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Jimi Hendrix is the greatest guitarist of all time! Musician's story...

Jimi Hendrix. History of the musician

He was called the greatest guitarist, included in various musical ratings and lists, he was awarded the most prestigious prizes and awards ... However, he only pointedly brushed aside any labels, striving to achieve the perfect sound, trying to comprehend the true performing art.

Hendrix was a tireless seeker and enthusiast, dreaming of learning to "read" music. He sincerely hated and reproached himself for the fact that he could not take certain notes, play all the sounds that flickered in his head and imagination.

Jimi Hendrix. When music becomes religion...
Jimi Hendrix. When Music Becomes Religion...


The future guitarist was born on November 27, 1942 in a suburb of Seattle in a simple family of American hard workers. At birth, he was named Johnny Allen, but his father, who returned from the front, reacted extremely negatively to such a choice of name and changed it to James Marshall. The pseudonym "Jimi Hendrix" known to the public was assigned to the musician only in 1966, when he first arrived in London. Bass player Chas Chandler, then playing in The Animals, advised him to choose a more sonorous and memorable name. He subsequently became Hendrix's manager.

James Allen Hendrix with son Jimi
James Allen Hendrix with son Jimi

The legendary guitarist never graduated from high school, instead enlisting in the US Army. He became a member of the 101st Kentucky Airborne Group, where he was a trainee paratrooper. A year later, Hendrix already had more than twenty jumps. During the twenty-sixth, something went wrong and the musician landed badly, breaking his ankles. By decision of the medical commission, he was decommissioned into reserve and went home.

Jimi Hendrix in the army
Jimi Hendrix in the army

First guitar

Hendrix's father was a stern and very demanding man, but this did not prevent him from discerning musical inclinations in his son in time. When Jimi was fifteen, he gave him his first guitar. It was an acoustic instrument bought from a local store for five dollars. Hendrix began his career as a guitarist under the pseudonym "Morris James". Returning from the army, he completely immersed himself in music, forgetting about other activities and hobbies. Thanks to this, by the mid-1960s he was able to work with such cult performers as Tina Turner, Sam Cooke and many others.

Little Richard and Jimi Hendrix
Little Richard and Jimi Hendrix

In London

Deciding to follow the example of his British guitar idols, Hendrix went to conquer London. He arrived in the capital of Great Britain on September 24, 1966. At that time, the artist's only property was a small travel bag that contained his favorite guitar, a set of change of clothes, acne cream and pink plastic curlers. Hendrix was accompanied by his faithful friend (and part-time manager) Chas Chandler. It was he who persuaded the future rock star to this journey, promising a meeting with Eric Clapton. Surprisingly, Chandler managed to keep his promise, and already after 48 hours his ward was on the same stage with the then-popular Cream group.

Chas Chandler (Animals bassist and Jimi's manager) along with Jimi Hendrix
Chas Chandler (Animals bassist and Jimi's manager) along with Jimi Hendrix

The audience was mesmerized by the extraordinary and extravagant performances of Hendrix: he could play with only his teeth, holding the instrument behind his back, and at the same time not touching the strings with his hands. Such a virtuoso technique helped the musician earn the fame of a showman.

Jimi Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix)
Jimi Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix)

Hendrix has admitted that his favorite guitar is the Fender Stratocaste. However, he occasionally used models such as the Fender Duo-Sonic, Flying V, and Les Paul in performances.

Jimi Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix)
Jimi Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix)

The guitarist called his own music "electric church", perceived it as a real religion. Hendrix's faith is reflected in the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, one of the halls of which is called the Heavenly Temple. When creating it, the designers were inspired by the ideas of Hendrix, trying to model a place where people of different races and ages could come together just to feel the music.

Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, one of the halls of which is called the "Heavenly Temple"
Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, one of the halls of which is called the "Heavenly Temple"

One of Hendrix's fans was Paul Allen, better known as the co-founder of Microsoft. He was also born in Seattle, was extremely annoyed that in his city there was not a single place dedicated to the guitarist. In 1992, Allen proposed the establishment of the Jim Hendrix Museum. The musician's family supported the idea, but during the implementation of the plan, Frank Gehry joined the project. He greatly expanded on the initial idea, transforming Hendrix's house of fame into a massive, innovative arts complex, the "Experience Music Project".

In 1969, the guitarist performed the US national anthem at the popular Woodstock Music Festival. Contrary to the considered opinion, the action was not at all patriotic in nature, but conceived as a protest against the occupation of Vietnam. The then manager advised the performer to abandon the dangerous idea, but he did not succumb to persuasion. A close friend of Hendrix was the jazz musician Miles Davis, with whom he became close during a period of serious "personal problems". Together they planned to record an album, but the dreams of a duet were never realized. Later critics noted that it was the friendship with Jimi that made Davis move away from classical jazz forms completely.

Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix passed away on September 18, 1970. There are many mysterious theories and legends around his untimely death. His then-girlfriend, Monica Charlotte Daneman, who witnessed his untimely death, claimed that the musician died by choking on his own vomit. However, the testimony of the woman was so confused, strange, and sometimes completely contradictory, that they were often questioned, adding even more mysticism to the tragic event. One way or another, the guitarist died at the twenty-seventh year of his life, forcing his devoted fans to put on mourning things. He left at the peak of his popularity, imprinted in the memory of millions with a bright flash!

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