Kate Bush's Top 9 Hits That Are Worthy of the "Masterpiece" Title

A prolific composer and songwriter, Busch made a name for herself soon after the release of her debut LP, which performed well on the charts and gave the world the hit "Wuthering Heights"! But that wasn't the end of her musical exploits, it was just the beginning...

Kate Bush's Best Songs by Fuzz Music Magazine

A self-taught pianist, Kate Bush She ignited her passion for music at an early age: according to the recollections of those close to her, 11-year-old Katie (real name Catherine) could sit at her instrument for seven hours a day! Alas, she did not have the proper equipment, so when she decided to record and distribute her demos, the sound quality left a lot to be desired... And who knows how her career would have turned out if not for David Gilmour from Pink Floyd: it was he who mentored and inspired the ambitious teenage girl, instilled confidence in her, and helped her record material that sounded really good.

A prolific composer and songwriter, Bush made a name for herself shortly after the release of her debut LP, which performed well on the charts and presented the world with hit "Wuthering Heights"! But her musical exploits did not end there: a succession of successful singles and experiments with the synthesizer began, as a result of which the "ambitious self-taught" became a favorite of millions! Today she is a British legend whose repertoire is more than rich. But if you're only familiar with Bush through a few songs, our selection - a great opportunity to fix this.

"Running Up That Hill."

Kate Bush
Kate Bush

Loaded with emotion and passion that few artists are able to put together, let alone record on tape, "Running Up That Hill." is still considered one of the greatest pop songs of all time.

The performer herself said the following about this masterpiece:

"What I was trying to say was that it's not really possible for a man and a woman to understand each other. And if we could really switch roles, if we could be in each other's shoes for a while, I think we would be very surprised! I think it would lead to more understanding..."

"Wuthering Heights"

Kate Bush...
Kate Bush

Largely inspired by the The film adaptation of Wuthering Heightsrather than an Emily Bronte novel, this composition became Bush's most recognizable hit. You could say. "Wuthering Heights" launched the career of a gifted teenager who wrote it in the green suburbs of South London:

"It was a full moon, the curtains were open, and it happened pretty easily..."

It was this track that won Katie the award for being the the first womanwhich topped the British charts with the song, written and performed by herself. A truly iconic moment in a legendarily brilliant musical career...


One of the UK's most successful hits, and overall a pretty bombastic rock song that's hard to get out of your head. "Babooshka." tells the story of a woman who decides to "test her husband. Our heroine sends her husband love notes, presumably from someone younger.

Alas, the experiment leads to unpleasant consequenceswhen the heroine disguises herself for a personal meeting, and her worst fears come true: her husband is attracted to the fake, not the real her...

"The Man With the Child in His Eyes

This is the song that can dispel your doubts about the poetic talent of our heroine. It is worth emphasizing that "The Man With the Child in His Eyes was written by Bush at the age of 13! The text details a theory about men that the young singer personally developed from her own observations:

"All men are just little boys inside, and how wonderful it is that they manage to keep that magic..."

The recording at London's AIR Studios did not take place until 3 years laterand according to the performer's own recollections, she was struck by the greatness of the orchestra that played with her. The keys and violins - the abundance of sounds merged together and a true gem was born.

"This Woman's Work"

Kate Bush
Kate Bush

This song was originally written specifically for the romantic comedy "She's Having a Baby" (1988)The song was not released as a single until a year later. Alas, "This Woman's Work" managed to reach only number 25 in the British chart, despite the fact that to this day it is considered to be one of the most powerful and beautiful compositions in the singer's arsenal! By the way, director John Hughes masterfully used this lyric during the dramatic climax of the film, when the main character finds out that the life of his wife and their future child are in danger.

"This Woman's Work" can be described as a symphony of strong emotions and intense thoughts. Kate's vocals are as good as ever!


"Wrestling with the Clouds." - a prime example of how Kate is able to transform into the figurative consciousness of her protagonist and take us, the listeners, along with her.

The composition was inspired by the famous psychologist and philosopher Wilhelm Reich, and his tumultuous relationship with his son Peter. It is written from the point of view of Peter's and is dedicated to the games he and his father shared during his upbringing on the family farm.

"Hounds of Love."

Kate Bush and jay z are inducted into the list of Hall of Fame nominees
Kate Bush 

A very powerful and somber track in which the singer swallows frightenedly and roars dramatically as rumbling drums and harmonic layers unfold around her like fog... This is the song Of love and fear in front of such a bright feeling.

"It's about someone who is scared and looking for a way to escape - to escape from love. The main character is afraid of love and relationships. It uses the image of love as something that comes to get you, and you have to run away from it or you won't survive. My voice and the whole production are aimed at expressing this horror..."


Shrill piano balladwhich was the final diamond of the "Never for Ever" album.

This beautiful work perfectly reflects the cheerful beauty of Kate's creativity, lightness and simultaneous passion. We recommend listening to it, of course, if you are not yet familiar with the track (although even if you are, you can re-listen to "Breathing". gladly).

"The Sensual World

Inspired by the novel "Ulysses." of the writer James Joyce and the heroine Molly Bloom particularly "The Sensual World," a great track that will surely make you want to continue to get to know Bush's work!

As some critics have described this composition: "one of the finest explorations of the sensual and the sublime.

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