Top world famous songs recorded in one take (according to Fuzz Music magazine)

History has also seen such songs that became cult classics, but it took one single take to record them!

The world-famous classic that took one take to record

As a rule, on song recording it takes a lot of time... Sometimes the artist himself likes one version, but the team does not like it at all, and vice versa. Creating hits is a complex process that can take weeks! And all for the sake of the perfect end result ... However, history has seen such songs that became cult classics, but it took a lot of time to record them. one single double! And this includes widely known (and widely discussed) hits known all over the world! Sometimes the first take seems doomed to greatness and success, and no amount of re-recordings makes any sense! And the track does not have to be perfectly “combed”: sometimes it is a slight negligence that does its job, presenting the world hit number one... So: this is the top world-famous songs recorded in one take! We begin…

"Twist and Shout" (The Beatles)

The Beatles
The Beatles

famous cover The Beatles, track "Twist and Shout" didn't just close the Please Please Me album, it ended the marathon recording session that drove John Lennon to madness... The most interesting thing is that "Twist and Shout" was the Beatles' tenth song that day! At the time of recording, no one was sure that Lennon would cope with this last “test” of that day ...

As a result The Beatles worked one take and tried a second, but Lennon's voice was so exhausted that the band decided to leave it at that.

"How Will I Know" (Whitney Houston)

Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston

And although "How Will I Know" was not the first single from the debut album Whitney Houston, it definitely became the most memorable song from him! A curious fact, but "How Will I Know" was originally intended for Janet Jackson, however, by coincidence, the song fell into the hands of the delightful Houston...

Everyone who heard the first vocal version of this song probably already knew that something special was brewing... Additional backing tracks were recorded separately, but it was the first vocal track that remained in the final mix.

"Louie Louie" (The Kingsmen)

The Kingsmen
The Kingsmen

hoarse, almost unintelligible "Louie Louie" caused some controversy when it was released, but it was mostly due to poor production and not malicious intent... The Kingsmen were teenagers when they recorded this song and allegedly hired a stingy producer who rushed them to save time.

There was only one recording of the song, so there are a lot of mistakes, ranging from out of time vocals to the moment when the drummer dropped the sticks in the middle of the recording.

"Lose Yourself'" (Eminem)


"Lose Yourself" one of the most successful rap masterpieces in history! And who would have thought that this track was recorded in a hurry, in between filming "8 Mile"!

According to Eminem, he recorded every verse in one take during the lunch breaks on set...

"Hail Mary" (Tupac Shakur)


Recording session for latest posthumous album Tupac Shakur was a frantic seven-day process that had to fit in between the dates of filming a couple of films in which Shakur played roles ...

The famous "Hail Mary" reportedly took less than an hour to write and record!

"The House of the Rising Sun" (The Animals)

The Animals, 60s
The Animals, 60s

"The House of the Rising Sun" brought out The Animals to a new level even before the band released their first album... Yes: this masterpiece was also recorded on the first take. In many ways - they were helped by the way they honed their "eye" on this hit during the tour with Chuck Berrywhere they repeatedly performed "The House of the Rising Sun"!

Bodysnatchers (Radiohead)

Radiohead band
Radiohead band

Album In Rainbows was a pioneering experiment radiohead on self-release music on the Internet!

Some of the material was recorded at an old mansion in Wiltshire, England, and Thom Yorke recorded the vocals for "Bodysnatchers" in one take, according to his interview with NME!

"That's All Right, Mama" (Elvis Presley)

Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley

It turns out that the famous business card Presley "That's All Right, Mama" was recorded in just one take!

Owner Sun Records liked the way it sounded, and in the end "That's All Right, Mama" became one of the first singles of the king of rock and roll!

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