How Pierre Coffin filmed "Ugly Me

Love a good movie? We have collected the TOP 4 most popular cartoons directed by Pierre Coffin!

TOP 4 most popular cartoons by famous director Pierre Coffin

Can cartoons be as box office and successful as feature films? Pierre Coffin proved to the whole world that it is. Just four works of the director brought almost four billion dollars in revenue, and this is an impressive figure.

Pierre Coffin and cartoonist Kyle Balda
Pierre Coffin and cartoonist Kyle Balda

2010 - "Despicable Me" - director and dubbing actor

Coffen in this cartoon gave the "yellow heroes" also his own voice. What is the story about? Defiantly rude, bald and with a large nose, the hero Gru is trying to prove to the whole world that he is not just a villain, a whole super villain. Moreover, he has a whole army of yellow assistants who are dressed in cute overalls. These little helpers are called minions. Gru decided to go to the bank for obtaining a loan, and plans to spend the funds on a crime, also competing in parallel with another villain named Vector.

What ambitious business is Gru planning? He intends to steal the moon. To accomplish the plan, you need a device that can reduce particles of matter, which a competitor has already managed to steal. To commit device theft, Gru decides to involve three orphaned babies in the plan: for this, the villain even adopts them. But as a result, he will fall in love with girls like family.

Why does Gru go to the bank for money? It turns out that even villains are forced to take loans, but in their own, villainous banks. In addition, Gru turns out to be not at all so insidious, and the orphans are completely not so defenseless. Why did he even become a villain? His mother is to blame for everything, who said that her son has no abilities, and he cannot be an astronaut.

Is this director's work worth watching? At least because of the curious and non-standard characters. Wonderful graphics and non-standard solutions, subtle humor overwhelm the picture from beginning to end. And also a pleasant turn of events, allowing you to prove that inside every villain there is a bit of kindness, and it can be found and awakened.

2013 - "Despicable Me 2" - director and voices of the minions

Naturally, after the success, public attention and financial profitability of the project, the director was simply obliged to continue it. And this is the rare case when the continuation of the story comes out of quite decent quality. The main character is definitely not a classic villain and a bad example for children. Here already Gru becomes the father of three orphans and tries to be an exemplary family man.

The story is more about a former bad guy who, for the sake of his own family, tries to change for the better, although this is not always easy. With a modest budget of seventy-six million dollars, the work brought its creators billion dollar revenue... And this is an indicator. Apparently, the story of how the former villain decided to become an exemplary father and even open his own small business bribed many. Moreover, this business is legal and honest.

But at this very time, one of the evil scientists is testing his weapon in the Arctic, capable of making anyone angry and aggressive. Against this background, a certain organization appears that catches criminals. Actually, it is this secret police society that attracts Gru as an assistant, capable of infiltrating the laboratory of villains. Of course, as a result, a complex operation ends successfully, only the process does not happen smoothly, and there are enough incidental moments that can capture the interest of the viewer. A particularly piquant touch to this whole story is given by minions that make anyone smile.

2015 - "Minions" - director and voices of the minions

Why is this work worth watching? At least because of the wonderful humor, the amazing quality of performance, the exciting plot. It's also a great cartoon. for family viewingin which everyone will find something pleasant and attractive for themselves. Now the main characters are the minions themselves.

The trio of main characters stand out: Bob, Stuart and Kevin. Cute and funny kids see themselves as assistants to the greatest villains, but they just can't find themselves as a leader. Even the process of interaction of toy characters looks very comical. Minions are hard to find the ugliest person on the planet, who would become their leader.

2017 - "Despicable Me 3" - director and voices of the minions, director of the museum

Fans from all over the world were looking forward to the release of the continuation of this story. Surprisingly, the third part of the Gru story turned out to be no less exciting and promising than the previous ones. It just seems that there can no longer be new plot twists, and yesterday's evil genius has become respectable father of the family, a family man and even managed to acquire a lover. In addition, now he is not a villain, but almost a special agent with his own business.

Everything changes when Gru learns the horrific truth: he has a twin brother. All the components of the success of the picture remained: Gru, who became a good hero, his children, a beautiful wife, and even handsome minions. The artists retained the characteristic graphics and style, endowed the characters all the same attractive features. Now the main character will have to find out that the craving for the dark side of the force is literally inherent in him at the genetic level.

He finds out that his father, like all male relatives, were the greatest thieves and villains. It is clear that a brother is also far from being a gift. Gru needs it again be the savior of the world and stop evil. Of course, it will not be easy to cope, and family feelings also make themselves felt.
What are the advantages? Characters do not lose their character easily, but develop. The plot twists are predictable at times.

The duet of twins also looks great, very different, but at the same time so similar to each other. Look interesting directorial references to the eighties era. Even adults who watch this picture with their children will be pleased to notice the trends, fashion trends and even the music of their favorite era. Advantages of the cartoon: excellent graphics, high-quality performance, an abundance of jokes and a thin line of family psychology.


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