Katy Perry and Alesso presented a new version of "When I'm Gone

The remix brings out the energy of the original "When I'm Gone", making it even more emotional. In this article you will find the official clip

Katy Perry and Alesso team up to complete the original version of the song "When I'm Gone": Photos, videos, concerts

World pop superstar Katy Perry and Grammy-nominated producer and artist Alesso have released a new version of their collaborative hit "When I'm Gone". The energetic track "When I'm Gone (VIP Mix)" emphasizes the enthusiastic energy the original, pulling it out of the radio airwaves back onto the dance floor.

With Alesso's adrenaline-fueled combination of synths and powerful drums, "When I'm Gone (VIP Mix)" adds heightened emotion to Katy Perry's tale of unsuccessful relations:

 "When I leave, I never leave" - she sings. "You think you're moving on / but it won't be for long, you'll see." 

Although the song is considered sad, it allows you to get rid of negative thoughts and lead to self-knowledge. There is feeling joy and triumph, which is only emphasized by the soaring arrangement of this new version.

After the release of the track "When I'm Gone", it went straight to number one on the US Dance Shazam chart, reached the top five on the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart, and was one of the top hits on iTunes in the US. Premiere The music video for the song, directed by Hannah Lux Davis, took place during the 2022 National College Football Championship halftime in January.

Late last month, Perry announced additional dates of his tour in Las Vegas - "Katy Perry: PLAY" at the Resorts World Theatre. The concerts will take place from May 27 to June 11, 2022 and from July 29 to August 13, 2022.

Concert Katy Perry (Katy Perry)

Since the premiere of "Katy Perry: PLAY" at Resorts World Las Vegas on December 29, 2021, fans and media alike have embraced grandiosity this presentation. Rolling Stone stated, "PLAY time began in Las Vegas." The show has been hailed as "... a sensory blast" by Billboard, "... a complete confection" by Vulture, and "... a quintessential Perry" by Vogue noted: "Katy Perry is still Queen genre."

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