How the only real punk from the USSR lived and died: Biography of Konstantin Stupin

There were such musicians in the USSR that they heard about only in narrow circles. One of these was Konstantin Stupin, or simply "Stupa". He was not widely known in the Soviet Union - then he only took acceleration in rock music. Stupin wrote the first songs in the 90s, performed them where and when he had to, spent time with other little-known artists, spent half his life in prison and managed to become popular in just 3 years at large. How did the fate of the legendary Russian punk.

Biography of the Soviet and Russian rocker Konstantin Stupin

In Soviet rock it was many talents: Vysotsky, Grebenshchikov, Butusov, Makarevich, Tsoi ... The list of surnames can be continued almost to infinity. And these are just those who were the most famous in rocker parties, and there were also such musicians that only in narrow circles.

Konstantin Stupin at a speech
Our favorite punk - Konstantin Stupin at a performance

One of these rockers was Konstantin Stupin, or simply "Stupa". He was not widely known in the Soviet Union - then he only took acceleration in rock music. Stupin wrote the first songs in the 90s, performed them where and when to, spent time with other little-known artists.

But even then there was a spark of "real" rock in him. More precisely - punk rock. The stupa was by nature rebel: he broke instruments, led a wild life, and even called the group "Night Cane". At first glance it seems that this is quite a good name, but in reality it is euphemism, denoting the male sexual organ.

Night Cane and Stupin
Night Cane in 2013. The group performs at the club

The loose lifestyle that created the image of a musician in the end almost lost his career: in the mid-90s, the musician gets to jail for possession of prohibited substances. And this is not the only time Stupa gets "behind bars". As a result, it turned out that the musician had to spend almost half of my short life.

The first group and songs of Konstantin Stupin before the prison term

Konstantin Stupin lived from childhood in Orel. He grew up in a military family, both of his grandfathers served: one of the grandfathers even became a Hero of the Soviet Union. And my father was a military pilot, but, unfortunately, crashed, when Constantine was ten years old.

Konstantin Stupin
Konstantin Stupin

This greatly influenced the boy: he grew up without father's attention and from an early age was drawn into not the best company. The guys wandered, smoked, in the same companies the Stupa became dependent from alcohol. But there were pluses: because of new acquaintances, he began to study music and created his own group.

First, in 1986, two Oryol schoolchildren: Kuzmin (Kuzya) and Terekhov (Growth) created a group Monologue. They performed in schools, but nothing sensible came out - the guys were not strong in vocals: they had squeaky voices and in general they liked to play instruments more than to sing.

But they knew Kostya Stupin, who was famous for his deep bass and not at all childish for his age voice. Kuzya and Rost invited him, but he stubbornly refused to sing in their group. He did not want to mess with the guys, and in general the very idea seemed to him funny. But later he agreed.

Konstantin "Stupa" Stupin
Mature Konstantin "Stupa" Stupin

So, already in 1987, the Night Cane group appeared. Name chose Stupin - frontman and founder of a new group. He was inspired by the movie "Scout" with Al Pacino in the title role. Film tells detective storywho was looking for a gay killer. Where did the "Night Cane" come from - not hard to guess.

Night Cane at the beginning of his career
Night Cane at the beginning of his career

Having decided on the name, the group began to rehearse the songs and prepare for the recording of the album. Two years later after the creation, in 1989, the first studio album was already ready - “My Music Thunders”.

The album contains 25 tracks by the group (including different versions of the tracks), but now the most popular considered "My Music Thunders" - the track of the same name with the album. Here is how the already matured Stupin performed it:

The album came out too much punk. This was expressed in the texts of the group, which included obscenities, jargon and all the other "charms" of street punk rock.

Two years later, the next album, The New Order, is released. This record contains 13 tracks. In this album the group didn't change myself: it came out as punk as the first one: the band sang about dirt, substances, and other unpleasant things.

But the affairs of the "Night Cane" went uphill: The group performed in clubs, continued to rehearse and prepared for the release of the next album.

In the same year, the group participated in Festival of Hopes, conducted by the Moscow Rock Laboratory - an organization that controlled the activities of Moscow rockers. "Night Cane" became the only non-Moscow group, who collaborated with the rock laboratory. Stupin himself spoke about how it was:

Before the Festival of Hopes, Stupa was heavily addicted to alcohol, and after the festival, he also became addicted to illegal substances. As a result, in 1995 he goes to jail for possession of prohibited substances.

Life with addiction and prison terms

After his release from prison in 1996, Stupin still had old dependenciesand there was no more money. He had to steal to feed himself and buy alcohol.

In the same year that Stupa was released from prison, a group won the Audience Award at one of the festivals of the city and received an expensive tape recorder as a gift. According to the Stupa itself, he traded him for a drink in the first stall that came across.

In 1999 Stupa goes to jail again for theft. The group suspends its activities, and only manages to reunite in 2013, when Stupin is released.

Later work of Konstantin Stupin, popular albums and songs of the Stupa

For so many years the musician did not forgethow to hold a guitar in your hands and sing. In prison, he composed a huge number of songs and, thanks to longtime fans, began recording.

In just 3 years, he managed to record almost all of his creations. Together with the group "Night Cane" in the period from 2013 to 2015, Stupa records two albums, and later starts solo career.

At this time, he gets most popular. He even managed to become a meme because of a humorous video with his participation posted on YouTube:

Tour of Russia and the death of the Stupa

Riding on the wave of success in 2017, the Stupa sets off on your first tour of Russia. Prior to that, he almost did not leave Orel, not counting performances in Moscow. According to the tour program, he had to ride from Yaroslavl to St. Petersburg, and then perform in Moscow and return to his native Oryol.

Stupa knew how to enjoy life
Stupa knew how to enjoy life...

The musician managed to collect full halls in all the cities he visited. After that, he returned to Oryol and through a few days Stupa passed away after his first tour...

His way of life is final finished him off: the musician was addicted to almost all the nasty things that he could get: alcohol, illegal substances and much more. At the time of his death was not even 45 years old.

half life he spent in a prison cell, but his contribution to Russian punk rock is invaluable. He managed to record quite a few songs, became popular on YouTube and lived his whole life like a real punk.

Possibly the way of life of the Stupa does not deserve respect, but his work made Russian punk and rock music a little better. About this and about his invaluable contribution for sure don't forget


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