How Dean Reed spoke at the construction of BAM

“BAM is one of the highlights of my life! For me, this is a very strong impression and a valuable experience. This is a wonderful place that I have been to.”

The construction of BAM and the performance of Dean Reed are two cult moments in the history of the USSR

Construction of BAM (Baikal-Amur Mainline) - one of the most famous and high-profile events in history the USSR. Today it is one of the largest railway lines in the world - its length is more than four thousand kilometers. The main stage of construction took place on 1974–1984, and most of the highway was laid in the permafrost zone. Nevertheless, they could not do without music in this responsible and difficult period.

Once, the organizer of almost all the concerts at BAM, Valentina Patsiora, said: “There has never been mediocrity in my work!” And you can't argue with that. The legendary Soviet construction site saw many artists popular in those years: from Iosif Kobzon and Lev Leshchenko to Lyudmila Senchina and ... Dean Reed. The American idol became the highlight of this amazing story, and therefore we suggest recalling his performance below.


BAM, 1979. A few minutes before Dean Reed's speech
BAM, 1979. Minutes before Dean Reed's speech

Dean Reed He was truly an amazing and talented person. He was the idol of most Soviet citizens, but in his native America they practically did not know about him. And they didn’t really want to know because of his harsh political statements and views: Reed adored his country and never renounced American citizenship, but did not miss the opportunity to criticize the government U.S.A. His life was tragically cut short 1986 year: the musician's body was found in a lake near his home in Germany. Then many decided that it could not have done without the "help" of American agents. However, the case was hushed up, and the most interesting facts today can only be learned from documentaries.

Speaking of BAM, it is worth emphasizing that, despite the cold and litigation that accompanied construction, today this period is remembered as one of the brightest in the history of the USSR. And all thanks to the concerts, which were visited by a variety of popular artists. AND Dean Reed became one of them. BAM capital Tynda received the foreign guest very warmly: there were many photographs and fragments of interviews left ... One of the streets was even named in honor of the musician. Exactly there on August 18 1979 year and Reid spoke. The musicians took the stage with him VIA "Verasy".

A moment of magic in the North

Dean Reed performing at BAM, 1979
Dean Reed performing at BAM, 1979

August evening 1979 a significant concert took place. It happened on the festivalnaya hill, on the tenth day of Reed's 19-day touring marathon along the track BAM. There were more people wishing to see a foreign idol than places! For this reason, many crowded right in the aisle, on the steps. Everyone wanted to see this moment of magic in person. When Reid took the stage, the real magic began. The music poured out, and with it the touching song...

There were some funny moments that are uplifting today. The musical event was held in the best traditions of that time: a variety stage, a presidium table were provided ... Head of Glavbamstroy Konstantin Mokhortov began a solemn speech, but soon Dean Reed appeared, and stood not far from the table. Of course, the audience immediately drowned in applause. Mokhortov was confused: he sincerely did not understand why everyone was clapping their hands when he didn’t even say half! He soon realized what was the matter, and therefore quickly concluded his speech - there was no urgent need for it.

Dean Reed at the construction of BAM
Dean Reed at the construction of BAM

Reed's speech lasted a little over an hour, but made a splash among the Soviet people. Together with Red Elvis played on stage VIA "Verasy". Subsequently, the ensemble members shared warm memories of the foreign guest:

“Dean was a professional, an artist with a capital letter! Everyone adored him: both women and men. And he knew how to behave both as an artist and as an ordinary person ... He gave love to the public, and received it doubly mutually. He managed to win over everyone - between him and the people there was no this wall, you know, like today's stars: pure money on his mind, a lot of security around the stage. All this was not. And that made Dean special and very popular!”

Dean Reed with Soviet women
Dean Reed with Soviet women

It is also known that sometimes Komsomol members invited Dean to their home - to sit, talk, drink ... And, despite the fact that he himself reed did not drink, he steadfastly withstood these gatherings and always kept up the conversation with pleasure.

“Sometimes Dean was very tired, but then he went on stage and gave himself entirely to the people,” said his translator Oleg Smirnov.

Curious details

Dean Reed performing at BAM, 1979
Dean Reed performing at BAM, 1979

There were also some funny moments. According to the recollections of eyewitnesses, Reed was a very positive and reckless person: he sees a horse - rather jumps on it, sees a motorcycle - you need to ride faster with the breeze. Ensemble soloist "Verases" Nadezhda Mikulich she recalled how one day a girl rushed to Reid on stage, followed by the police. The fan managed to give Dean a jar of jam and quickly disappeared. The guards did not even have time to understand anything.

“Dean absolutely did not know the Russian language! But he learned some fancy phrases especially for concerts! It was fun, and most importantly, people liked it. Sometimes, during the performance of a song, he would say: “Now only women sing!” or “So, now only Komsomol members sing!” He gave himself on stage completely and completely - after the concert, his shirt can be twisted! He was a wonderful person: both outside and inside ... ”recalled Nadezhda Mikulich.

Another funny moment is related to horse. It is worth noting that Reed adored horses since childhood. And so, the fans of the artist found out that the local resident has a horse. They began to persuade him, they say, the film will be shot with his horse - and honor to him, and joy to a foreign guest! But the man didn’t want to listen: “I don’t know any of your Reeds, and I don’t want to know!” - He speaks. In general, it was not possible to make a film in Tynda. However, Reed was not particularly upset.


Dean Reed
Dean Reed

Today, the name of this man is known only to devoted fans. IN America Dean Reed has long been forgotten, but the Soviet people still admire him. When Reed arrived at Tyndu, he prudently took with him an archive of photographs as a present to the locals. I signed them on the back and handed them out! Reid has always thought about his fans, and this distinguishes him from many other artists ... Several years after the famous trip reed told reporters:

“BAM is one of the highlights of my life! For me, this is a very strong impression and a valuable experience. This is a wonderful place that I have been to.”

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