The wonderful Kalinov Most: Top 7 Powerful Hits of the Band

Today we offer to remember the Top 7 favorite hits of the original, but so attractive band!

Recalling the seven favorite hits of Kalinov Most

"Kalinov Most - is one of the most interesting Russian rock bands. The songs of the band are easily recognizable - they are endowed with a special sound, atypical of other performers. What else delights is the lyrics. It's full of ancient Slavic images, riddles, mythology even... In many ways - the style took root after the leader Dmitry Revyakin adopted Christianity in the early 2000s. This makes Kalinov Most a band "not for everyone". By the way: Revyakin himself characterizes the team's work as "new Cossack songs", although critics see it as an obvious influence of British hard rock and American rhythm and blues of the early 1970s.

If we are to believe some data, Dmitri's mother was Philologistand taught literature. There were always a lot of books of all colors and tastes in the Revyakins' house! As a boy, Dima read them and apparently formed his inexplicable bewitching style... Today fans call the musician "the Siberian hippie", emphasizing the identity of his band - it was formed in Novosibirsk in the mid-80s.

dmitriy revyakin 1
Dmitry Revyakin

Curiously enough, the name of the band does not refer to Kalina at all! In Russia "Kalinovy Most" was called bridgewhich connects the world of the living with the world of the dead. And the word "Kalinov" in this case means "to cast," "to harden.". And this interesting name was suggested by Revyakin's future wife, Olga. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2005.

Today we offer to remember Top 7 Favorite Hits a distinctive, but so attractive group!


oblozhka alboma oruzhie gruppy kalinov most
Cover of the album "Weapon" by Kalinov Most

This song is surrounded by a halo speculation: some are inclined to believe that "Rodnaya" is dedicated to the homeland, others that it talks about pagans. There is also a hypothesis that Revyakin dedicated this song to Yanka DyagilevaAnother bright representative of the Siberian underground. But Dmitry himself denied it.

Some also saw a reference to the musician's late wife, Olga, who passed away in 2005. But there's a little discrepancy: the "Weapon" album was released in 1998. We can discuss this topic for a long time, and everyone will have "their own truth.

"Come with me."

Dmitry Revyakin
Dmitry Revyakin

A great example of early Kalinov Most - "Come with Me" was written by Revyakin as early as in 1984!

During the live performance the following are often used keyboardswhich is atypical for a rock band. Alas, no official music video was ever made. However, this did not stop the song from becoming a favorite hit of the fans.


But they made a music video for "Kamchatka," and what a music video it was! The filming took place on the sung Peninsulaand the main role was given to one of the local residents.

This composition was born during the Flightright on the plane! By the way: there are several versions of the studio version, which are slightly different in terms of arrangement. At live concerts, "Kamchatka" is performed in an unobtrusive acoustic variation.

"Leaving home."

For some reason this song was never included on any studio album. It wasn't until later that it became bonus track to the Darza and Ulcha Belt discs.

"The voice smells like a fire, the sky smolders with a tent.
The warmth of your hands is the promise of separation.
The voice smells like a fire..."

"A Girl in Summer."

JJ Cale
JJ Cale

Most Scandalous the band's song that divided listeners into two camps. The fact is that the bluesy tune completely repeats "Sensitive Kind" by J.J. Kale!

However, the members of Kalinov Most do not hide their inspiration, pointing out this author music on all editions. And Revyakin wrote the beautiful lyrics himself, so we don't dare to say anything unflattering about the band.

However, not everyone adheres to this position: many are fiercely accuse group in "brazen plagiarism.

"Honest Word."

Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison

This song was dedicated by Revyakin to the most scandalous man of the '60s music scene. To Jim Morrison, the infamous leader of the The Doors. Critics have even emphasized Morrison's influence on the early work of Kalinov Most.

"In the city of Paris at the beginning of July
I ran into him when I was playing hide-and-seek
He tore up his poetry, drank cheap whiskey.
And cried...
Death was waiting for him and he knew it.

"I should have."

yanka dyagileva 3
Yanka Diaghileva

And rounding out our list is a song to which the aforementioned Yanka Diaghileva. Dyagileva and Revyakin knew each other, and they even communicated well. And so, as the story goes, Yanka dropped by one day to rehearse with the band. At that moment Dmitry was thinking over a few lines, and the girl just gave him the idea!

"What lines they were - I don't remember anymore. But it was in the fall of 1986.

That's the one. compilation we did it! What is your favorite Kalinov Most song?

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