How different music genres affect our moods

So can music affect our moods? Definitely yes. And here's the proof...

What music is responsible for - interesting facts you didn't know

Have you ever noticed that when people are sad, they like to listen to appropriate, sad music? And when people are really in a great mood, do they turn on dance music to dance their hearts out? That's what almost all people do in everyday life. But can music impact at your mood?

In fact, scientists have long been interested in this rather curious question. And here's what surprising conclusions they came...

Listening to blues and reggae makes you less nervous

Bob Marley
Bob Marley

In today's world it is very difficult to stay on the right track: no matter how you look at it, the constant stress makes itself felt. Almost everyone is faced with the feeling of anxiety, irritability... And very often we make the mistake of putting on something slow, like a soothing rock'n'roll ballad, when we're in a bad mood. But as it turns out, this only aggravates our situation, because this kind of music makes a person sad (in most cases).

According to some studies, blues can slow down the rapid heartbeat a little bit, thereby relieving tension, "cooling our ardor," as they say! Researchers also state that if you are angry about something, you need to listen reggae! This Jamaican genre has long been known as the most effective "musical sedative.

Rock and classical music can change your usual mood into a great mood

"Led Zeppelin"
"Led Zeppelin"

If you're tired and a little depressed, putting on some of your favorite classic rock music you go back to the good old days and get a good energy boost! Therein lies the value of rock (apart from its timeless influence and relevance).

But now you may be genuinely surprised: the researchers claim that classical music can lift your spirits! We personally have always found classical music to be soothing and relaxing. But it turns out that this music is also a great way to relieve the brain. So, we get a kind of relaxation!

Heavy metal doesn't always put you in an aggressive mood.

AC/DC Band
AC/DC Band

Heavy Metal - is a pretty rough, rumbling genre. For this reason, many people think that metal music can do nothing more than ignite the listener's inner "a spark of madness." - to set up an aggressive mood and all that sort of thing. But the truth is far more unexpected...

Numerous studies have found that heavy metal can indeed evoke anti-social feelings, but sometimes the genre helps people cope with stressful situations. It is said that metal music can either evoke violent feelings, or relaxed ones, depending on each person individually. So it's all individual. Oh, yes, and another curious fact: heavy metal increases self-esteem!

It has been observed that country music does cause depression

Charming Dolly Parton...
Charming Dolly Parton

That's right. Studies have shown that country music is capable of causing people to become depressed and even have extremely bad thoughts...

Most of the lyrics in country songs are sad, and that's something to consider. Even if you don't know English, you're sure to feel the message of the song. Especially if the songs are Of a broken heart: people can listen and feel the singer's pain.

Broadway music inspires

Show on Broadway
Show on Broadway

People who attended Broadway shows in New York, said they went home inspired and wanting to change the world.

"The music seems to float through your body, and the words speak to you..."

Dance music energizes

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

This is probably the most obvious genre of all: dance musicAs you know, it makes people happy!

Pop music, any other dance music (disco, for example) and fun compositions are known for being great for lifting people's spirits. The whole point of the dance genre is that it should set you free and completely transport you to a different place, help you push away sad thoughts!


So can music affect our mood? Definitely Yes. During one study, people were given happy and sad "badges" (emoticons) while listening to happy and sad music. And they chose a sad face when listening to sad music, even though the face they displayed was supposedly happy. Hence the conclusion, actually. After all, above all, our emotional state is what insidenot what's on the outside.

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