How Foghat conquered America with just one song

In the 70s, both blues and rock developed equally. Some musicians combined both directions in their work. This was especially good for the Foghat group, which we remember and love to this day. The amazing history of the group is almost 40 years long.

History of the Foghat Group

In the 70s equal degrees evolved and blues and rock. Some musicians chose one thing, while others tried to combine these two directions in their work. Sometimes it worked out and the bands were getting popular. Some of these groups, such as Foghat we remember and we still love it.

Foghat Group

The group was famous in the 1970s and 1980s, and then her popularity fell. Foghat gave way to Britpop and grunge musicians who came to rule the music scene in the 1990s.

Foghat: history of education

Foghat were educated in London in 1971 by blues-rock band Savoy Brown. The leader of that group was Kim Simmonds, who changed musicians in his group as often as Kirkorov changes outfits. This was due to quarrels and misunderstandings in the group: the leader wanted one thing, and the members wanted another. Creativity and relationships between musicians also suffered.

Savoy brown Chris Youlden in a top hat
Savoy Brown - the "ancestor" of Foghat

Vocalist Dave Peverett along with drummer Roger Earl and bassist Tony Stevens came out from Savoy Brown and created Foghat. A little later to them added guitarist Rod Price. The new band played a mixture of rock, hard, boogie and blues. The audience of the 70s liked it, it was still popular: the blues wave has not ended, but the rock wave has just begun. Combining genres seemed like the right decision.

Foghat band and their first tracks 

Teaming up the musicians almost immediately sign signed with Bearsville Records. Later they would start writing albums at Albert Grossman's recording studio. Already in 1972 the group released his first self-titled album "Foghat"

Photocard of the Foghat band
Photocard of the Foghat band

The album includes a cover of Etta James' "I Just Want To Make Love To You". This track remembered listeners of the album the most. It was he who hit the American Billboard chart and for a long time remained in 127th place. Thanks to this, the popularity of Foghat in America began to grow. At least they got their first fans across the ocean.

Cover strongly differed from the original in sound and performance, even the style changed from blues to rock, but that didn't hurt the song. She seemed to have some additional meaning. This is how Etta sang the song:

Popular Foghat Albums

After the first success, the group wrote down a few more albums to consolidate the popularity in America. Foghat recorded "Energized" and "Rock and Roll Outlaws" and then went on endless US tours to promote these albums.

Only in 1975 came out the group's new album, called "Fool for the City", which includes a song that has become not just Foghat's calling card - this song has literally become a calling card all blues rock. If you've heard this song, then you know what we're talking about.

"Slow Ride" - Foghat

Thanks to "Slow Ride" from the album "Fool for the City", the band was known to everyone. The song played on the radio in almost every American car. Later it spread not only to America. The song quickly hit the charts in both English and American. In America, "Slow Ride" flaunted at number 40, and the album itself became platinum. Largely due to the success of this composition.

Judging by the number of views on YouTube and the number of people listening to the song on the Spotify music service, the song is popular even now, almost 50 years after the release! Here's what modern listeners have to say about the song:

“When this song plays on the radio and you drive up to the house, you have to go around the area again to sing this masterpiece with Foghat”

Foghat's further work and decline in popularity

Foghat band in the 70s
Foghat band in the 70s

Even before the recording of the album "Fool for the City" from the group gone bassist Tony Stevens. His place was taken by American musician Craig McGregor. This gave the band some popularity in the US. Together with him, the group recorded many albums that hit the charts: "Stone Blue", "Third Time Lucky" and several others.

A major success has been compilation live recordings of Foghat Live. This album won platinum without any problems. The group was at its peak and preparing to release new albums. The audience was waiting to be surprised by the English musicians. And Foghat really surprised but that was not what was needed.

The group decided experiment with sound and recorded the album "Tight Shoes" in the style of power pop. He did not receive much popularity, and after this failure, guitarist Rod Price left the group. He was tired of endless tours and decided leave at the peak of fame.

After that, the group began quarreling, and Foghat's popularity continued to decline. Experimenting with styles and sound did not help at all, and sometimes even made it worse - instead of an influx of new fans, the band just was losing old listeners.

Breakup of the Foghat group

In the early 80s, the composition of the group repeatedly changed. The band eventually split into two independent bands: Roger Earl's Foghat and Lonesome Dave's Foghat. Both groups were active and consisted of former members of Foghat. Each musician moved in the direction they wanted to go as part of the original Foghat.

In the 90s band attracted the attention of the producers, who suggested that the musicians resolve their quarrels and unite again. And so it happened - in 1993 the group gathered again in full force. But due to the low popularity and constant traveling from the group, he again decided leave Price, and 7 years later, in 2000, one of the group's veterans, Dave Peverett, died of cancer.

Modern Foghat
Modern Foghat

For a while the group did not release new compositions, but, 3 years after Peverett's death, the musicians hired a new vocalist and released several albums: "Family Joules" and another album with live recordings. Both records did not use popular with listeners both in America and in England, and the group itself remained in the shadows.

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