We talk about the song "Ditch" and the album "Rough Sunset" by Peter Mamonov

Pyotr Nikolaevich Mamonov was a truly bright, charismatic person and simply an outstanding genius! And the song "Ditch" once again proves his talent...

The story of one song: "Ditch" by Pyotr Mamonov - idea, background, meaning

Peter Mamonov - the legendary Soviet and Russian rock musician, actor, poet and radio host ... He is known to many from solo performances and films, such as "Taxi Blues", "Island" or "Tsar". However, above all, the public fell in love with him as the leader of the group. "The Sounds of Mu.: how he performed, how much energy he gave people, how many crazy emotions he spent while performing this or that song - neither before nor after the Russian rock scene has seen anything like this ... And the song "Ditch" - one of his creations, which will be discussed today!

A little about the album

"Sounds of Mu", album cover Rough Sunset
"Sounds of Mu", album cover Rough Sunset

"Rough Sunset" — the title of the fifth studio album under the banner "The Sounds of Mu.! This is also the first record recorded in the updated line-up. Actually, a bit of background...

Pyotr Mamonov...
Pyotr Mamonov ...

New composition "Sounds of Mu" grew out of the project Petra Mamonova and his half brother Alexey Bortnichuk, which was considered by Mamonov as the next step in his musical development ... So, a quartet was formed from a duet, which needed a name (which, in fact, is logical). It was at least unreasonable to continue performing under the name “Mamonov and Alexei”, since the line-up consisted of four participants (in addition to Mamonov and his brother, the group included bassist Evgeny Kazantsev and drummer Andrey Nadolsky).

Then Pyotr Nikolaevich decided to use the old name "Sounds of Mu", which led to a number of dissatisfaction on the part of the participants of the former "team". In turn, the old members formed their own team, calling themselves "From the Sounds of Mu".

Sounds of Mu, a national rock band
Sounds of Mu, a national rock band

As for the album, "Rough Sunset" was supposed to be a powerful wall of sound: Mamonov wanted to change the sound in favor of guitar parts ... The record came out in the middle 90s, and a few years later in 1997th - saw the light "Rough sunset. Dance Mix"! Total album included 8 tracks, among which is the composition "Ditch" (fifth in a row) ...

Idea and meaning of the song

Pyotr Mamonov young
Pyotr Mamonov young

Song "Ditch" is a truly worthy decoration of the album… This is a dynamic, very pleasant-sounding track, which can hardly be called positive:

"The night lay over the forest, but the night is not to blame
In the forest, dugouts are dug by cheerful soldiers
Those who listened to their mother
Dig a ditch in the forest
Those who listened to their mother
They are digging a ditch…”

What can be added here? You don't need to be a great philosopher to understand the meaning of this lyric: you don't need to listen to mom, dad, those around you ... You need to be guided solely by your own head. After all, no one will “dig ditches” for you in the end, right ...?


Peter Mamonov
Peter Mamonov

This composition clearly fell in love with the public! In March 2007 on the YouTube channel Ivan Starohamsky a music video was published in which Pyotr Mamonov and his band perform the song "Ditch": since that moment it has gained more than 200 thousand views and a lot of enthusiastic comments ...

The song is fire! Aleksey saws tirelessly… Those were the golden days of the Sounds of Mu!”

“The sounds of Mu are timeless classics and maximum drive! Pyotr Nikolaevich Mamonov has long been a People's Artist of the Universe!

“Pyotr Nikolayevich is out of time. He is always relevant and always on topic ... "

There's not even anything to add here. Pyotr Nikolaevich Mamonov was a truly bright, charismatic person and just an outstanding genius! And the song "Ditch" once again proves his talent ... Or rather, a talent!

We also invite you to watch the video 2010 with over 100,000 views:

This version sounds more positive and has a more dynamic rhythm... However, it's still the same "Ditch"! Bravo, Peter Mamonov... Crazy energy reigns on the stage ...


Artist Pyotr Mamonov
Artist Pyotr Mamonov

Today Petra Mamonova no longer with us ... We will never see his wonderful live performances, we will not feel that crazy surge of emotions ... However, we can still enjoy his rich, and, no less important, luxurious legacy. The discography of this man includes excellent music albums! And one of these is "Rough Sunset" with composition "Ditch"number five...

“On a colored poster, funny acrobats
And they distributed heavy shovels to us
For those who listen to their mother
To those who put on a panama

STOP! One-two!”


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