From traffic police to "kolkhoz punk" - what did domestic rockers do before fame

From traffic police to "kolkhoz punk" - in what craft have Russian rockers managed to try themselves? We suggest finding out together!

Who the domestic rock idols were before fame

Rarely do we think about Who were our favorite domestic rock idols to fame. But their path was not an easy one - their popularity did not come "at the snap of a finger". Some of them only achieved cult status after tragic death

In any case, everyone had to work. And sometimes the professions were far from creative and inspiring... From traffic police to "collective-farm punk" - in what occupation did Russian rockers manage to try themselves? We suggest to find out together! We tried to collect most interesting professions.

Yuri Khoy

Yuri Khoi (Klinskikh)
Yuri Khoi (Klinskikh)

Passion for music hoi (aka Klinsky) had been experiencing it since childhood. But I didn't get a proper education, so I had to make my own way. And before becoming an icon "kolkhoz punk"Before the army, he worked in a factory, and afterwards he worked for five years in a factory. inspector of the traffic police! Khoi was probably the fairest inspector, for he wrote fines to everyone - he did not look at the rank or popularity of the violators! The future rocker was reprimanded by his superiors for such dedication.

After that, Khoi was a milling machine operator and a longshoreman! But all his free time was invariably devoted to songwriting and playing acoustic guitar, which he mastered by himself - that is, without teachers. Neighbors and friends, who knew about his past service and love of music, jokingly called him "Jura-Haiti." and asked, "When are you going to become famous, Haiti?" Jokes are jokes, but Yura just became one.

Sergey and Yegor Letov

Sergey and Yegor Letov
Sergey and Yegor Letov

Let's start with the older brother, with Sergei. Letov Sr. had a background in fine chemical technology and ... worked on heat protective coatings of Soviet of the space shuttle Buran! This is truly amazing! But apparently such responsible and precise work was not to Sergey's liking, and as a result he began to master saxophone, flute and other instruments. Today he occupies his honorable place in the annals of national music.

The early occupations of Letov Jr. creative! He was a plasterer and a decorator. Although he also worked as a janitor for a while.

Peter Mamonov

Pyotr Mamonov young
Pyotr Mamonov young

Mamonov was versatile and multifaceted not only as an artist, but also as a person!

Before creativity began to feed worthily, Pyotr Nikolaevich I worked as a typesetter in a printing house, as a proofreader, and even as head of the letters department at the Pioneer! He was also a translator and masseur, a stoker, and even an elevator operator!

Andrey Makarevich

Andrey Makarevich
Andrey Makarevich

After school, the leader "Time Machines" he enrolled at the Moscow Architectural Institute. Alas, from there he was expelled "for untimely departure from his job at the vegetable depot. But that's the official version. In fact, it was because of rock music.

Nevertheless, Makarevich managed to work architectand he even has several projects under his belt! There are even rumors that Andrei designed the Drama Theater building in Veliky Novgorod!

Yuri Shevchuk

Yuri Shevchuk
Yuri Shevchuk

Groups "DDT" might not have been, since Shevchuk was seriously planning on becoming an artist! This passion was awakened in him in his childhood: as an 8th grader, Yura drew a crucifix on his T-shirt and wrote "Jesus was a hippie.". He was wearing this fashionable outfit on the street and, for the first time, he ran into the police. It was the first big scandal in the future rocker's biography.

Having received an art education, Shevchuk worked for some time art teacher in the Bashkir village of Iglino. But even at that time he continued to make musical steps: he performed with local bands, participated in all kinds of concerts. For a long time he could not decide whether to become an artist or a musician. In general, we already know Yuri's fateful decision.

Konstantin Kinchev

Konstantin Kinchev
Konstantin Kinchev

After school. Kinchev was an apprentice miller and later a draftsman!

Was Konstantin Kinchev and a model, and a longshoreman, and even an administrator for the women's basketball team!

A brief summary of the main points

From left to right: Mike Naumenko, Alexander Lipnitsky, Alexander Bashlachev, Viktor Tsoi
From left to right: Mike Naumenko, Alexander Lipnitsky, Alexander Bashlachev, Viktor Tsoi

And a little bit more. interesting professions at the end of the day!

  • Ilya "Devil" KnabengoffIlya, known for his bands Aggressor and Pilot, was unable to graduate from the College of Architecture because of the constant touring. I had to earn a living in different ways: Ilya was a janitor, a salesman at a kiosk, a forklift driver at the Cold Storage Plant, and even a landscaper!
  • Alexander Sklyar from "Va-Bank" worked as a diplomat in North Korea for five years.
  • Viktor Tsoi, Yuri Kasparian, and Alexander Bashlachev worked in the Kamchatka boiler room in Leningrad. Kasparyan had to miss the filming of the music video "Saw the Night" because of the work.

  • Dmitry Revyakin from "Kalinov Most" was moonlighting as a disc jockey and simultaneously studying at the Novosibirsk Electro-Technical Institute.
  • Mike Naumenko was a sound engineer at the Bolshoi Puppet Theater and... a keeper! What exactly the legend of the Leningrad underground was guarding is unknown.
  • Boris Grebenshchikov I had time to be a staff member at the Research Institute of Sociology.

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