Crazy antics of musicians that make the strings on their guitars "shake"

Not all musicians treat their instruments with such reverence and care. Today's article is dedicated to real rock'n'rollers, who don't mind blowing up a couple of musical units!

From Pete Townsend to Kurt Cobain - A Brief History of Rock Star Guitar Destruction

We once told a love story, a love story Eric Clapton to his guitars. During the fire, the musician heroically carried his "battle six-string friends" from the fire to the street, risking his own life in the process! By the way: the author of the iconic "Leyla's." - is not the only such sentimental rocker, for whom the loss of his beloved instrument is comparable to a tragedy of world proportions. If the legend is to be believed, Bryan Adams was heartbroken when his beloved girl was injured during the flight...

But not all musicians treat their instruments with such reverence and care. Today's article is dedicated to the real to rock and rollerswho don't mind smashing up a couple of musical units! Sometimes these pranks lead to the most unexpected the consequences...

Pete Townsend and the concert frenzy

Pete Townsend
Pete Townsend

Pete Townsend not just a legend The Whobut also a world-famous guitar smasher! The first time he broke his guitar was almost by accident-the ceiling was too low, and Townsend damaged his Rickenbacker during a daredevil stunt. But instead of getting frustrated, Pete decided to see it through - he literally smashed the instrument. Seeing violent reaction The guitarist of The Who took this tradition as a basis: he was mercilessly cutting guitars at almost every concert.

In 1967 alone, Townsend smashed more than 35 guitars! As users joke in the comments:

"It's actually a very slick move. No encores for the audience if there's no guitar!"

Kurt Cobain and Passion for Art

Kurt Cobain smashes a guitar
Kurt Cobain smashes a guitar

Kurt Cobain turned this destructive process for guitars into a work of art with elements of soaring. It was his business cardwhich seemed very symbolic and romantic to the fans...

The most famous "fighter" in Kurt's arsenal is probably this, Fender Stratocaster: Nirvana leader smashed this guitar during a studio recording "Endless, nameless.". Shortly after the release of Nevermind, however, the poor Stratocaster was repaired. Why? To smash it again during a live performance of the same rock song... Today this "electric veteran" on display at the EMP Museum in Seattle.

Caleb Followill is furious

Caleb Followill
Caleb Followill

Some people "play back" on their instrument in a fit of rage - like Caleb Followill from Kings of Leon. Once Fallowill was so disappointed with the sound that he sent his vintage Gibson ES-325 right on the stage! It was only later that Caleb realized how much that guitar meant to him...

Fortunately, the tool "resuscitated.".

Matthew Bellamy and the Guinness Record

Matthew Bellamy
Matthew Bellamy

Some even turn the wreck of the guitars in achieving - as Matthew Bellamy did. The Muse legend, Bellamy blew it to smithereens 140 six-string instruments during the 2004 tour, setting Guinness World Record!

It is true that once his beloved Manson Red Glitter with a touchpad... But Matthew is a rock star. So he didn't shed a tear, he went out and bought a new one just like it!

Slash and its sophistication


Guns N' Roses Legend, slash also wrecked his instruments. As you know, the rocker has a huge collection of guitars, many of which are dear to the musician both by memory and by value. In order not to risk his favorites, the guitarist bought several cheaper copies of Les Paul for the Appetite for Destruction tour, because I knew beforehand that they would never come back... By the way, many other rockers did the same.

But the rocker was wrong! One guitar heroically withstood all the odds of fate and became an addition to Slash's personal collection! Its life has been known to be truly rock and roll - at least because on tour the musician used the instrument instead of an ashtray.

Jimi Hendrix and the burning guitar...
Jimi Hendrix and the burning guitar

Also worth highlighting Jimi Hendrixwho once decided to add "fire" and set his instrument on fire during a concert in 1967!

The Black Crowes and the big losses

The Black Crowes
The Black Crowes

But there are musicians who forced to say goodbye to their treasure not of their own free will. Such is the group The Black Crowes. The story goes that in 2012 Hurricane Sandy swept through the Black Crowes warehouse in New Jersey and destroyed a huge amount of guitars, amplifiers and other instruments of the band...

Some "fighters," including Gibson ES-335 Rich Robinson, got away with the damage. This prompted the rock band to turn to craftsmen who could salvage some of the precious instruments.

"They put my Gibson in a dry room, got rid of the mold, took everything apart and polished - basically restored the guitar!"

Ridiculous mistakes

Kurt Russell
Kurt Russell

Remember one thing: if you are going to destroy a guitar, make sure it of no value. During the filming of "Disgusting Eight," Kurt Russell did not heed this advice and ended up crashing Martin 1870s. years. It's just that the actor was sure that it was an inexpensive prop. But he was wrong. Jennifer Jason Leigh, who had time to play the guitar and realize its value, was horrified...

Like the company Martinwho borrowed the precious guitar for a Quentin Tarantino movie. After the incident, Martin refused to refused from such an action, no matter how loud the director's name may be.

"We can't believe this happened. We've been rewarded for the insurance value, but it's not about the money. It's about preserving American musical history and heritage," commented the director of the Martin Guitar Museum.


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