Rock 'n' Roll in the 50s - How a legendary musical genre was born

Rock 'n' roll culture received a barrage of criticism from religious leaders, state leaders, and concerned parents, who dubbed it "the devil's music.

History of rock 'n' roll - To which artists of the past does the legendary genre owe its appearance

Rock ' n ' Roll can be described as a type of popular dance music that emerged in the 1950s years. This genre is characterized by a heavy beat and uncomplicated melodies. At first it emerged as a fusion of rhythm and blues with music country music. The traditional instruments used for rock and roll are guitar, bass and drums. Historians and musicologists have been arguing for decades about who founded this movement. But there has never been an unambiguous answer that everyone agrees on...

The seeds of this direction germinated for decades, but did not blossom until the middle 1950s: it was then that they began to actively feed black experiments musicians and the ability of white people to "pay". America was booming, World War II and all its horrific consequences were behind us. And people were able to go to clubs and have basic listen to the radioThey were finally able to afford it.

First Performers

Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley

Early rock and roll sound has been named "rockabilly.": it was an incendiary mixture country, swing jazz and rhythm and blues. The promoters of this new sound were disc jockeysIn particular, a certain Allen, who created rock 'n' roll radio, and willingly spun assertive rhythm and blues records! These people, in fact, were the ones who introduced white teenagers from the suburbs with a culture that sounded more exotic and exciting than anything they had heard before. В 1954 year, this unusual mesmerizing sound centered around an iconic image: the white beauty Elvis Presleywho sounded like a black artist...

Presley's style included everything from village rave-ups and blues howls To traditional ballads of pop musicians. Nevertheless, his early recordings had more sensuality than audacity...

In addition to Presley, some of the first rock 'n' roll performers were Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Fats Domino, Buddy Holly, and Bill Haley with their "Comets.". It was their single. "Rock Around the Clock." became the first rock and roll number one hit!

This composition saw the light of day in May 1954, and a year later became widely acclaimed for the film "School Jungle."!


A still from the movie "School Jungle"
A still from the movie "School Jungle"

Rock 'n' roll was designed primarily to white youth. And, of course, not everyone liked this genre...

For American youth, these uncomplicated rousing rhythms became an anthem of rebellion, albeit a moderate one. When the hit "Rock Around the Clock." sounded in the "The School Jungle, United States teens stomped their feet in their seats in theaters!

James Dean
James Dean

Movie stars, such as the boldly handsome James Dean, exuded a cohesive youthful disobediencewhich was finally reflected in the rhythms... This emerging rock 'n' roll culture received barrage of criticism by religious leaders, state leaders, and concerned parents who christened her "the devil's music".

The British Invasion

The Beatles
The Beatles

Back to top 1960's the sound and look of rock and roll changed almost overnight with the British invasion! This is the high-profile term used to describe the decade rock and rollwhen the radio waves were filled with groups of from the UK. Their sound was fresh, exotic and alien, and their appearance consisted of long, shaggy hair... It evoked more greater resonance among American youth.

The leaders of the British invasion were undoubtedly The Beatles. The Liverpool Four first appeared on the U.S. charts with their hit «Please Please Me». IN 1964 year, their next big hit is. "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" - caused the Beatlemania that swept the whole country...

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