The Italian Voice of America: The Story of Dean Martin's Best Songs

Dean Martin became one of the most beloved and popular musicians of the 20th century in the United States. Songs sung by the musician can be heard in every second movie of the middle of the last century: that's how good Martin was. Today we remember Dean Martin's best songs, sit back and enjoy!

Dean Martin's Top 5 Songs

The life of Dino Paul Crocetti (Martin's real name) from childhood was uneasyHe was born into a poor family and had to work right after high school.

The job was such that the guy hardly He was an enviable worker in the steel mill, and he was a member of the factoryThen, a little tired, he settled down in the casino, traded liquor clandestinely during Prohibition, later became a professional hustler, and only then, after going through this, does he begin to sing on stage.

Dean Martin
Dean Martin

Dino Paul Crocetti was Italian of origin, and in order not to torment Americans with the pronunciation of his name and not to give reasons for negative attitudes toward his person, he takes the creative alias "Dino Martini.

Performing in nightclubs, Dino Martini becomes known by this name and records several compositions. Few people at the time knew that Dino Martini was Italian.

Growing up, the musician changes The pseudonym was "Dean Martin". Then the musician gets acquainted with Frank Sinatra, moves to his label and that is when his creativity begins to blossom - most of his most famous songs Martin wrote while communicating with Sinatra and Davis. Later the friends would be called the Rat Pack.

Martin is in the club with Sinatra and Lewis
Martin is in the club with Sinatra and Davis

Today we remember most famous songs sung by Dean Martin and the history of these now-classic compositions.


Dean Martin
Dean Martin

Spanish song, the present title which is "Quien sera." The song was written by Mexican Pablo Beltran Ruiz. It was his creative debutThe Spanish version was recorded in 1953, and a year later the song was already known in America and Europe.

Credit for popularizing the English-language version belongs to Dean Martin, whose cover is becoming more popular than the original.

Martin, with his usual cynicism, always said that by singing love songs he wasn't trying to seduce a lady - he wanted her date to like him, because he would be the one paying for the tickets for his performances. "Sway" - is no exception.

Mambo Italiano

Dean Martin plays guitar at home
Dean Martin plays guitar

This song was written by Bob Merrill, an American who was vacationing at an Italian restaurant in New York City in 1954. To Merrill's untimely came inspiration and the author had to write the text Mambo Italiano on paper салфетке.

The text was written in one присест. It's a song in the style of mambo. At that time, Cuban music was highly regarded in American clubs because of its uncommonness and melody.

"Mambo Italiano" hit the charts after being sung by the singer Rosemary Clooney, who had Irish roots and no connection with Italy. Then the song came to the attention of a real Italian, and you have you knowwho we are talking about.

Dean Martin sang Mambo Italiano and it was success. The song as performed by him rose even higher in the charts. Many people heard the song for the first time exactly as performed by Martin. Another case of Martin's cover being superior to the original. Now it seemed more the rule than the exception.

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

First, the "snowy" song. did not have The attitude to Christmas: the lyrics of the song do not not a word about the holidays.

Sammy Kahn
Sammy Kahn is one of the authors of Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!"

The songwriters, Sammy Kahn and Jules Stein, composed Let it Snow on a hot summer day. About that told Kahn:

"The song was written on the hottest day I can remember. I said to Jules, 'Why not go to the beach? And he said, "Why not write a winter song?" I sat down at the typewriter and gave out: "Oh, it's so disgusting outside, but the fire in the fireplace is delightful, and since we don't have to go, let the snow fly, fly, fly."

Let it Snow - song About a guy and a girlThe boy doesn't want to leave, so he's excited about the snowfall, which could be an excuse for him to stay with his beloved in the winter evening. The guy doesn't want to leave, so he's excited about the snowfall, which could be an excuse for him to stay by the fireplace with his beloved.

Dean Martin Drinks with Frank Sinatra
Dean Martin Drinks with Frank Sinatra

The song was originally sung by Vaughn Monroe in 1945. After him it was sung by hundreds of famous singers. But most of all remembered versions sung by Frank Sinatra and later by Dean Martin.

That's Amore

The song, written by Harry Warren and Jack Brooks, first прозвучала in the movie musical "Caddy" with the duo of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. The film was released on August 10, 1953, at the same time That's Amore was also popular.

Dean Martin posing with a guitar
Dean Martin posing with a guitar

According to Lewis, he personally secretly paid to lyricists for $30,000 in the hope that one of the songs they wrote would become a hit for Martin.

In the film, the song is sung mostly by Dean Martin, who is joined by Lewis and then other characters in the film. That's Amore Received nomination Oscar for Best Original Song.

Everybody Loves Somebody

By 1964, the song had been recorded by a large number of performers, but the successes of the song has not reached. In the same year she was offered to perform for Dean Martin, since he had some free time after the recording of the album.

Dean Martin with Alcohol
Dean Martin at Home

Martin's version came out more relaxed and jazzy unlike of how the rest of the musicians performed the song.

Dean Martin later re-recorded the tune and added it into the next album. This time the record accompanied by orchestra and choir.

Initially, few believed that the adult Italian singer would become popular with teenagers with this song. But, against all odds, Everybody Loves Somebody made it to the top of the charts, staying at the top for eight weeks in a row.


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