The Next Step in Horse Evolution: How Horses Play the Piano and Why People Mimic Them

Horses are the same as people. Only bigger and better looking. They also eat grass and play the piano with their noses! Who would have thought that these animals can play the piano at all? But, as it turned out, they can do more than that!

Like horses playing the piano with their nostrils

Man is the most intelligent creature on earth. But his reasonableness often leads to unnecessary fears and doubts. Many people, for example, are afraid to start playing an instrument they like. It seems that nothing will work out and time will be wasted. But at animals There's no such thing: they just do it and see what happens. We humans are left to marvel at the results. Especially when it comes to endwho plays the piano!

I don't know who came up with it-the animal's owner or the musical horse himself-but it turned out to be funny. Just look at the way he's breathing. stallionplaying the next song:

We listened to the equestrian masterpiece several times, but we never understood what exactly the horse musician played. It sounded very much like Mozartbut the virtuoso performed it all too quickly. It is impossible to understand: it must have been something of his own. Particularly surprising was the sensual minor ending - It makes you think about the meaning of life.

At the end of the video, the tired artist went to rest and refresh himself with meadow grass. His colleague came to take over. musical horse. She is the more experienced artist, and performs mostly entertaining compositions. If the first performer tried to give something brief and emotional, this horse entertained the audience for more than a minute:

All that these beasts have tool and talent. It is true that the next artist also had dancers. He has everything else in abundance, too:

These speeches inspired musicianspeople. Some of them even dressed up as horses and played the piano in support of the horse musicians.

Konelude plays the piano

"If you can't become a horse and play with your nostrils, at least try to become like one," this musician thought. We don't know how much he resembled a horse; after all, the equestrian level of music is unattainable. But it turned out to be funny:

The technique is worth working on - the real master horses play by nose. But when there are no holes in the nose, that's fine, too. What did you like better: the horseplay or the human horse impersonator? Share your opinions in the comments.

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