The story of when Alan McGee opened the Oasis to the world

Oasis have released 7 studio albums, each topping the UK charts and getting multi-platinum status! Is this not a success? It is not surprising that today everyone knows about this group (well, almost), however ... how did it all begin? At what point did Alan McGee introduce Oasis to the world?

The moment the Oasis stepped out of the shadows

Oasis - this is an invaluable plant place in the desert, located, as a rule, not far from a natural reservoir. In a word, it's a treasure! However ... today we will not talk about him, but about the group Oasis, and to be quite precise - about the moment when she stepped out of the shadows ... But before embarking on this fascinating story - Oasis is a famous British rock band, one of the most influential and commercially successful in the music scene 90s! Inspired by cult The Beatles, The Who, and The Rolling Stones, "Oasis" released 7 studio albums, each of which led the UK charts and received multi-platinum status! Is this not a success? It is not surprising that today everyone knows about this group (well, almost), however ... how did it all begin? At what point Alan McGee opened the world "Oasis"? First things first…

Curious background

Oasis gave two of the biggest open-air concerts in British history
Oasis gave two of the biggest open-air concerts in British history

The trajectory of an optimistic and feverishly confident Manchester group called Oasis changed dramatically in one wonderful and magical night in May... After their dazzling debut in the concert hall King Tuts in Glasgow The future of British music has changed once and for all!

The guys gave their best one hundred percent, and one can even say a thousand percent, demonstrating their strongest sides! And the most interesting thing about this whole story, none of them knew that the boss was present at the show. Creation Records Alan McGee! Actually, he signed them, thereby revealing to the world "Oasis"… And if he had high hopes for the group, none of the members had the slightest idea of what the future held for him…

Interesting facts about Oasis that you might not know
Interesting facts about Oasis that you might not know

One year after its first performance in Glasgow, Oasis released Definitely Maybe - the debut album, which only confirmed the fact that they are the most popular band in Britain! Their hype train soon started up at full speed, but ... let's not forget that their dizzying journey began with a show in king tuts. But how did they get there? As it turned out, they entered the list of performing artists at the last moment ...

A chance meeting arranged in heaven...

Alan McGee
Alan McGee

Former promoter King Tuts, Jeff Ellis, later remembered the evening when Alan McGee opened Oasis... As it turned out, McGee came to the concert solely because of sister lovers, or rather because of the participant with whom he was friends! He, like the Oasis themselves, did not plan to meet each other this evening at all! But everything happened exactly the way it happened ...

And the most interesting thing in this whole story is that they themselves "Oasis" ended up at the concert by a happy coincidence, that is - completely by accident! Ellis's word:

“I was sitting in the basement, drinking beer and everything, when around six in the evening they called me and said that an additional group appeared. They needed to be added to the list, to which I replied that they share the backline (equipment) with some other bands, and we are not going to pay them ... "


But - Oasis didn't need money. They played everywhere and everywhere, just to enjoy live performances… Did they know that Alan McGee Whether it will be present or not remains unknown...

From the memories of Alan McGee

Alan McGee and Oasis
Alan McGee and Oasis

In his autobiography, the Scottish businessman and music industry executive, Alan McGee recalled that evening:

“People don't like to believe in luck - they think it's just a favorable coincidence! But I really thought I was just going to surprise my girlfriend…” McGee then recalls the moment he first saw Oasis: “At some point, I looked back and saw Liam Gallagher for the first time. He looked amazing! He had luxurious hair, like a young Paul Weller ... And I thought: "He must be a dealer in illegal substances!" I decided so because no one in the group looked as good and individual as he…”

Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher

In King Tuts "Oasis" performed a set of four songs, and by the end of the performance, McGee did not change his mind - he signed them!

"And then they played 'I Am The Walrus', one of the most occult songs ever…" he continues. “It was this song that made me absolutely sure that I want to sign them! And I don't think it's a coincidence, because years later I really got into occult writing!"


Alan McGee and Oasis
Alan McGee and Oasis

Although that night in Glasgow and saturated with legends, the romanticism of history is inevitable: even if Alan McGee and somewhat altered this story for dramatic effect - it does not take anything away from Oasiswho made their story with a few songs and three chords! In truth, if McGee hadn't signed them that night, sooner or later someone else would have, but this coincidence between them was undeniably an alliance made in heaven...


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