanting, and after that Freddie and Jim went home like "older couple". From Hutton's memoirs:

"I was shocked! You could feel the effect his stage presence had on the crowd. Then Elton John came up to us and said: “Damn it, you stole this show!”

Upon learning of the diagnosis, Freddie offered Hutton freedom

Freddie Mercury with his pet
Freddie Mercury with his pet

In the second half of the 80s, tabloids and the press were full of headlines that several former lovers Freddie Mercury sick AIDS. Many began to worry about the singer's own health. Unfortunately, the Queen frontman was ill. First to know about it Peter Freestone and Joe Fanelli, and only then Jim Hutton. All three swore keep a secret, and, according to Hutton, Mercury told him that he would understand his desire leave. But Jim replied:

"Do not be an idiot! I won't go anywhere. I'm here for the long haul…”

In the early 90s, Mercury's health deteriorated significantly. Peter Freestone and Joe Fanelli took turns courting the artist. During this period, journalists began to strongly annoyand one day Hutton threatened to kill a reporter who got too close to their house. He once stated:

“All day long I was strong for him, but his dying face haunted me at night and I just remember lying and crying until I fall asleep…”

Hutton kicked out of Freddie's house after singer's death

Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury
Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury

As health Mercury deteriorated between Mary Austin, his civil wife, and Jim Hutton tension grew. At some point, Mary strongly recommended Mercury take off the wedding ringwhich he wore as union symbol with Hatton. She claimed that swelling of the arm would cause discomfort. Moments like these foreshadowed conflict between Austin and Huttonwhich eventually happened after Freddie's death.

According to the will, Freddie left Hutton 500 thousand pounds. The singer also wanted Jim to live in his mansion, but bequeathed it to Mary Austin. Austin evicted Hutton from garden lodge in March 1992 of the yeardespite Mercury's last wish. After that, Hutton returned to Ireland, where he surrounded himself with pets, became interested in gardening and lived a quiet life. IN 2010 year he died of cancer.

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