Surprising facts about Cass Elliot, the lead singer of The Mamas & the Papas

"I've been fat since I was seven, and you know what I realized? Being fat makes you different!"

Amazing facts about Cass Elliot that you probably didn't know

Cass Elliot - a terrific singer, composer, and actress. But above all, audiences remember her from her participation in The Mamas & the Papas - "Mama Cass," fans lovingly called her. This woman was a striking vocalist: Her extraordinary voice touched her listeners' deepest feelings and made her a star on stage! Nevertheless - Elliott herself did not always feel confident enough.

With a phenomenal vocal range and a remarkable IQ (above 160), throughout her life Cass suffered from misunderstanding, ridicule, and complexes. Since childhood, her main desire has been to lose weight. And for this dream the singer had to pay too high a price...

"From the Russian Empire to New York," about the early years

Cass Elliot
Cass Elliot

The future star was born in the city of BaltimoreBut her ancestors were from Russian Empire. Cass' parents were not rich, and they (especially her father) had to literally "run like a squirrel in a wheel"! Later, it paid off with a small food truck of their own (a mini-business). The girl's mother was a nurse, but it was she who instilled in the little girl a love of music.

Never finished high school, Ellen (her real name) moved to New York, where she devoted herself to acting. By the way: she got her pseudonym from the actress Peggy Cass and a deceased friend whose last name was Elliot.

"She broke up the band."

Group "The Mamas & the Papas"
Group "The Mamas & the Papas"

Despite her impressive vocal abilities, Cass has long didn't want to take In The Mamas & the Papas. All because of her obesity... It is known that the girl literally stalked the group in an attempt to get her way. As she recalled Michelle Phillips:

"She followed us everywhere!"

No one could imagine Cass next to the magnificent Michelle... Especially the latter's husband, JohnThe Mamas & Papas, who was sure that an unconventional figure would "alienate the public. The situation was solved by chance: when The Mamas & the Papas were left without money and literally without a roof over their heads, they came to "their fan" themselves. Cass accepted them, as a result of which she was allowed to join the band.

Group "The Mamas & the Papas"
Group "The Mamas & the Papas"

Alas, their creative journey together was gloomyIn 1968, the band broke up, and as far as we know, on Elliot's initiative, who decided to go on a solo voyage.

The Legend of the Trumpet

Group "The Mamas & the Papas"
Group "The Mamas & the Papas"

A rather remarkable story is connected to our heroine, who allegedly fell on her heavy metal pipeThen, amidst the shock, Ellen's voice went up by as much as three tones! But this is just a beautiful legend, a common one. By John Phillips. This myth was dispelled by his ex-wife, Michelle, who said:

"I didn't notice any change in her voice..."

This legend was not born out of thin air. First of all, a trumpet did fall on Cass. And secondly - this incident inspired John to make a beautiful "fairy tale", because he was embarrassed to admit to the audience that he did not want to take such a brilliant vocalist only because of her overweight. And here - such a miracle happened (allegedly)! Subsequently, the singer herself confirmed this hypothesis, but why - not entirely clear.

Inner demons

Cass Elliot
Cass Elliot

Back in the days of The Mamas & the Papas, all the band members were accused of actively substance abuse. But when Cass began her solo career, the addiction went nowhere... When the press and the public began accusing the performer of "doing her travels" right before a concert, the woman was devastated. These accusations hurt her, and at one point she plunged into deep depression.

Another dark story in Elliot's biography linen theft from the rental apartment. There were trials (!), and Cass insisted that she hadn't taken anything. But later, when the scandal was in the past, she confessed:

"I really liked these sheets, so I took them."

A complicated personal life

Cass Elliot
Cass Elliot

The singer was married twiceAlas, the beloved of millions did not build personal happiness. Nevertheless, she was able to experience the delights of motherhood.

Back in the days of The Mamas & the Papas, our heroine was experiencing serious heartache: she was hopelessly in love with Danny DohertyWe should remember that the latter was married to the founder John. In general, there was a lot of passion within the group.

The Tragic Final, or the Price of a Dream

Cass Elliot
Cass Elliot

The performer is gone July 29, 1974: She died at the age of 32 of a heart attack in her sleep. The autopsy showed a complete absence of any substances in the blood. So it wasn't because of them? Many are inclined to believe that such an early death was caused by severe stress caused by a strict diet (From time to time Elliott starved herself). The star never talked much about her complexes, but in one interview she let slip:

"I've been fat since I was seven, and you know what I realized? Being fat makes you different!"

Cass Elliot
Cass Elliot

It seems she was confident, but then why did she torture herself with exhausting diets... There are questions we never seem to not find the answers.

Keith Moon...
Keith Moon

By the way: exactly four years later, in the same place - in a London apartment - died Keith Moon. By a wicked irony of fate, also at the age of 32 years old

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