What was the fate of Vladimir Mulyavin's children

Svetlana Penkina became the third wife of the legendary "pesnar". Two more marriages were left behind. No wonder that Vladimir Georgievich was a father of many children! But if everything is already known about the musician, what was the fate of his children? And what was it like to have a legendary surname that was known in the whole USSR?

Vladimir Mulyavin: What was the fate of the children of the legendary "Pesnar

Vladimir Mulyavin needs no introduction: the legendary "pesnar", the voice of a generation, the founder of domestic Beatles - The public calls him by many different names. This man had a tremendous influence on Soviet music and was the leader of one of the most famous ensembles in the USSR! Alas, he passed away early, at the age of Sixty-two years old. At the end of his days, Vladimir Georgievich was experiencing difficulties with alcohol, because of which the participants VIA "Pesnyary" did not even want to work with him. According to them, there was a certain irresponsibility and indifference to the working process on Mulyavin's part... As the musicians recalled:

"He himself made the golden rule: come to work sober as a whistle! And he started breaking it himself, regularly. Sometimes he wouldn't even go on stage because he was drunk. And his wife (Svetlana Penkina, who led the ensemble during the period when Mulyavin became seriously addicted) seemed to encourage him. We reprimanded him and she said that there was no need to attack him - he would sort it out himself! He works better that way, so if he wants to drink, let him do it.

Svetlana Penkina and Vladimir Mulyavin
Svetlana Penkina and Vladimir Mulyavin

Svetlana Penkina became the third wife of the legendary "pesnar". Two more marriages were left behind. Not surprisingly, Vladimir Georgievich was father of many children! But if everyone knows everything about the musician, how did his fate turn out? children? And what is it like to have a legendary surname that was known throughout the USSR?


Marina Mulyavina
Marina Mulyavina

Marina - first daughter Mulyavin. Her mother is an artistic whistle-blower Lydia Karmalskaya. In her youth, Marina had planned to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a star of the big screen and stage, but her parents were against of this endeavor:

"They were against it. When I told them I was going to study acting, they got up silently from the table and lay down on our doorstep-as if in cahoots! My father said: "Will you step over us?" I couldn't do it, and the subject was closed."

Despite the fact that Mulyavin's marriage to Lydia fell apartand the musician left for another woman, Marina remembers her father only in the positive key:

"Dad and Mom lived seventeen years! Dad was a completely different person at home - sweet, kind, gentle... He was a wonderful man."

Lydia Karmalskaya and Vladimir Mulyavin
Lydia Karmalskaya and Vladimir Mulyavin

Today Marina enjoys her own family happiness: While she was still young, she met an engineer whom she married. She gave birth to three children, had time to become grandmother. She nevertheless decided not to give up her creative life - Mulyavin's eldest daughter graduated from conducting department and worked with teams as a producerincluding the Pesniars.


Vladimir Mulyavin Jr.
Vladimir Mulyavin Jr.

In his marriage to Lydia was born older son Mulyavin, who was named after his father. Vladimir! The doctors had long been trying to talk Lydia out of giving birth, saying there was a good chance she wouldn't survive it. But the woman stood her ground. Alas, as soon as she was discharged from the hospital, her husband left the family.

Lydia and her son Volodya
Lydia and her son Volodya

From a young age, Vladimir was drawn to to music! But because of his violent temperament He was never able to graduate from music school: for his part in the scuffle he was "sewn up" almost two years imprisonment! The guy himself assured: he did not provoke the conflict and did not attack, but only wanted to protect the girl from the bullies.

Lydia Karmalskaya with her mother and son Volodya
Lydia Karmalskaya with her mother and son Volodya

Later Mulyavin Jr. even worked in an ensemble "Pesnyary"The information varies: either he was fired or he left on his own... In any case, the reason for his departure was not disclosed. Unfortunately, Vladimir's life ended on a tragic note: if we believe the information, he was addicted to substancesHe died there in 2006. There he died in 2006.


Olga and Valery Mulyavin
Olga and Valery Mulyavin

The Second Daughter Mulyavina, Olga, was born in 1976 year. At that time Vladimir's wife was an actress Svetlana Slizskaya. Alas, their marriage did not last long: in the early 1980s, their paths would part. Olga is known to have very little - she works in the tax authorities of Minsk and maintains good relations with her sister and brother - the already mentioned Marina and Valery, Mulyavin's son from his last marriage.


Vladimir Mulyavin and Svetlana Penkina with their son
Vladimir Mulyavin and Svetlana Penkina with their son

Valery was born in 1982, his mother is an actress Svetlana Penkina - the third and last wife of the iconic "pesnar. His fate was safely: Like his older sister Marina, he is engaged in art management. In one interview, Valery was asked: is it true that the youngest children are the most beloved?

"I don't think my father loved us all. But I felt that he loved me very much. He even named me Valery, after his brother whom he had tragically lost and about whom he was always thinking..."

Vladimir Mulyavin and his son Valery
Vladimir Mulyavin and his son Valery

In the same interview, the legendary artist's youngest son told:

"With Marina and Olya, my older sisters, we have a warm relationship. We often visit each other, and we all meet together on January 12, my father's birthday. This tradition was introduced by my mother.

Svetlana Penkina and her son Valery
Svetlana Penkina and her son Valery

At the end, Valery added that he was very grateful to my fatherHe was the one who taught him modesty and decency.

"On stage he was a legend, but in life he was a simple and quiet man. I think these qualities are what make us humans truly beautiful..."


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