What message is hidden in the films of Francis Lawrence

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Biography of the popular director Francis Lawrence

Francis Lawrence was born in the Austrian capital. His father worked as a university physics teacher and his mother worked in a PR agency for a living. At that time, when Francis was 3 years old, his parents moved to the United States, in the city of Los Angeles. In the same period of time, the kid picked up his first video camera, and he began filming everything in sight.

Frances Lawrence at a photo shoot
Frances Lawrence at a photo shoot

According to the director's recollections, it was the most ordinary camera of the company. "Panasonic.", which had a VHS videotape. The first time he picked it up, he didn't experience anything supernatural. After twisting it in his hands for a while, Lawrence put the camera back in its place. But a few hours passed, and in the evening of the same day, the future director took the video camera in his hands again and went to the backyard to film what was happening there. This process so captivated the boy.that from that time until today he still shoots what he sees and what he thinks can excite viewers.

Student years and the beginning of a career

After the boy graduated from high school, he became a directing student at Loyola Marymont University. As a sophomore, Lawrence began working part-time as an assistant cameraman. At that time, Francis actively began shooting music videos of artists who were just beginning their artistic journey and were little known to the general public. Lawrence created the scripts for the music videos on his own.o, and in 1990, when the guy got his bachelor's degree, he worked with a former classmate who became his production assistant, Mika Rosen, to start an independent label, sponsored by the girl's parents to open it.

Director on set
Director on set

Lawrence made his feature film debut in "Constantine: Lord of Darkness". This work, based on the comic book Hellblazer and starring Rachel Weisz and Keanu Reeves, was directed by Francis. After that, a movie hit called I Am Legend, based on the novel of the same name, saw the light of day from under his hand. R. Matson. The main male role in it was played by Will Smith.

Director's success

Francis, as a music video maker, received an award for "Latin Grammy. for a music video he shot for the singer Shakira. He also shot a music video for Lady Gaga. This creation was recognized as the best video of the year at the VMA Awards. Around the beginning of the noughties, Lawrence realized that he had reached the pinnacle of success and began to go on vacation before the election, while he was on a wave of public recognition or to develop and do something new. The decision to move to the film industry was not easy for himThe director was afraid that he would fail and lose his reputation, which he had built up over the years. However, the director felt that the risk was justified and decided to make cinematic masterpieces.

Lawrence looks great in business suits.
Lawrence looks great in business suits.

Initially, the producers of the film project called "Constantine: Lord of Darkness" wanted to entrust the shooting Tarsem Singh, and the main male role was to play Nicolas Cage. However, Tarsem not eager to shoot Cage in the project and as a result refused to take part in this work. After that, the proposal to shoot "Constantine" was rejected by several other directors, and the production staff decided to offer the role, which was to be played by Nicolas Cage, not to anyone, but to an actor named Keanu Reeves.

When Reeves found out who would direct the Constantine picture, he was initially against the fact, however, when a personal introduction of the men took place. Reeves was so captivated by Francis that he negotiated with the production staff himself so that they would entrust him with the filming process, whose value was about 100 million.$ Lawrence, despite the fact that, at the time, the man was a debutant in the world of cinema. In 2007, Lawrence managed to reassert himself. An adaptation of Matheson's novel was aired called "I am a legend.". The main male role was played by Will Smith. And the director, of course, was Lawrence. And interestingly enough, the producers themselves chose Francis.

"The Hunger Games.

In 2013, the first part of "The Hunger Games" appeared on the screens, which can rightly be considered a masterpiece of cinema. Understandably, it was necessary to work on a sequel. As a result. in 2014 and 2015 came out two more parts of the franchise that made Jennifer Lawrence famous. These films were directed by Francis Lawrence, as Lionsgate Studios negotiated with him in advance.

Here's what the director himself had to say about this film: "These fiction books and films tell the story of the consequences of warfare. It is unfortunate that the modern world is still fighting bloody battles and resolving conflicts by armed means. It is very unfortunate that, having appeared as early as ancient times, war remains, according to the politicians of various states, the modern way of resolving conflict issues.

In this sense, our film is a reflection of the instability of contemporary world realities. At this point, I feel a creative satisfaction in my soul from the process of working on this saga. The last part is particularly satisfying for me because it reveals all the intrigue of the preceding films of the saga and finally brings together those characters who were destined to be together.

Are Jennifer Lawrence and Francis Lawrence related?

Jennifer Lawrence - popular film actress. She was able to win the love of the public and critical acclaim. At one time she won an Oscar and a Golden Globe. Popularity to the girl came at a young age. Jennifer - American and came to our mortal world in Kentucky. The actress has two brothers, whose names are Ben and Bale. The actress' parents were simple people: her mother worked in a children's camp, and her father was a construction worker.

Joint photo of Francis and Jennifer
Joint photo of Francis and Jennifer

Francis Lawrence - filmmaker from the United States, but his parents moved to America from Vienna. Jennifer Lawrence and Francis Lawrence have no family tiesThey are simply namesakes, who also work together in the field of film art. They have a common bond of creativity.


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