"Cryamazy": the story of a trilogy from Aerosmith

In the 1990s, Aerosmith released the video trilogy Cryamazy. It starred Alicia Silverstone, a future movie star. Let's find out which video became the most popular and what the actress had to do to become famous.

How Alicia Silverstone became the heroine of rock band videos

"Aerosmith." - one of the most famous hard rock bands. Musicians are often called "the bad guys from Boston."The band had been founded in the city, but in fact the city was only the location of the band's headquarters. В 1970 year Stephen Tallarico, Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton downtown Synapi decided to form a band, and three years later the guys released debut album.

In the 1990s. "Aerosmith." released three clips. In addition to starring in all the videos Alicia Silverstone, they were video merged the general plot and steels trilogy: "Cryin'.", "Amazing.", "Crazy.". If you combine all these names into one, you get "Cryamazy." - this is the title under which they became popular. Directed by spoke Marty KallnerHe had previously filmed various comedy shows and TV shows. The videos turned out so great that some music lovers still think that they used footage from movies.

The full Aerosmith band
The full Aerosmith band

In 1993, the band released its eleventh album "Get a Grip.". The first single of the record was the song "Livin' on the Edge". One of his tracks was a ballad "Crazy."which came out a year later as the singles. The album was very successful: it entered the top 10 charts of 13 countries, held the first places in the UK and U.S. charts.


In working on the first clip of the trilogy "Cryin'." The well-known actorsamong which Alicia Silverstone, Stephen Dorf and Josh Holloway. The video itself tells the story of the different relations between a man and a woman, about how couples parting and again converge. For Alicia Silverstone cooperation with "Aerosmith." became fruitful: It was her chance to make a name for herself, and she did it well. The actress even had to jump off a bridge (with insurance, of course). This The stunt cost Kallner Dear: he had to spend ten thousand dollarsto take a few minutes overlap vehicular traffic. The TV channel MTV recognized this clip "the favorite of all time..

Second clip "Amazing." also did not leave Without the attention of MTV. He was nominated on the MTV Video Music Award - is an award for creativity that is given by to the director, to the operator or to the editor video. The interesting thing about the clip is that the first half of it was shot by one person, and then he was replaced by another. From storyline clip, the guy inserts the disk into the computer and thus gets into the another realitywhere he meets the girl of his dreams - her role was played by Alicia Silverstone. Back then, computers and the Internet were rarityThat's why there was a lot of attention to the clip.

Alicia Silverstone as a youngster
Alicia Silverstone as a youngster

Third clip "Crazy." - Call For teens by Alicia Silverstone and another actress, Liv Tyler, on what to dwell on lessons and fun to spend time, because youth quickly ends. Two schoolgirls run away from home in a car, falling in love with men along the way. Interesting fact: originally Liv Tyler in the music video was not supposed to be in it. But one day. Marty Kallner he saw her on TV (she starred in a shampoo commercial) and invited her to the shoot. At the time, he didn't know that she and Steven Tyler - relatives. The girl danced on a pole in the music video for his father's song. Many people were surprised by this the flamboyant girl's behavior. For this clip in 1994 "Aerosmith." received Grammy Awards.

At the moment. the most popular clip counts "Crazy." (In November 2021, he had more than 500 million views), in second place - "Cryin'." (approx. 270 million views), on the third - "Amazing." (220 million views).

Alicia Silverstone

For the first time viewers saw Alicia Silverstone As a fan of Fred Savage in "The Wonder Years.. This was followed by her starring roles in the American psychological thriller "Passion." 1993. One day she attracted the attention of Marty Kallnerwho was just working on the trilogy "Cryamazy.". It was he who made Alicia star. Jumping off a bridge in "Cryin'." The actress was not easy, but it was thanks to him that the actress became widely known.

Second video "Amazing." was innovative and also attracted attention. Alicia Silverstone and To Jason London in the clip skydiving, rushing down the highway on motorcycles and kissing with each other. The video underscores the concept "virtual reality"because they don't do it all from the comfort of their own homes. "Aerosmith." revealed the newest topic for the time cyberspaceNow the critics couldn't name them obsolete a group that doesn't follow fashion trends.

Many viewers conclude that best video in the trilogy was "Crazy.". By myself track is considered one of the most grandiose compositions "Aerosmith of all time. The clips in which Alicia starred have become successful and for a group, и for itself actresses. After that, the girl even got the nickname "the Aerosmith chick" (Aerosmith girl).

Aerosmith at one of their performances
Aerosmith at one of their performances

In his entire career. "Aerosmith." released lots of records, often gave concerts and had large number of fans. But there were also hard times: group for the time being disintegratedBut it still reunited and continued to delight its fans. By 2008, it had sold 150 million copies of their albums, of which half - in the United States. At the time it was record among hard rockers. The band has since received Four Grammys. IN 2016 members "Aerosmith." made a statement about Completion Musical careers.

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