"My doors are open": what really happened to Mikhail Krug that night

"I'll sing you songs about fate and separation, "Of a cheerful life and a ridiculous death..."

How the legend of Russian chanson Mikhail Krug died, and who is really to blame for what happened

Mikhail Krug to this day remains one of the brightest and most respected chansonniers in Russia, although the performer himself is long gone. He has been called "the king of Russian chanson", and his famous "Vladimir's Central" won the hearts of many people with a difficult fate ... But the life of Krug was not a fairy tale either, because the motives of the criminals who were responsible for the death of the musician have not yet been revealed. "Come to my house, my doors are open." - henceforth these lines have acquired new meaning.

Krug has had a love of music since young years. Among his major idols was Vladimir Vysotsky. He received his first guitar as a gift from his parents: this led to backyard concerts, and later to writing his own songs.

Mikhail Krug as a child
Mikhail Krug as a child

In 1987 Mikhail won an all-Union competition in the year, performing a composition about Afghanistan. From that moment his ascent began: his debut album "Tver Streets.", the first hit "Vladimirsky Central" and fame...

The story goes that "Vladimirsky Central" was inspired by friend Michael, who was serving termand originally the song even sang "Vladimirsky Central. Sasha North"! With the release of new songs, Krug's career flourished. Another popular hit was the song "Come to my house.". Thanks to his work, Krug was highly respected in local criminal circles...

But after what happened in the house of the respected chansonnier overnight from June 30 to July 1 2002 of the year, the lines of this song took on a new meaning...

The events of the fateful night

Mikhail Krug
Mikhail Krug

Under the cover of night, Krug's mother-in-law was completely attack: Two unidentified men attacked the woman, she began to scream, and soon she was rushed to Michael and his wife Irina. It was opened Fire. The musician was injured. He lost consciousness, and when he came to, he somehow made it to neighborto whom the frightened wife ran away. Vadim Rusakov personally delivered his comrade to the hospital - he later recalled that on the way Mikhail even tried to tell jokes. But the wounds were too serious, much precious time had elapsed, and in 3 hours After the operation began, the idol of millions died

Irina made it just in time. escapeand Michael's children even haven't heard The chaos going on in the house: Marina and Alexander are firmly slept, while Dmitri was in the headphones.


Mikhail Krug
Mikhail Krug

Why there was absolutely this awful attack? Many theories were put forward, but the real reason was is not clear. At first it was assumed that everything because of the songs: ostensibly the Circle wasn't sittingThe investigators were quickly dismissed: the investigators personally talked to him and he was not allowed to perform Vladimirsky Central and similar songs. But this version was quickly dismissed: the investigators personally talked to criminal masterminds Tver, and they assured me that none of them would ever do it! It is known that Mikhail was in close contact with thieves in the law, and therefore in his small motherland he had the status of untouchable. He even . Didn't lock the doors. The circle was not afraid of anyone, and he did not even think about personal security.

Another version was that it was revenge. But even that could not be confirmed. The intruders sat in the attic of the circle all day! If they wanted to get back at him for something, they would have done it right away. But for some reason they untouched musician...

Mikhail Krug and his family
Mikhail Krug and his family

The most realistic version is robbery or intimidation: that day the Circle was to perform at the City Day - long festivities and buffets were looming! But the performer refused to perform any more than he could miss the target burglars...

"Nobody was going to shoot him. It was a racket - they just wanted to intimidate him through his relatives, saying 'either you give us part of your income, or...'. But they didn't know he stayed home. After sitting in the attic all day, the perpetrators went crazy from the heat and did not act according to instructions," commented the investigator.

It was also suggested that someone might have order Circle...

"Crime and Punishment

Alexander Osipov
Alexander Osipov

In 2008 year, gang members were arrested. "Tver Wolves.": one of the suspects was identified by Irina Krug. Alexander AgeyevThe truth came to light during the lengthy investigation. In the course of a long investigation, the truth has come to light - the masterminds behind this horrific attack were Alexander KostenkoThe founder of the Wolves, known in criminal circles as "Scrap.". He ordered a staged robbery in order to Intimidate Krug, as the chansonnier refused to pay him money. But his operation did not go according to plan, and as a result, Krug dead

Mikhail Krug
Mikhail Krug

It later became known that on that fateful night the fire was opened by Dmitry Veselov: Having realized who he had shot, Veselov feared for his a lifeHe was not a man of the world, he told his friends. And not in vain... He was soon gone - the Krug was done for him Alexander Osipov. Today, Osipov is serving a life sentence and . writes a book.

Irina Krug
Irina Krug

Irina KrugThe musician, whom he married in the early noughties, turned to chanson after the death of her husband: the woman released more than 10 studio albums, the last of which is called "I bear your last name.".

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