The story of K. Flay: from early years to global success on stage

Today, Flaherty is an idol herself, sharing the stage with Passion Pit and Snoop Dogg. But where did her story begin?

Who is K.Flay and why her story deserves attention

Christina Meredith Flaherty, commonly known as K.flay, - singer-songwriter, whose debut album reached the second line Billboard Heatseekers Albums! The disc became a springboard to the heights of the musical Olympus, and very soon K.Flay had army of fans around the world. Today, her hit tracks are often rotated on the radio, and the singer's music videos are gaining millions of views on YouTube. But where did it all start? We invite you to read our success story.

Early years


Creation K.flay difficult to characterize. It's an inspiring blend. hip hop, indie rock and electronic musicwhich has resonated in the hearts of millions of people around the world. A variety of idols contributed to this: from a rapper Missy Elliott to rock vocalist Liz Fair. All of them had a great influence on Christina, who stubbornly searched for herself in their works.


Today Flaherty is herself idol, which shares the stage with "Passion Pit" and Snoop Dogg.

Christina was born in 1985 year in a sunny suburb Chicago - a village called Wilmette. Unfortunately, her family broke up early: her parents divorced when the baby was barely seven years old. Christina was brought up by her mother, who very soon found herself a new husband. Like all children, the future star went to school, but closer to the end, a tragedy occurred: she suddenly died father. Despite the discord in the family, it was he who influenced at the girl's wish connect life with creativity: male often played the guitarwhich greatly pleased and inspired Christina.


In 2003, the girl entered Stanford Universitywhere she studied psychology and sociology. There she began to write first texts and picked up a microphone for the first time. The most curious thing is that initially Christina wanted parody rap: She found lighthearted themes and lyrics that didn't even hint at any deep message to be funny. But in the end, she really liked to create something similar. Getting into the taste, she recorded her debut mixtape "Suburban Rap Queen" on her laptop, which attracted the attention of her first fans.

On the road to success: ups and downs


After graduating from university, Christina moved to San Franciscowhere she worked hard on her style. Second mixtape saw the light in 2009 and got the name Mashed Potatoes. This time the backing tracks were focused not only on hip-hop, but also on genres electro and indie. It was followed by an EP "Single and Famous" is the result of cooperation with MC Lars. After a few more works, K.Flay released a breakthrough "I Stopped Caring in '96"who gave the girl the first contract.

under the wing «RCA Records" in 2012 Christina released "Eyes Shut" - EP, from which two tracks were produced Liam Howlett from "The Prodigy"! But in the end, the girl terminated the contract with the label because he did not know how to promote her. eclectic style. Pressure began from RCA Records, the purpose of which was format change. K.Flay didn't tolerate it. In 2013, she left, and a year later she already enjoyed the second line in Billboard Heatseekers Albums with his full debut "Life as a Dog".

The main stages of creativity


On the wave of success, the artist went on a big tour on both sides of the Atlantic. She was headlinerand has also been the opening act for bands such as "Awnnation" and "Third Eye Blind". Second album "Everywhere Is Some Where" the singer presented in 2017: this time the disc reached the first line of the chart, and the track "Blood in the Cut" made the performer a nominee for Grammy Awards!

After the hit "Bad vibes" and "Sister" the third album was released, called Solutions (2019).

EP "Inside Voices"recorded with Tom Morello and Travis Barker, appeared summer 2021. In the autumn of the same year, an accompanying "Outside Voices".

Interesting Facts

  • K.Flay is the first artist signed to «Night Street Records"!
  • According to the singer herself, many different artists influenced her. Among them: "Tame Impala", Lauryn Hill, MIA and others.
  • "Genre-Challenge" - this is how K.Flay described her multifaceted work.
  • Christina is very loved her father, and dedicated many songs from the debut album to him.
  • For 2018, the singer's fortune was one million dollars. Music is the main source of K.Flay's capital.
  • Since 2021, Kristina has been actively using the platform Twitch, where she conducts live broadcasts and actively communicates with fans.

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