"The Dark Knight or the Shy Romantic - What Victor Tsoi Really Was

"I didn't keep any image or build any image. I'm just like this, hello.

"Not gloomy or moody at all": what Tsoi was like in life

Grim, reticent, perpetually brooding... Or was he arrogant, defiant, and protesting? For years now, fans have wondered what he was really like. Viktor Tsoi?

Many people perceive Tsoi as a kind of "the dark knight" - with his upturned chin, piercing gaze, and a kind of otherworldly energy. But was he really like that? And in general, where did this dark image come from? Let's find out together.

Shy and timid

Young Viktor Tsoi
Young Viktor Tsoi

Tsoi had been quiet and even shy since childhood. Relatives told how as a child the future legend of Russian rock complexed because of his voice! From my father's recollections Robert Maximovich:

"When his voice began to break, he was very worried. He was embarrassed, saying, 'Why is my voice so high, like a girl's! I remember in the bathroom he would close up and play quietly, so we wouldn't hear..."

In addition to his voice, Victor had a complex about his Asian. It is known that at school the boy was often teased about it, called "Korean" or "Japanese. As he recounted Alexei Rybin, the first guitarist of Kino:

"What we didn't hear about Vitya in bars. And even on the street... All this, of course, contributed to it: Vitya was ashamed of himself, of his nationality. He was closed to society.

Marianna and Viktor Tsoi
Marianna and Viktor Tsoi

Much has changed since Tsoi met his first wife-to-be Marianne. The girl gave Victor confidence, he became more liberated and courageous - according to the members of the "Kino" even began to write songs more active and of higher quality! In a word - positive influence was obvious.

"Marianna is a very strong and wise woman. With her, Vitya literally blossomed: he became more confident in himself and in his art. He seems to have completely forgotten about his complexes! It was obvious that for him Marianna became a muse and an inspiration in life," Rybin recalled.

"The Dark Knight"

Viktor Tsoi
Viktor Tsoi

Despite his timidity and shyness, today - especially in the minds of the younger generation - Tsoi is painted as a kind of dark prince of Russian rock, a haughty knight... But where did this image, which, in fact, never corresponded to reality, come from? Here's what he said about it Artemy Troitsky:

"The whole time I was with him, I watched him change. He was funny, a mischievous guy, a hooligan! He had a good sense of humor, he was always hanging out with other rockers. But he stood out from the rest of the group. He was reserved, quiet... I would even say gentle. A romantic! But Vitya was never arrogant, overly refined... Rather, that image came after the movie "The Needle": a kind of "dark knight", all in black, brooding and lonely... That's how young people see him today.

Many biographers also highlight several periods In the life of Tsoi, in which changes in his personality were particularly clear: in Leningrad and Moscow. And if in Leningrad Victor found confidence and inspiration, in Moscow - under the influence of Natalia Razlogova - his life was full of bright events. Razlogova played a big role in shaping Tsoi's style: he became even more confident, straightened up, began to dress stylishly and flashily... In the twilight of his days he was often covered by the media, which is why there are such contradictions in the image of the legend today.

Viktor Tsoi and Natalia
Viktor Tsoi and Natalia

According to some acquaintances, particularly the bassist Alexandra Titova, at the end of his days Victor felt lonely. He became withdrawn, limited his social circle...

"He didn't communicate much with anyone, and it seemed as if he was confused with himself. Everyone was pestering him, everyone was interested in him, and it was weighing on Vitya wildly..."

Expressing feelings through minimalism

Russian rock legend Viktor Tsoi...
Russian rock legend Viktor Tsoi

Today it is difficult to build a portrait of Tsoi's personality: there were too many changes in his style and character, with the light hand of the media there were many contradictions... But his relatives agree: Victor was not arrogant, gloomy, moody... He was a positive guy, who joined any party well, but he behaved very quietly and calmly. Tsoi expressed his thoughts and feelings through minimalism - a minimum of words, but each in fact.

"He was a reserved conservative, always behaved with dignity. He was not an alcoholic, he had a special irony. I can't think of a single time when Tsoi got drunk and went on a rampage!

Joanna Stingray and Victor Tsoi
Joanna Stingray and Victor Tsoi

Many felt that Tsoi was not sophisticated enough, while some, on the contrary, saw him as a flamboyant, eccentric character. Victor himself once said About Me So:

"I didn't keep any image or build any image. I'm just like this, hello.

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