What kind of music did the hero of Dmitry Dyuzhev listen to in the movie "Zhmurki"

In this article, we learn more about the musical preferences of one of the main characters in the film "Blind Man's Blind" Simon (Dmitry Dyuzhev). What songs are played in the climactic scene and what is the poster hanging on the wall in Eggplant's room?

What music is played in the main scene of the film "Blind Man's Buff"

Comedy "Zhmurki" is one of the most brilliant comedies of our cinema and Balabanova in particular. Movie about how people tried survive in the 90s - and it was far from noble ways. Main heroes - criminal individuals with no less criminal past. acting composition will please every lover of Russian films: here and Nikita Mikhalkov as an evil businessman, Dmitry Dyuzhev and Alexey Panin as his subordinates Viktor Sukhorukov - a policeman and even Renata Litvinova - waitress.


In dashing 90s regulations games in the good old blizzards changed: winner becomes thatwho will stay in alive, but other players will lose.

Plot the film takes place in Nizhny Novgorod. Two friends Seryoga and Simon work together for a local big businessman Sergei Mikhailovich. They do everything for him. dirty work: go for commodity (behind the forbidden), dealt with business competitors. It's just that things don't always go according to plan. plan, and one of assignments guys failed: instead of bring manufacturer (chemistwho conjures over new parties prohibited chemicals), they kill both him and guards.

Sergei Mikhailovich strongly got angrybut gave the guys a new assignmentwhich fail no way it is forbidden. They need go in lawyer's office and exchange briefcase with money for a suitcase with powder. But here, Seryoga and Simon bad luck: exchange passed successfully, only on the street they were met Coron, bala and Eggplant - three criminals who were hired by the elder lieutenant militia Stepan, "werewolf in uniform", dreaming big substitute Sergei Mikhailovich.

Soundtrack "Zhmurok" very eclectic and best describes time actions: here and "Sparks", и Stray Cats as a rare vinyl, and involuntarily pouring out from somewhere Vysotsky and "Agatha Christie" with a song "Hysterics", shrillly tearing at the local tavern. And even gibberish from "Nogu Svelo" - "Haru Mamburu".

Frame from the film "Zhmurki" (Dmitry Dyuzhev)
Frame from the film "Zhmurki" (Dmitry Dyuzhev)

Climax scene

Seryoga and Simon find apartment, Where live Coron, bala and Eggplant. They want return suitcase and ready to go on all for it. In the apartment they find only one eggplantwhich is true waiting your friends and even does not expect uninvited guests. Simon disables "Russian Ethiopian", but Seryoga examines apartment. Funny moment: flat, which Simon and Seryoga come to, is located near churches, and hearing bells, one of them crosses. Which contrast: bandit, which the kills and tortures people turns out to be real Christian.

Seryoga "in detail" explains eggplantwhat he needs, but that not recognizedwhere the suitcase is, so friends resort to torture. Once again "turning off" poor prisoner, friends pay attention to records and turntable: turns out, Simon, despite its vicious character and cruel behavior is good understands in music and knows many famous groups'. About them and go speech Further.

Songs in the film

"Electric Light Orchestra" continued baroque pop trend that originated in the middle 60s, and worked with it, creating dozens symphoric hits and radio classics throughout 70s and start 80s. But there was something really unique in cooperation between Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood, which formed ELO after the breakup of their previous group "The Move". The Swarm was multi-instrumentalist, which, in addition to standard guitar and bass partiesalso played on oboe, clarinet, recorder and even on crumhorn.

Frame from the film "Blind Man's Buff"
Frame from the film "Blind Man's Buff"

"Look At Me Now" - marvelous sinister, but a memorable composition that combines worthy strings chamber quartet with exotic Middle Eastern tones, a combination that musically sounds wild exciting and repulsive dissonant simultaneously. However, this gives otherworldly song presencesimilar to the accompaniment of a science fiction film Terry Gilliama.

The song is about murder girls in the woods: the king has a twist novel with a girl and in the end he decides get rid of from her, ordering his executioner go with her in Forest and kill her there. Executioner cuts off her headlike he always did before. And yet this time instead of the usual cold his detachment equanimity permeated with some emotions. He is something feels to this girl, perhaps even mourns her. May be, a pity, even repentance, may be, love? Who knows... but whatever it is It was, this feeling haunts him and he curses himself for what he has done evil.

Apart from "Look At Me Now" there are others in the film songsgiving a special atmosphere this movie: "Stray Cats" - "Ubangi Stomp", "Sparks" - "Reinforcements", Choir of the Don Cossacks - “Like beyond the Don across the river”, "U-Peter" - "Theme of the Road".

Poster for Jimi Hendrix's Are You Experience (1967)

also in roomwhere the above-described developments, above the records and the player hangs poster with the album Jimi Hendrix "Are You Experience" (1967). It's also worth talking about. in more detail.

In Musical industry several albums closely unite many sects and branches fandom. "Are You Experienced" Jimi Hendrix, released to date over 50 years back (May 12, 1967), - one of these albums. This is one of the greatest albums all times, masterpiece classical rock. IN musical in terms of it's unmistakable American record, explosive mixture blues, rock and R&B, which could only come to life in English psychedelic mid rock scene 60s.

Jimi Hendrix album cover "Are You Experience" (1967)
Jimi Hendrix album cover Are You Experience (1967)

Also on the wall in the room is a poster with the inscription "Bob Marley". And from the near-musical facts, it can be noted that the film starred Garik Sukachev, Group Leader "Brigade C" and "Untouchables", in the role of a crime boss nicknamed Brain.

Balabanov not just like that endowed one of the main characters good musical taste. His movie the director wants to show: yes, 90s were difficult time that turned peace many people, majority of which went wrong way. But that doesn't make them bad people: they such just like you and me, just turned out to be in difficult situations. AND, really, attitude to Simon the viewer changes after the hero includes their own favorite tracks. Yes and all melodiesselected for this movie, create an atmosphere dangerous, difficult era and great fit in into the picture. It is clear that the director tried not only over quality filming and personnel, but soundtrack.

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