Kylie Minogue: Top 8 Facts About the Australian Pop Princess

On her account there are loud hits and multimillion circulation, which is already approaching the mark of 100 million! But in her biography there are curious facts that only the most devoted fans know about...

Kylie Minogue - all about the singer: interesting facts, career and personal life

A great singer, a talented actress, and a brilliant songwriter, this gorgeous blonde rocked the world while practically being a child! Okay, okay, we may have overreacted to the whole world, but the fact that in the '80s Kylie Minogue was the brightest star in the native Australia, it's true.

Today there is not a person who does not know about it. It is often referred to as Australian pop princessThis is due to her unparalleled talent, beauty, and... her frequent changes in her stage persona. This last factor has also made her a style icon. She's had a string of big hits and a multimillion circulation that's already approaching the mark. 100 million! But there are curious facts in her biography that only her most loyal fans know about... It's time to fix it!

Her name comes from the language of the Australian Aborigines

Kylie Minogue in "Confide In Me" video
Kylie Minogue in "Confide In Me" video

Believe it or not, the name "Kylie." means "boomerang" in one of the indigenous languages of Australia. Talk about spinning around!

Young Kylie Minogue
Young Kylie Minogue

Well: that's true to some extent, considering how old Minogue is, literally. "spinning" in the industry - And she doesn't stop. Her persistence and dedication are enviable... Not many stars, especially women, are able to endure this terrible onslaught of show business.

Her hit "I Should Be So Lucky" was born in 40 minutes

Kylie Minogue in "Confide In Me" video
Kylie Minogue

"I Should Be So Lucky" - the first single from Kylie's debut album, and her first big hit. The song became the best-selling single of 1987 in Australia, and showed a promising, and most importantly - fully justified performance in the charts! But what you certainly couldn't have thought was that this masterpiece was born in less than an hour

A trio of songwriters and producers Stock, Aitken, and Waterman had completely forgotten that Kylie was coming to meet them and hadn't prepared anything. So they procrastinated and wrote "I Should Be So Lucky" in 40 minuteswhile she was in the hall! Of course, it wasn't very pretty on their part, but the main thing is the result.

She's Australia's biggest pop star of the '80s

Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue

Probably no one will doubt this fact. Kylie Minogue really is the biggest Australian pop star of the '80s!

Kylie's huge worldwide hit "The Loco-Motion." was at number one on the Australian charts for seven consecutive weeks! It eventually became the best-selling single of the 1980s in Australia. And its performer was the darling of millions.

Her careless remark inspired INXS to create "Suicide Blonde"

Kylie Minogue (Kylie Minogue) at a professional photo shoot
Kylie Minogue (Kylie Minogue) at a professional photo shoot

Are you familiar with the group INXS? If so, you've probably heard their track "Suicide Blonde." 1990. It is already, you could say, their signature card.

But few INXS fans suspect that the song was inspired by a very with a sharp statement Kylie. Specifically, Minogue told her boyfriend that she was going to become a "suicide blonde" for a movie role! This inspired the INXS frontman to write a future hit.

She sang to an audience of four billion at the 2000 Sydney Olympics

Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue

Kylie has performed in front of more than four-billion-strong audience at the closing ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. It's just a staggering number, and it's hard to imagine what kind of self-control it takes for an artist to confidently play his number in front of such a crazy number of people...

She has since said:

"What I remember most from my performance in Sydney in 2000 is fear. Fear, excitement, and also pride. At the time, the pride in the country was tremendous. To be in the stadium, center stage, and to know that it was being broadcast to four billion people! It was such an honor."

She has saved countless lives through breast cancer awareness

Kylie Minogue at the beginning of her career
Kylie Minogue at the beginning of her career

In 2005, Kylie was diagnosed with breast cancerand she had to cancel a number of appearances. As news of her illness was reported in various media, Australian doctors reported that the number of mammography appointments had increased by 40 percent, and this increase was directly related to Kylie.

Subsequently, the singer even received honorary doctorate for raising awareness about breast cancer.

She had a musical and her own brand

Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue

Given Kylie's all-encompassing popularity, it's not surprising that she had her own stage musical! Or rather, it was inspired by her and her hits. The musical was called "I Should Be So Lucky"The first of her big hits, it opened in 2001 in her hometown of Melbourne. Unfortunately, it was not a success and was soon suspended.

Remarkably, but for her services, Kylie was also portrayed on a stamp of Australia's Living Legends series in 2013, a collection that also featured Olivia Newton-John, Men at Work and AC/DC. What an honor!

She has almost as many Madame Tussauds wax figures as the Queen

Kylie Minogue with her wax replica
Kylie Minogue with her wax replica

There are hardly any people who have never heard of Madame Tussauds. It features very convincing wax replicas of various influential personalities, from artists to politicians and so on.

At the museum Madame Tussauds there are four different Kylie figures relating to different stages of her career. The only person who owns more wax figures is Queen!

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