The eternal problem of the "Time Machine": why the keyboardists leave the band

“I think it's not the group with the keyboard players who were unlucky, but vice versa. Such is the disease of the "Machine".

How Kavagoe, Podgorodetsky, Zaitsev and Derzhavin left the Time Machine

"Time Machine" - one of the most famous and influential groups in the history of the Russian rock scene. She boasts a huge army of fans who have been loyal to the team for several decades.

Nevertheless, one very curious curse hangs over this team - "keyboard curse", as he was christened by the people. And indeed, if you delve into the history of the band, get acquainted with the biography and facts, you come across an amazing coincidence: all keyboardists left with a wild noise!

“I think it's not the group with the keyboard players who were unlucky, but vice versa. Such is the ailment of the "Machine", - Pyotr Podgorodetsky, the ex-keyboardist of the "Time Machine", once remarked.

Why is that? We invite you to find out below by talking about each ex-participant separately.

First experience with Sergey Kavagoe

Sergei Kawagoe
Sergei Kawagoe

“How many times I was convinced that reliable people in the group are only bassists! They have only four strings and the head does not suffer from anything. It's a little more difficult for guitarists, but for keyboardists it's generally creepy, with their number of black and white buttons! It is not surprising that the roof sometimes runs away, ”Andrei Makarevich once said.

Alas, throughout history "Machine" I really didn't have much luck with keyboard players. They all left with a scandal and resentment that they carried through their whole lives ... The first of them was Sergei Kawagoe.

A multi-instrumentalist, but in particular a drummer, this man stood at the origins of the group, along with Makarevich. He did not immediately become a keyboardist - at first he played bass, and then it came to drums. In a group Sergey Sirovich stayed for 10 years - from the late 70s to the early 80s! Thanks to his Japanese roots, Kawagoe supplied the "Machine" with equipment that was unique for those years, and therefore was a very valuable participant. We can safely say that thanks to his efforts, the style of the team was formed. However, Sergei left the squad.

Sergei Kawagoe
Sergei Kawagoe

Kawagoe and Makarevich it was always hard with each other, they could not get along within the same project. When Sergey left the group, Makarevich stated that all this was due to his creative victories. Allegedly, Kawagoe could not come to terms with the fact that Andrey Vadimovich composed hit tracks and eventually became unprecedented leader of "Machine".

Sergey Kavagoe and Evgeny Margulis
Sergey Kavagoe and Evgeny Margulis

After the "Machine", Sergey tried to develop several more projects, including "Sunday", but eventually gave up this occupation and went to live in Japan, and later in Canada, where he died in 2008 year. Until his death, Kawagoe accused Makarevich in your failures.

Pyotr Podgorodetsky and the story of his departure

Pyotr Podgorodetsky
Pyotr Podgorodetsky

At first, Kawagoe replaced Valery Efremovand then joined the group Pyotr Podgorodetsky. His story is more fascinating, because he left the line-up twice! It first happened in 1982 year. The musician himself commented on the decision as follows:

“There were a lot of problems within the team: financial difficulties, an absolute lack of mutual understanding, different views on creativity. To put it simply, it didn't suit me to collaborate with musicians of a much lower level. That's why I left."

But, apparently, by the beginning of the new decade, Peter changed his views, for he again returned to the ranks of the “machinists”. He stayed with the group until 1999 year, and after 30th anniversary of "Time Machine" was fired.

There were many reasons, but they all converged to the personal characteristics of Podgorodetsky: according to Makarevich, it was an addiction to alcohol and not only, irresponsibility, selfishness ... For some time, the musician managed to maintain his popularity, and in a variety of ways. For example, he was not too lazy to release a rather dirty memoir in which he put the group in a terrible light. Later Makarevich will say:

“At first he was our friend and we really liked him. And then he showed his swine nature. It was a common decision to fire him…”

Contribution of Alexander Zaitsev

Alexander Zaitsev
Alexander Zaitsev

Alexander Zaitsev joined the "Machine" after the first departure of Podgorodetsky. His experience was not rich: before that, Zaitsev had been playing in several not very popular ensembles for about four years. Very quickly, the new member won the nickname Colonel - all thanks to the fact that he went on stage in a military overcoat. Unlike other keyboardists, Zaitsev managed to find common language with Makarevich - the latter even made him the godfather of his son. And it is not known where this person would be today if it were not for a serious alcohol addiction.

group Zaitsev betrayed at the most crucial moment: at the beginning 90s, on the eve of the anniversary of the "Machine", he simply disappeared without warning. He refused to get in touch, and therefore was fired through the director of the band. Subsequently Maxim Kapitanovsky will say:

“He acted, of course, like a complete fool. Disappeared without telling anyone. And then he appeared half an hour before the concert at the Sports Palace! He also began to be rude ... They fired him. Alcohol ruined a man ... "

Alexander Zaitsev
Alexander Zaitsev

On this, Zaitsev's creative path ended. In 2007, he was gone.

Andrey Derzhavin: "Time Machine" and "Stalker"

Andrey Derzhavin
Andrey Derzhavin

When Podgorodetsky was irretrievably fired from 1999, came to the group Andrey Derzhavin. Before the "Machine" he had already managed to put together a reputation as a serious artist. Andrei was known as a composer and member of the Stalker group with the pop hit "Don't Cry, Alice!", and later performed with a solo program.

As part of Derzhavin lasted the longest - whole 17 years! But nevertheless he left, and the scandal against which this happened was rather inflated: he did not want to tour with a group of Ukraine, and all because of the Crimea. He soon revived the group "Stalker" and left the Time Machine. It happened in 2017.

Today "Machine" has a new keyboardist - Alexander Lyovochkin. Whether it will last long, only time will tell.


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