Johnny, who sighed at all Soviet discos

Gradually, Gilla's popularity faded. Until the early 2000s, the singer occasionally reminded of herself, appearing on TV shows about the stars of the 70s, but there was practically no new solo material from her. Today, most listeners remember her only for the cult hit "Johnny".

Gilla "Johnny" (1978) - the history of the song by Toto Cutugno, the biography of the singer Gilla, other versions of the composition

Johnny - popular disco hit of the second half 1970's years. The author of the track is a famous Italian artist Toto Cutugno. It was performed by Gilla, an Austrian disco singer who reached the peak of her popularity after the release of the single. Subsequently, many artists recorded their cover versions of the famous "Johnny"but the original is hard to beat.

Regarding Gilles, then after this hit she made attempts to win the world charts again, but all in vain: there were several more or less hit songs, but it is thanks to "Johnny" that this performer is remembered today. By the end of the 80s, Gilla had released little and was eventually forgotten by the audience. Nowadays, the hit performer periodically visits Russia and performs at discos of the 80s, but no more. However, first things first.

Song history

Singer Gilla
Singer Gilla

Gilla (real name Gisela Wuhinger) was one of those lucky ones who were taken under their wing by a well-known German producer Frank Farian. A charming girl with a recognizable voice quickly attracted his attention and soon gained fame. It is noteworthy that Farian took up the promotion of Gilla much earlier than his more successful project. Boney M.loved by listeners all over the world. So in the similarity of sound and even in the fact that the repertoire of Gilla and Boney M. includes the same tracks, there is nothing surprising.

In fact, Gilla had several mainstream hits including "Tues"which German listeners loved so much. But in the Soviet Union, the singer was recognized for only one hit track, and this Johnny. recognizable "Oh-ee!", owned by Farian himself, got stuck in the heads of music lovers, and this exclamation-exhalation was sung in chorus in all discos in the country! During a live performance of the song, this is the most “Oooh!” imitated Bobby Farrell from Boney M., who also performed as backup dancer for Gilla.

And for the first time the song was performed not by Gilla, but by Mita Medici. Its Italian version was written Vito Pallavicini.

The hit composition was released in 1977. She successfully fit into the track list of the singer's second album, which received a sultry title. "Zieh michaus". Few people know, but the music for the hit was composed by the incredibly popular in those years Toto Cutugno!

In the lyrics of the song, the girl talks about how she admires her magnificent companion Johnny, but at the same time doubts the serious intentions of the gentleman.

Who is Gilla? Brief biography of the singer

Singer Gilla
Singer Gilla

Gisela Wuhinger was born on February 27, 1950 in the city Linz, Austria. The love of music was passed on to her from family members, each of whom mastered the skill of playing an instrument. About her first experience with the electric guitar, Gilla said the following:

“When I was a child, I got my hands on an electric guitar made by my father. I was very interested in the instrument. But my curiosity nearly led to tragedy. When I plugged the high-frequency cable from the guitar into the outlet, it lit up instantly! Fortunately, my mother ran into the room in time, threw a blanket over the guitar and threw it out the window!”

After graduating from a music school, Gilla began her career as a singer as part of the Traffic group, which would later change its name to 75 Music. So, during a performance in a cafe, the girl was noticed by a young and little-known producer at that time. Frank Farian.


Soon a promising career began, during which several long-playing records were released. Yes, the album "Willst du mit mir schlafen gehn?" gained success in Western Europe, while the single "Ich brenne" (aka Help! Help!") has achieved some chart success in a number of countries. Nevertheless, the second studio album could no longer boast of such a result. Despite this, Farian did not stop trying to make Gilla a superstar. Until his interest waned and he finally switched to Boney M.

Gradually popularity Gilles sleeping. Until the early 2000s, the singer occasionally reminded of herself, appearing on TV shows about the stars of the 70s, but there was practically no new solo material from her. Today, most listeners remember her only from a cult hit. Johnny.

Music lovers from Russia especially loved the singer. Sometimes Gilla pleases with performances at various discos of the 80s, such as "Legends of Retro-FM" and "Autoradio".

And here is the Russian adaptation.

Youtube user Yuri Illarionov posted an unusual version of the hit. The man played the melody on the accordion.

You can not ignore the parody "OSP-studios", in which it is not sung about Johnny, but about the first president of Russia Boris Yeltsin.


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