Carlos Santana is transported on "a journey of memories and deep reflection

"You were born with your fingerprints. You were born with your sound, uniqueness, authenticity, individuality. That has to be appreciated.

Guitarist Carlos Santana: interesting facts, interviews, photos and videos, tracks

Carlos Santana - a legend of Latin American rock, a guitarist who not only managed to succeed on the world stage, but also to become the best of his kind. His style unique and inimitableand many of the tracks performed by him and his band Santana (particularly the iconic "Black Magic Woman") is already a classic and a standard that many rockers have been striving for for years. Carlos is able to extract from his instrument not just striking sounds, but true feelings... Guitar in his hands is like a magic machine, and our hero is a true guitar wizard. When asked "what is the secret of his own style", Santana answered in his own way:

"If there is such a thing as a secret, I think it lies in not thinking about what you're doing. Emotions and passion and feelings are what we all have, and if you keep yourself open, you can let those things come out through your playing..."

Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana

As one of the stars Woodstock 1969 year, Santana is a magnificent idol of those times of peace and love. And today we invite you to join him on a fascinating journey of memories and deep reflection.

About childhood

Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana

As the son of a musician, Carlos discovered the violin at age 5. However, the real furore he experienced was electric guitar: That significant moment was comparable (according to the musician) to seeing a White Whale! Growing up, but not yet achieving fame, he was working waiter in restaurants. In retrospect, Santana declares: It was a valuable experience.

"It's all part of learning how to articulate impeccable integrity, whether it's cleaning or washing dishes or peeling potatoes or whatever. It teaches not only discipline, but total commitment."

But even then, in the days of hard physical labor, Carlos drew inspiration and strength in music

"There was a jukebox next to the restaurant where I worked. God, I don't know how much money I invested in that machine! I ran to it like crazy! Because if it wasn't for the music, I would have gone crazy... Day after day I washed dishes, peeled potatoes, and did all these chores.

About collaboration with other guitarists

Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton
Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton

Carlos was repeatedly asked how he felt about cooperating with other guitarists. The answer is more than worthy:

"Collaboration for me is pure joy. I like to just let things unfold in front of me and see where the spirit of the music takes me. I usually say to my collaborators, 'Look, man, we don't have to play like we're in a duel. Why don't we just talk through our instruments?" And it works! We're not fighting for the championship, we're just having our own dialogue..."

When asked "if he thinks about things like scales and things like that," our hero replied humorously:

"No, I left it all behind in junior high school. A friend of mine says, 'Some people use pentatonic. Some people use hair tonic. I drink gin and tonic..."

About the love of heavy metal and The Doors

Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana

You might not have guessed it at all, but Carlos Santana is quite a fan heavy metal! What's more: he wouldn't mind recording an entire album in this genre.

"I love AC/DC, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Jimi Hendrix... Who isn't a fan of these people? Do you know any? Personally, I don't!"

But at the same time, for many years Santana has remained a devoted fan of a band far removed from heavy metal. And that's The Doors.

"When I close my eyes and play, I always think of The Doors, one of my favorite bands. I love The Doors more than anything. There's something about their tracks, you know, and Robbie Krieger... It's something inexplicable."

Memories of Woodstock

Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana

Thinking back on Woodstock 1969 of the year, Carlos wrinkles his nose. Alas, it was not only the most momentous day of his career, but also one of the creepiest...

"That day I prayed as much as I have ever prayed in my life. I'm in front of over 100,000 people, and I'm completely out in open space... Damn it! Jerry Garcia treated me to something - you know. Substances. I didn't think it would come out that way. I got a treat, and then they told us that we were going to be out in a little while. I was in shock... The next thing I knew, there was a face saying, "If you don't play right now, you won't play at all! You've got to get on stage, now!". So when I think about Woodstock, I don't even think about the notes or the songs or the performance, I just think about how much I prayed that day..."

"You were born with your fingerprints" - about Santana tribute bands

Carlos Santana, founder of the group!
Carlos Santana

Given their magnitude, it is not surprising that there are so many Santana tribute bands. But Carlos doesn't seem to be very happy about it.

"What would I say to these guys? Well... That I'm grateful, and it's a compliment that you play my music. But I would suggest that you find your own, because you'll only be happy when you make music that's completely your own. You were born with your fingerprints. You were born with your own sound, uniqueness, authenticity, individuality. That has to be appreciated."

The guitarist continues:

"You know, entertainment is fickle. And that's something I would advise young people to pay attention to. A lot of bands today are about entertainment, not music. It's like performing in Las Vegas or something like that. But not real music, the kind I heard on MTV. Because these guys were really playing! They were hungry and they felt it. And that was always my priority."

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