America's Blackest White Rapper - How Eminem Became Famous

Why it is that white people rule over black people's music is a mystery that we will try to solve in this article.

The History and Creative Path of Eminem

Now he is known as one of the greatest rappers. Even those who don't like rap enjoy listening to Eminem's punches. Eminem has sold more than 200 million copies of his albums and singles. Over the course of his career, he has 13 solo albums and all of them ended up on high positions on Billboard. Now the rapper is one of the 100 greatest songwriters according to the Rolling Stones and is at the top of the lists of pop and rap singers. Why is it that white people rule over black people's music is a mystery that we will try to solve in this article.

At the same time we will talk about how the creative path of Eminem was formed, about his best songs and his alternative personality. Slim ShadyThe rapper's real name is Marshall Mathers, which represents everything evil and bad in the life of the rapper Eminem.

The Childhood of Future Rap Star - Eminem


Marshall Bruce Mathers was born on October 17, 1972, in St. Joseph. He was born into a family of musicians, so he was involved in music himself since childhood. However, Marshall's father and mother separated when he was still a child. He never saw his father after that, although he really wanted to. For a long time, the future Eminem wrote letters to his father, but they were always sent back with the stamp "return to sender.

Marshall was bullied as a child. D'Angelo Bailey - a local bully, beat young Marshall in the school bathroom. He banged his head against the ceramic toilet. For a while Marshall couldn't even walk on his own. But the bully wasn't punished for it. Eminem later described it in the track "Brain Damage. At the time, Marshall's mother moved to Detroit with her son. They lived in a disadvantaged neighborhood where there were hardly any white people. Because of this, the boy was also being beaten by black teenagers.

At 17, Marshall could no longer stand the constant bullying and left school. He had to repeat school three times because of absenteeism. And when he left, he had to work to help his mother somehow. In his spare time he played music and wrote tracks. His uncle Ronnie helped him with that. He used to bring cassettes with rap records. But in 1991, Ronnie committed suicide and Marshall fell into a lingering depression. But by then Eminem was already a relatively popular rapper - he'd been performing in basement clubs since he was 14 and was known in tight rap circles.

How Eminem Became Popular in America

When Marshall grew up, he worked very hard and hard cooking and washing dishes for minimum wage at the family restaurant more than 60 hours a week. And in 1997 he was fired and Marshall began abusing alcohol and drugs and nearly killed himself because his early music was not popular.

Eminem caught attention when he came up with his evil alter ego, Slim Shady, and released the Slim Shady EP. On it, Marshall read about violence and more serious problems: poverty and family hardship. Moreover, the alter ego came out of the blue for Eminem himself. He read in front of the mirror, criticized himself, and came up with Slim Shady, all those evil thoughts that come into the artist's head.

After the success of the Slim Shady mini-collection, Eminem released a full-length album of the same name in 1999. And it was a huge success. The album was recognized by many publications as the best hip-hop compilation of the year. It was also confirmed by the sales - the album went three platinum.

And then there was Eminem's collaboration with Dr. Dre in a number of tracks. Then in 2000 the third album - The Marshall Mathers LP was released, which became even more popular than the previous one. About two million copies of the album were sold in less than a month. The singles from the album "The Real Slim Shady" and "Stan" were very popular. Both are quite provocative: in the first one Eminem insulted Christina Aguilera, and in the second one he told the story of his fictional fan who killed his girlfriend and himself.

Eminem's popularity increased after the semi-biographical movie "The Eighth Mile" with Eminem was released in 2002. The rapper said the film didn't tell his life story, but reflected how he lived in Detroit. He recorded "Lose Yourself" for the movie and won an Oscar for best song for the movie with that song.


Eminem's popularity increased after the semi-biographical movie "The Eighth Mile" with Eminem was released in 2002. The rapper said the film didn't tell his life story, but reflected how he lived in Detroit. He recorded "Lose Yourself" for the movie and won an Oscar for best song for the movie with that song.

After that Eminem became as famous as he is now. Over the years he has only gotten better in terms of creativity - it is a very rare example when a musician keeps a high level for 20 years, improves himself and produces interesting material. He is interesting to watch, even for the old fans who remember Eminem as a kid from Detroit. And it's worth a lot.


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