Did the Beatles really come from bugs, or how did the iconic band get its name

Perhaps one of the most intriguing questions... And today we decided to find the answer to it.

How The Beatles got their name, and what does "bugs" have to do with it

If someone abroad hears the word "beetle"If you have a car, you can think of several things at once, and not necessarily insects. For example, one might think of the Volkswagen Beetle or... the iconic Liverpool Four. Yes, in fact, the first thing many people would think of would be the The Beatles, in spite of the change in spelling. Perhaps the most famous band in the world has a really quite simple name from a phonetic point of view. But it didn't appear right away.

Before they set the record for number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 in their short 10 years together, the band had a few more names (that even some fans don't know about). In the decades since, the Beatles have been told about, and even composed countless entertaining storieswhere some truths are mixed with "folklore". So to get to the truth and to understand how the band came to its final name, we have to go back to Liverpool in 1956. That's when a teenager John Lennon and his friends played in a skiffle band called The Blackjacks. They didn't perform publicly until they changed their name to The Quarrymen, after the Quarry Bank High School Lennon attended. So, let's begin our investigation...


The Beatles
The Beatles

After Paul McCartney and George Harrison joined The Quarrymen, the name was changed to The Rainbows - in honor of the fact that the first time they performed in bright outfits. Then they were Johnny and the Moondogs, but so far the truth is far away...

But! Between 1959 and the band's first use of the name The Beatles in 1961, a friend of Lennon's joined them, Stu Sutcliffe.

The early Beatles in Arnhem
The early Beatles in Arnhem

There is a hypothesis that supposedly he was the one who suggested that they think of some insect, since they were all fans of Buddy Holly and The Crickets (which stands for "crickets"). And it was after this that the idea of bugs was born, but only at first it was "Silver Beetles" and "Long John and the Silver Beetles.

How the letter "A" appeared in the name

The Beatles
The Beatles

There are several versions of the story of how the Beatles took the letter "BUT" in its title. According to a humorous article from an interview with John Lennon published in 1961, in which the musician bizarrely described inspiration in an exaggerated and nonsensical dream sequence:

"It came in a vision - a man appeared on a flaming pie and said to us, 'From this day forward, you are bugs with an 'A'! "Thank you, Mr. Man," we said, thanking him.

Legendary musician and performer John Lennon
Legendary musician and performer John Lennon

Most sources, however, claim that it was Lennon's love for play on words led them eventually to accept the letter "A." John himself explained in a 1964 interview:

"It was bits and bugs, and when you said it, people thought of crawling things, and when you read it, it was beat music."

George Harrison's rebuttal

Harrison is best known as the lead guitarist for The Beatles.
Harrison is best known as the lead guitarist of The Beatles

Years after Lennon's death, his ex-colleague George Harrison stated in the documentary The Beatles Anthology that in fact the band's name came about for other reasons. Harrison claimed that the name The Beatles came from the iconic 1953 film directed by Laszlo Benedek "Wild.". In film Marlon Brando played a character named Johnny and was a member of a gang called "Bugs.". This version sounds very convincing, considering that at first the band "flirted" with the name "Johnny and the Beetles" and "Long John and the Silver Beetles.

Remarkably, but many years later Yoko Ono said that in talking about his unbelievable dreams in that humorous interview, John actually came up with the title for Paul McCartney's album "Flaming Pie. That's the story!

In conclusion

The Beatles
The Beatles

Given all the possible explanations, there is no real way to know for sure how they came up with the final version of "The Beatles" with an "A." Not to mention that the Magnificent Four were notorious for their ironic answers in interviews: the Beatles never did not take the interviewers seriously. One day they were asked what "Beatles" meant, and in response they said:

"The Beatles are just us!"

Which version do you think more realistic? Share your opinions in the comments, maybe together we will get to the truth...

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