John Entwistle: Meeting Pete Townsend, the formation of The Who, and an importance that went beyond being "just a bass player

About an innovator in the history of bass parts. The quietest man in private life, but the loudest on stage, his name is John Entwistle.

Biography of the bassist of a rock band The Who Jonah Antsvil: career, discography, legacy

It is over those who play on the four-string guitar and is responsible for the rhythm section, is most joked about and often underestimated. People unfamiliar with the bass guitar think that it is the easiest instrument to master. However, in fact, the bass guitar is very important for the sound of the band and filling in the low frequencies. One of the reformers of the bass guitar sound was the "quiet John Entwistlewho has made a name for himself in The Who.

Early years

John Entwistle was born in 1944 in London. His family was able to instill in him a love of the art of sound from an early age: his father was trumpeterand my mother played the piano. He began his musical journey at the age of seven, choosing the piano as his first musical instrument. The piano is said to be the most accessible instrument, because playing it can develop both melodic and harmonic ears, and learning it does not require any serious effort. Young Entwistle, however, was not addicted to playing the keys.

John Entwistle
John Entwistle

At school, he switched to wind instruments: first the trumpet, like his father, and then the more cumbersome French horn. That's also when John started playing the symphony orchestra and received a good musical education.

Meeting Townsend and Success with The Who

In his second year of high school, Entwistle made a momentous acquaintance. The man who would become his colleague for many years was the self-taught guitarist Pete Townsend. Together with John, they decided to create a Trad-jazz a group called The Confederates. The like-minded people quickly realized that jazz tunes were moving away from the zeitgeist. It took them one concert to realize this. The decade of the '60s was marked by the ascent to the pedestal of a new genre, rock and roll, and young people seemed more promising to play in this style.

Bassist John Entwisle
Bassist John Entwistle

I had to forget about the trumpet, which Entwistle was not very happy about at first. But he was not discouraged and decided to learn the guitar, and not just any guitar, but the bass guitar. This decision was due to John's love of instrumental parts Dwayne Eddie and the anatomical features of the future bassist The Who: He had thumbs.

The Who
The Who

The first bass guitar became handiwork The young man was the one he was learning to play on. Roger DaltreyHe went to the same school as Townsend, and Entwistle spotted the talented bassist and invited him to join the band. The DetoursIn which he sang. As he was getting playing practice, John was clearly noticing his musical progress. Soon he began to feel confident in his instrument and realized that the skiffle band needed to develop. It was Entwistle who insisted that his buddy Pete Townsend also be in the band when he needed rhythm guitarist. Thus, in 1964, the year of the birth of the The Who.

In The Who, John was pioneer. Over the years he has created a unique sound with his powerful playing technique, invented songs, and performed occasionally as a vocalist. Compositions written by Entwistle himself, Boris The Spider and Heaven And Hell are considered classics The Who. It was John who started using guitar amplifiers Marshall Stacks at concerts to hear himself through the noise of the band members. Pete Townsend followed him to this technique. Together they sounded so strong that the guitar section made it feel like "the loudest band on the planet". The 1976 London concert hit the Guinness Book of Records as the loudest rock performance in history.

Personal life of the quietest band member

The Character John Entwistle formed as a child, the boy was largely influenced by the early divorce of his parents. John was raised by his mother along with his grandparents. All this led to the fact that John grew up closedclosed in on itself and uncommunicative. Yet, as contradictory as it may sound, childhood complexes have only benefited Entwistle's musical career: he was the most restrained He was a member of The Who and stood out strongly among his colleagues.

Rock band The Who
Rock band The Who

Early in his career, John married. His childhood friend became his mistress. Allison Wise. How interesting and multi-faceted Entwistle's world was is evidenced by his home. As the musician's guests confessed, he was a very eccentric man with his own quirks. His first home of his own was filled with peculiar with artifactseven settled there. Tarantula SpiderThe mansion in Gloucestershire resembled Museum. In addition to his love of collecting various objects, Entwistle, like any other rock musician, shared a fondness for his guitars and in his home kept his own collection.

John Entwistle
John Entwistle

"Not Just a Bassist": Influence and Legacy

Entwistle can be called Jimi Hendrix bass guitars. He made a tremendous contribution to the development and popularization of this musical instrument in the mass art. The only member of The Who with a formal musical education, the only multi-instrumentalist of a wide format, he showed with his technical playing future generations of guitarists the benchmark for bass guitar sound.

The bassist of The Who influenced many heavy metal guitarists, e.g., at Heather Butlerbut of Black Sabbath, Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, Ian Hill of Judas Priest. Many contemporary musicians also admire this Brit.

"It's Pete and Roger playing Who songs, but it's not The Who. Great bands are great because all the elements work together, and it doesn't sound the same without John...," said writer Paul Reese, author of a biography about the bassist The Who.

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