How the Rolling Stones record "Between The Buttons" was recorded

Everything you need to know about The Rolling Stones album "Between The Buttons" 1967.

The Rolling Stones "Between The Buttons" (1967): facts, videos, photos

1967 was a very successful and productive year for The Rolling Stones, which began with the release of "Between The Buttons" and ended with the stylistic experiment "Their Satanic Majesties Reques". Between the Buttons was released in the UK on January 20, 1967, followed by a US release on February 11.

Album recording. How did you come up with the name

The title for the song "Between The Buttons" came about by accident, following a remark from producer Andrew Logue Oldham to drummer Charlie Watts, who was doing some sketches for the cover. Watts asked how they were going name album, and Oldham used the euphemism "undecided" ("indecisive").

“Andrew told me to do the drawings for the record, and he told me the title was between the buttons,” Melody Maker told February 4, 1967. "I thought he meant the title was Between The Buttons, so it stayed."

Part of the album was recorded in August 1966 with Dave Hassinger at RCA Studios in Hollywood, while the other part was made in London at the newly opened studios Olympic Sound in November of that year. Recording of some tracks was started in the USA, but finished in the capital of England. The Stones were fresher by the time they recorded at home after taking a break from touring.

"Recording 'Between The Buttons' was the first time we took a breath and distanced ourselves a little from the frenzy of touring and everything," recalled guitarist Keith Richards. “So in a way, it was kind of a fresh start for us… Plus, everyone smoked a lot.”

Between The Buttons: UK version

Between the Buttons was The Rolling Stones' first album since Aftermath in April 1966 and was their fifth UK studio LP. Unfortunately, this is one of the least known longplays The Stones, but it has some strong songs.

In addition to the five members of the band - vocalist Mick Jagger, who also played tambourine and harmonica, Richards, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman and Watts - several musicians were invited: Ian Stewart plays piano and organ, Nicky Hopkins plays piano, as well as Jack Nietzsche. The track "Connection" was performed live in London Palladium a week after the album's release and featured in Martin Scorsese's 2008 documentary Shine a Light.

By the end of 1966, recording technology allowed for more experimentation, and although each track on "Between The Buttons" is credited to Jagger and Richards, very different sounds can be heard on the album. styles music and songwriting. "Yesterday's Papers" has the distinction of being the first song written exclusively by Jagger to feature Nietzsche playing the harpsichord. On "Something Happened to Me Yesterday", the multi-talented Jones plays saxophone, trombone and clarinet.

Brian Jones (Brian Jones) plays the saxophone
Brian Jones (Brian Jones) with sitar

Two tracks were exclusive to the UK version of the album. The first was the gentle waltz "Back Street Girl" written by Richards and Jagger. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the singer said that it was his favorite song on the album. Jones showcased some of his jazz addiction on this track: a musician who was such a fan of jazz saxophonist Julian Cannonball Adderley that he named his son after him. The accordion was played by Nick De Caro.

The second UK-only song on the album was "Please Go Home", which was based on rhythm Bo Diddley style. It was later released in America on the Flowers compilation.

Between The Buttons: US version

The American version of "Between The Buttons" was the band's seventh studio release in the US, where they showed their individuality in the choice of a new opening song. The album began with the song "Let's Spend the Night Together", co-written by Jagger and Richards, which became beloved composition by David Bowie. The song was released as a double single in the UK in January 1967, paired with "Ruby Tuesday", which was also added to the US tracklist.

UK and US versions of "Between The Buttons" featured songs "Yesterday's Papers", "Connection", "She Smiled Sweetly", "Cool, Calm And Collected", "My Obsession", "All Sold Out", "Who's Been Sleeping Here", "Complicated", "Miss Amanda Jones" , and "Something Happened To Me Yesterday".

Album cover and release

Billboard positively responded on the American album in February 1967:

"Every Stones album has been a chart hit and this latest collection is no exception," they wrote. “Their energetic rhythm is evident throughout and their singles 'Ruby Tuesday' and 'Let's Spend the Night Together' are attractive sales. 'Miss Amanda Jones' and 'Cool, Calm And Collected' are standout pieces."

The album "Between The Buttons" reached number two on the US charts, one a place higher than in the UK.

The album's booklet is adorned with cartoons and drawings by Charlie Watts, and on the cover is a photograph taken by Jared Mankowitz in mid-November 1966, after an overnight session at Olympic Sound Studios. The group went to Primrose Hill Park in north London just after dawn, having arrived on a rolls royce. Mankowitz said the photograph, which he deliberately blurred by smearing Vaseline on the lens, captured "the ethereal, nonchalant feel of the time," adding:

“There was this well-known London character called Maxie – sort of a prototype hippie – just standing by himself playing the flute. Mick approached him and offered him a smoke, and his only response was, "Ah, breakfast!"


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