Top songs from favorite glam rockers Kiss

These legends have over forty-five gold and platinum albums and over 100 million records sold worldwide! This band's repertoire is full of great tunes, and today we decided to remember the best of the best!

Kiss: The Best Songs, Hits and Clips

The band, whose terse name translates as "The Kiss."has become a household name in rock 'n' roll The '70s and '80s years. Founded in New York City in January 1973, Kiss The guys played glam-rock and hard rock, and they went on stage in incredible outfits and costumes that made them look like some kind of alien characters! Each member had their own unique makeup that completely covered their face...

By the way: the girls liked the hell out of it, pissed off conservative society, tickled the curiosity of the media, and... almost cost Ace Fraley vision. The fact is that his makeup included real silver, and when one night the guitarist forgot to wash off his "war paint" overnight, he needed medical help in the morning.

Ace Frehley
Ace Frehley

All this preface, in general, as well as the fact that he who became famous for his incredibly long language Gene Simmons worked as an elementary school teacher before he became a rock star.

Gene Simmons, "Kiss"
Gene Simmons, "Kiss"

Gradually Kiss took the public by storm, releasing great records and touring more and more extensively. In the 80's they moved away from their glam base as they began to lose popularity, and in the 90's they began to experiment confidently. The result was "Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions", an album that critics have described as a "cry of despair" and "desire to jump into trends". Nevertheless, one gloomy spot does not spoil the overall picture. These legends have over forty-five gold and platinum albums, and over 100 million records sold worldwide! This band's repertoire is full of great tunes, and today we decided to remember the best of the best!

"I Was Made For Lovin' You"

KISS group, 1976
KISS group, 1976

Perhaps the most recognizable song Kiss. Just amazing guitar riffs and solos that drive you crazy... And the performance itself? It all sounds very cool, in the best tradition of good old 70's rock.

To this day "I Was Made For Lovin' You" remains the band's most famous tune, which seems to be sung by almost any teenager. All thanks to the fact that in its time the single received a powerful promotion, and, as a result, it became a classic of its time and genre.



Romantic, charismatic and memorable, - Forever is one of the most beloved songs among Kiss fans. It is also one of the best rock and roll love songs.

"I see my future when I look into your eyes.
It took your love to make my heart come alive.
Because I have lived in the belief that love is blind.
But everything about you tells me that this time - It's for good."

"I Love It Loud"

Here is one of the greatest Gene Simmons Solo, as well as one of the best drum Eric Carr's solo.

Definitely a masterpiece!

"Rock and Roll All Nite"

Kiss on the streets of New York, 1976. Photo: Richard Corkery
Kiss on the streets of New York, 1976. Photo: Richard Corkery

Perhaps, along with "I Was Made For Lovin' You", it's the band's most famous and popular hit. The rocking sound, the rebellious lyrics, the colorful music video... It's a real rock'n'roll anthem!

Originally released as a single from the album "Dressed to Kill, the song did not become a hit until a live version was released to promote the live album "Alive!". This time "Rock and Roll All Nite" reached number 12 on the Billboard charts. Subsequently, the track was repeatedly recognized as one of the greatest of its kind...

"Detroit Rock City"

Written about a real Kiss fan who tragically died on the way to the concert, "Detroit Rock City" was not a big commercial success, but for a long time it was a fan favorite and a staple of the band's live shows.

"Yeah, move faster, I'm pushing 150,
That's the limit, but it's too slow for me.
This is the life, this is the high..."


Peter Criss
Peter Criss

Drummer Peter Criss wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocals for this chart-topping single. Criss recorded the song without other participants the band, accompanied by piano and string orchestra, making "Beth" the only song by the band without an instrumental performance by any of its members. The simple but beautiful ballad was originally released as the B side for "Detroit Rock City," but Casablanca Records soon re-released the single with "Beth" on the A side. Thus, there was a new hit on the radio!

And some more great tunes from Kiss at the end! We hope our selection Cheered you up a little bitIt charged me with the right emotions and, perhaps, brought me back to my youth for a while...


"God of Thunder."

"Love Gun."

"Heaven's On Fire"

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