Classic Rock: Fuzz Music's Top All-Time Best Basslines (Part Three)

This is the top of the best bass lines in the history of classic rock...

Top of the best bass lines in the history of classic rock (third part)

We continue the topic ... It is safe to conclude that they became famous for their strong and undeniably beautiful bass Led Zeppelin: almost every second or third track of theirs is dominated by a pleasant bass rhythm (which is only worth the legendary "Whole Lotta Love")… Excellent bass produced and deep purple, which, for some reason, are little remembered today. It would be simply indecent not to mention and "bass girl of the 70s" Suzi Quatro! However, classic rock has seen other names that deserve a place on our list. So: this top best bass parts throughout history! Happy listening as we begin...

"Whole Lotta Love" (Led Zeppelin)

"Whole Lotta Love" is one of the most famous songs in the repertoire Led Zeppelin! Much has been written and said about this hit track, but we will not recall its history. It is worth emphasizing that this record John Paul Jones fully revealed his talent, giving "Whole Lotta Love" one of the most remarkable bass parts ... That very feeling when listening is really a pleasure!

By the way: "Whole Lotta Love" is far from the only track of the group that stands out for its bass part. We will definitely mention the rest of the songs below ...

"Mr. Big" (Free)

In 1970 British rock band Free released their third studio album titled fire and water. It was on it that such a wonderful track with a charming bass as "Mr. big"

Our respect Andy Frazier!

"Dance" (Uriah Heep)

Uriah Heep Definitely deserve a place on our list of the best bass lines! Their track "Dance" - is a vivid proof of that:

"Sail Away" (Deep Purple)

Finally we got to the "oldies" deep purple. Today, in comparison with the same Led Zeppelin, they are very rarely remembered (for some reason ...) But in vain. At one time, this British rock band lit up not childishly, as they say. Their song piggy bank knows a dozen or two masterpieces, and one of them is "Sail Away" - a powerful track with a respectable, weighty bass line ... When listening "Sail Away" there is an extraordinary strength, dynamism ...

True fans of the band know that "Sail Away" - this is still far from the pearl of Purple's creativity.

"Smoke on the Water" (Deep Purple)

"Smoke on the Water" — here is a real super-hit, the bass part of which has already become legendary! Only the laziest did not learn it ...

In addition to the bass, the composition is notable for its charming guitar riff, which is considered one of the greatest in the history of rock! No wonder, because he was played by none other than Ritchie Blackmore, the legendary "man in black" ...

"Celebration Day" (Led Zeppelin)

And again Led Zeppelin… And why not, if the track is really good? And does this group have weak songs? It feels like the creative union of these four was concluded somewhere high in heaven ...

"Jesus Christ Superstar"

This is probably the most famous bass line in classic rock... I can do without comment here.

"Ramble On" (Led Zeppelin)

As mentioned at the very beginning of the article, Led Zeppelin really famous for their strong and undeniably beautiful bass ... So "Ramble On" is another enchanting masterpiece that showcases the genius John Paul Jones

Fun Fact: The song's lyrics were inspired by the novel John Tolkien - The Lord of the Rings.

"Dazed and Confused" (Led Zeppelin)

Also no comment. And what's the point in them? Here you just need to enjoy, and, perhaps, be inspired ...

"Wango Tango" (Ted Nugent)

"Wango Tango" is perhaps one of the most famous songs of the American musician and producer Ted Nugent!

Very interesting fact: "Wango Tango" boasts one of the most compelling and catchy bass lines, yet… she is on Guitar World's 100 Worst Guitar Solos list.

"Can the Can" (Susie Quatro)

Susie Quattro literally turned the rock scene of the 70s, or rather, the ideas of fans about her! She is not just one of the most famous women in rock, but also a great bassist... And the track "Can the Can", which became a big hit for her and a lucky ticket to Olympus, this is the best proof:

"Stay on Top" (Uriah Heep)

And we will complete our selection with another luxurious track from Uriah Heep entitled "Stay on Top":

This composition perfectly complemented the band's 15th studio album, gaining a reputation as an ageless classic!

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