What are the best Harry Potter films?

We have compiled for you the top 5 best films by David Yates about the universe of the wizard Harry Potter!

Top 5 best Harry Potter films by David Yates

Despite the abundance of projects in the film industry in which the director David Yates, he gained the greatest popularity thanks to a series of films about the young wizard Harry Potter, based on a series of literary works by the British writer JK Rowling.

Yates on set
Yates on set

These films have grossed tens of millions of dollars at the box office. We recommend that you watch all the films in the series sequentially so as not to lose the thread of the plot. But it is the given in our collection the tapes turned out to be, according to critics, the best of all Yeats' projects.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Imelda Staunton and many more.

This is the fifth part of a series of films about the adventures of a young wizard and his friends. It all starts with what's on Harry outside of Hogwarts dementors attack, which he is forced to drive away with the help of magic. Representatives of Hogwarts consider the incident a violation of the rules of the school, because magic cannot be used in the ordinary world.

Harry can't justify himself, because all the participants understand that only sorcerers see Dementors, but not Muggles. It turns out that the protagonist automatically has no witnesses to the incident.

Harry still manages to avoid punishment and expulsion and school. Later, once at Hogwarts, he discovers that the management is hushing up the return issue. to the life of Voldemort. No one thinks about the threat and does not try to prepare students for the dangers ahead. In addition, Potter learns about the existence of the Order of the Phoenix, the essence of which is to resist the Dark Lord.

Harry and his friends are forced to organize a secret preparation of students for fights with dark magic. The new school administration begins to fight the conspirators in order to find participants in secret classes and stop these meetings. When the activists are discovered, Dumbledore takes all the blame for the clandestine activities. It's being planned send to Azkaban, but it transgresses in time. Further events lead to numerous escapes and clashes with the death eaters.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Evanna Lynch, Emma Watson and many more.

This is the sixth part of a series of films about the adventures of a young wizard and his friends.
This time, not only the world of wizards, but also the world of ordinary people was under threat. Power Dark Lord grows, and in such conditions the heroes understand that now they will not be able to safely hide within the walls of the school.

Harry vaguely senses the presence of something unkind in Hogwarts itself, while Dumbledore looks for a way to prepare for the final confrontation with the forces of the death eaters. Together with Harry, they are looking for the key to unraveling the mystery of the Dark Lord's immortality. A friend and colleague of Dumbledore arrives to help them - Professor Horace Slughorn, whose favorite was Tom Riddle himself many years ago. Dumbledore suspects that his acquaintance may know something about Horcruxes.
In the meantime, misfortunes and enemies are falling on the heads of students, the emotions of maturing teenagers are beating with a fountain.

Harry finds himself increasingly attracted to Ginny, but Dean Thomas is tormented by the same thing. Meanwhile, Lavender Brown has convinced herself that Ron is her destiny and her chosen one, and now she's willing to go to great lengths to get hers. Love twists and turns the beautiful Hermione was also not spared, who is tormented by jealousy, which the young girl is trying to hide.

Love lurks around every corner, but mortal dangers are coming, and the Hogwarts magical school is likely to change beyond recognition before our eyes.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part 1

Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Helena Bonham Carter and many more.

This is the seventh part of a series of films about the adventures of a young wizard and his friends. Harry and his faithful companions Ron and Hermione set out on a dangerous journey to find and neutralize the hidden artifacts of immortality. Voldemort - Horcruxes with particles of his soul. This time, no adults can help, and Professor Dumbledore's guidance and support can no longer be relied upon. Friends can only trust each other. As luck would have it, the forces of darkness seek to quarrel the guys and break their friendly ties.

In parallel with these actions, the world of wizards turns into an extremely dangerous place for all opponents of Voldemort. The war that frightened everyone quickly unleashed, and it began with the conquests of the death eaters: they took control of the Ministry of Magic and even Hogwarts school. Now they punish all the disobedient and dissatisfied with the new government. However, the most valuable potential prisoner - Harry Potter - escapes persecution from time to time. This special child, the chosen wizard, has become the number one target for all the servants of the Dark Lord - they hunt him down with all possible forces and seek to capture him in order to deliver him alive.

Harry's last hope and only chance of survival is to find the Horcruxes before Voldemort finds him. In the course of an adventure full of mysteries and mysteries, Harry discovers clues to an ancient, almost forgotten history - legend of the deathly hallows. If all this turns out to be true, then the Dark Lord will indeed acquire the absolute power that he so desires.

Harry does not suspect that his fate was already determined on the day of the tragedy, when he lost his parents, but at the same time he himself survived. As an adult, Potter is getting closer and closer to fulfilling the mission for which he has been preparing ever since he set foot on the threshold of Hogwarts: to the decisive battle with the Dark Lord.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part 2

Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Michael Gambon and many more.

This is the eighth (or completion of the seventh) part of a series of films about the adventures of a young wizard and his friends. The main characters are still busy solving the Horcrux problem. The next artifact with a soul shard, as it turns out, is located at Gringotts Bank in a special safe. Goblin Griphook, as a thank you for the rescue, helps the guys break into the bank and steal the Horcrux, which turns out to be Penelope Hufflepuff's cup. After that, the heroes leave the territory with the help of a dragon.

The Horcrux to be found next is located, as Harry had anticipated before, at Hogwarts. Friends receive help from Brother Dumbledore, who hides them and sends them to the castle in a special way. The current head of the school Severus drives everyone to a large hall and demands to give out the chosen one. Harry appears and challenges Snape, everyone present, except for the snake students, takes Harry's side. After a brief skirmish with Minerva, the professor flees.

Voldemort's army travels to the forbidden forest and prepares to attack Hogwarts. The castle holds the defense with the help of old magic, which is activated by Professor McGonagall and others. At night the battle begins. In parallel with these events, Ron and Hermione go to the secret room to fang the basilisk destroy the horcrux from the bank. Harry, aided by the ghost of the Gray Lady, discovers the next Horcrux in a special room. Suddenly, Draco Malfoy, Gregory Goyle and Blaise Zabini show up. A skirmish ensues, causing the Hellfire spell to consume the entire room.

Harry and Ron escape on broomsticks, Hermione gives Harry the basilisk fang, and another Horcrux is destroyed. Harry is still unaware that the last Horcrux, which provides immortality to the Dark Lord, is a man ...

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Starring Eddie Redmayne, Ezra Miller, Colin Farrell and others.

An offshoot of the Harry Potter story, set 65 years before the story of the Wizard Boy.
At the beginning of the second quarter of the twentieth century, a magician and biologist from Great Britain Newt Scamander leaves for Arizona, stopping by New York on the way. He meets a girl, Mary Lou Barebone, who tells that wizards, witches and sorcerers exist in reality and that they are very dangerous.

While Newt is talking to her, a small mole-like niffler escapes from his magical suitcase full of magical animals. Newt, while chasing a fugitive, stumbles upon a Muggle, or No-Maj, Jacob, with whom they accidentally exchange suitcases. Newt gets caught by his ex Auror Tina, since he is a magician without registration. She delivers the hero to the headquarters of her organization in the hope that for the capture of the intruder she will be returned to her former rank. However, due to a mistake, the suitcase taken by Newt turns out to be full of rolls, and not magical creatures, in connection with which the charges are dropped from the hero.

Next, Tina and Newt are looking for Jacob with a magical suitcase, after which the girl leads them to her relative Queenie. Jakob and Tina's sister realize they like each other, despite the ban on mage-non-mage relationships. Newt tries to return the magic suitcase, during which Jacob is confronted dark creature obscurus. Newt asks Jacob to help him find the remaining magical fugitives in an unfamiliar city. Jacob, looking at the danger of the obscurus, realizes that he must help. Two friends and other characters have many more dangerous events and exciting adventures.


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