“Looks like an American, popular on the British stage, and he is French!” – who is KillASon? Full biography of the rapper

“I wanted to show that I was going and that I would have to be dealt with (laughs). This is an exhibition of all my facets, everything that I can do. All of a sudden it was very diverse, but it was necessary because I wanted my personality to be really open to people... And I'm not going to hide!”

Who is KillASon? We talk about a promising French rapper

KillASon is a talented rapper from Paris who, in addition to music, is also into hip-hop dancing! In January 2016, KillASon released his debut album The Rize. It was followed by LP STW (2018), Supa Heroz (2019) and Wolf Tape (2021). The musician’s YouTube channel has a little over 12 thousand subscribers: yes, while KillASon is not one of those rappers who shine on the charts and see how their videos explode trends on YouTube… However, he has already become a special figure in French hip hop landscape. And several things testify to this: his lyrics, systematically interpreted in English, his visuals, always very stylized, and his videos, which are now created with the idea of creating a connection between music and dance, cinema and the world of fashion ...

Mixing genres allows him to even more declare his uniqueness! Impressive flow, impeccable mastery of dance - his work is truly individual ... Maybe - it's just not for everyone? Or maybe few people know about KillASon yet? One way or another, the identity of this person deserves publicity! So: meet KillASon!

Brief biography of the artist


"Hoddest In My Town" - You may have seen this black and white clip on social media, with a particularly polished aesthetic and almost hypnotic style... This is the first single from The Rize's 2016 album. In one of his interviews, KillASon said:

“In the clips, I take the lead…”

Let's start with the fact that Marcus Dossavi-Gourdo spent his entire childhood in Poitiers, where he watched the hip-hop battles with interest:

“I came to Poitiers at the age of three and stayed there until I was 18,” Markus explains. My parents took me to hip-hop shows, and from the age of eight or nine I was actively freestyled. I really started rapping when I was 14…”


It was at this age that Markus recorded his first track. The maturation took several years, and only in the summer of 2013 did the rap fan return to the studio to record the seven tracks that make up his first EP...

“I wanted to stand out with the musical content,” Markus says. Offering something similar to me, and not by copying other people's ideas. I always try to live and work qualitatively…”

The son of a choreographer and sound engineer, Markus certainly went to a good school! And today he feels an assertive universe, ready to blossom and unfold in all directions... Already today, this young guy, who grew up in Poitiers and lives in Paris, demonstrates the appetite, curiosity, diligence and mind with which great artists are created. Listening to KillASon feels like rediscovering the original hip-hop. And it's not about his music, which is resolutely turned to the future, no. It's all about his unbridled curiosity and a huge thirst for self-expression, multimedia and versatile talent. About his first musical emotions, Markus said the following:

“They go back to my very early age when I was 3 years old. I have quite vivid memories of hip-hop, electro and reggae. My parents are artists and I got into it very early. My mother is a choreographer and my stepfather is a musician. Today he is my art producer, my advisor and my mentor, and my mother is my manager. This is a family business…” (smile from ear to ear).


As for live performances, KillASon emphasizes:

“I can’t stand artists who on stage are content with performing over a phonogram. At such concerts, I feel like I was fooled! For me, a concert should be a real exchange: something physical, for example, in a dance. This is the energy I want to find on stage…”

About the debut album

Album the rize by killason (cover)
Album The Rize by KillASon (cover)

His first album The Rize, released in January 2016 on the independent label Fin de Siècle, features a space UFO. A sophisticated record of liberated rap in which KillASon experiments with pop and electronic music... Themes and various characters are also on display in this delusional and falsely dark kaleidoscope unlike anything known. However, we can detect his family ties with Outkast, Tyler The Creator, Raury, Danny Brown or Childish Gambino: he is also for absolute freedom of expression and for the ability to support multiple personalities!

The Rize is a tight and ambitious first disc, but at the same time imperfect and clumsy (KillASon was so eager to show all his facets and all his talents). However, if the rapper is still looking for himself, the unusualness he shows is obvious. There is already huge potential behind the sketch...

A little last


KillASon is definitely a very interesting person in the world of rap music. The young musician shows great promise, and what will happen next - only time will tell.

“I'm really into lyrics, I'm trying to bring something in, to tell stories… I don't want it to always be the same themes and the same flows. The Rize is a pretty self-absorbed sound with a twist, while in 'The Mind's Eye' I mix the worlds of dreams and love, I'm talking about this complex woman with many faces that you can fall in love with in your sleep... 'Black Crook' - this is a story about a cursed wizard who wants to find the heart of his beloved and create the most beautiful ring in the universe, and who was fooled by the Devil ... "

What exactly does KillASon want to convey to the world with his work? The musician replied to this question:

“I wanted to show that I was going and that I would have to be dealt with (laughs). This is an exhibition of all my facets, everything that I can do. All of a sudden it was very diverse, but it was necessary because I wanted my personality to be really open to people… And I'm not going to hide!”

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