How was the fate of Yuri Khoy's daughters

Khoi can be proud of her daughters: Irina and Lilia grew up, got a higher education and found themselves in this life! If Yuri were alive, he would be a grandfather. And the most touching thing about all this is that the musician's eldest daughter lovingly and reverently preserves what was created by her father...

Who were Yuri Khoy's children and how was the fate of Galina Klinskikh, the only wife of the musician

Yuri Khoy will forever remain in our hearts. His unique workwhich the musician himself called collective farm punkThe songs of the song were very popular with the audience. Songs "Gaza Strip" To this day, they listen to it over and over again - not without pleasure and sadness... Alas, Khoi was gone too soon - in the early 2000s, the people's favorite passed away. He was only 35 years.

After myself Klinsky left not only a rich legacy, but also two daughters - senior Irina and junior Lily. The musician's only wife gave birth to his girls GalinaThe death of her husband was a great blow to her. The couple met in the countryside: Yuri came to visit his grandmother for the summer, while Galina was working at the local collective farm - not out of love, but out of practice. The young people quickly found a common language, Passion erupted and soon they were married! Unfortunately, their marital happiness would be disrupted Olga Samarinawith whom Yuri met and lived at the end of his days. But that's another story...

Yuri Khoi and Olga Samarina
Yuri Khoi and Olga Samarina

On stage, Khoi was a badass punk.and in life, empathetic and An awe-inspiring father.. Even Samarina said that Yuri loved his children more himself himself! And the daughters think of their father only good:

"Every time he came to visit us, it was a real treat! My father always spoiled us - we would go for a walk and he would buy us something delicious. We loved him very much, and we didn't want to say goodbye when he left... We were very good together, having fun, being interested," said Irina.

Galina Klinskikh and her daughters
Galina Klinskikh and her daughters

With his daughters, Hoy can proud: Irina and Lily have grown up, gotten prettier, got higher education and found themselves in this life! If Yuri were alive, he would be grandfather. And the most touching thing about all this is eldest daughter musician with love and reverence keeps what was created by her father. In a word - the girls got great educationand it is clear that the father was an iconic figure for them.


Irina Klinskikh with a portrait of her father
Irina Klinskikh with a portrait of her father

When Hoy was gone, Irina was 13 years. The girl had a hard time dealing with her father's death - she even refused go to school, and Galina for a long time I couldn't calm my daughter down and help her get back to her normal pace of life.

"I was at my grandmother's that fateful day. From the morning I sensed something wrong - my soul was restless, I cried a lot... And in the evening we found out about everything.

Yuri Khoi with his daughter Ira
Yuri Khoi with his daughter Ira

Ira has a lot to do with her father. fond memories. She loved and continues to love him, and therefore reverently treats his legacy with reverence.

"On stage he behaved like a real punk-so much crazy energy reigned at the concerts! But in real life my father was a completely different person: kind, reverent, he didn't even swear in front of us.

Irina Klinskikh
Irina Klinskikh

Today, Irina has already adult female, a mother and a real beauty! Many have noted external similarity Iria and her father, especially in her gaze. But the woman also inherited from Yuri vocals. The inspiration to start singing was to work on punk opera based on the album "Koschei the Immortal".

"I take it very seriously. It's a big responsibility for me. I didn't sing out of boredom - it's actually a huge job, especially when you have no experience under your belt. I'm constantly studying with a teacher - my vocals aren't bad, but you have to work on them!

In addition to her singing, Irina is engaged in concert organization in memory of her father. She also plans to make it public records from his personal diary, drafts of songs, photos, and manuscripts. When asked what it was like to be the daughter of an iconic figure, the woman replied:

"It's a heavy burden. I haven't told strangers who my father is for a long time. I'm tired of it when many people start digging into our family and life, and completely devalue me, my communication.


Lilya Klinskikh
Lilya Klinskikh

When Hoy was gone, his youngest daughter Lilia was only 5 years. Girl bad remembered her father, but still there were warm moments in her memory: she was always waiting for him breathlesslyShe was so happy when her father would come home and play with her. Today Lily is a grown-up girl: she graduated from VSU with honors and works at the company "Lukoil.", travels often, and loves to Red Hot Chili Peppers - the same group her father loved.

Yuri Khoi with his daughter Lilia
Yuri Khoi with his daughter Lilia

Unlike Irina, Lilya leads the more private lifestyle: he does not give interviews and does not share the details of his personal life.


Galina Klinskikh
Galina Klinskikh

Galina was only wife Yuri. After his death, the woman never didn't satisfy personal life - devoted herself entirely to parentingI never got married again.

"I can't imagine another man by my side. Only Yura was and still is my beloved husband...".

Yuri Khoi with his wife and eldest daughter
Yuri Khoi with his wife and eldest daughter

To this day Galina keeps fond memories about her husband and enjoys spending time with her grandson.

Galina Klinskikh with her daughter Irina and grandson Matvey
Galina Klinskikh with her daughter Irina and grandson Matvey

Matvey, Irina's son, was born in 2011 year. The boy loves music and dancing, is well acquainted with the works of his grandfatherUnfortunately, he knows only from stories and photographs.

"He loves his grandfather, and even wants to take his last name Klinskikh. I didn't insist on it, it's his wish. I'm not going to obstruct, on the contrary - it's great that the surname will continue its history!" admits the boy's mother.


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