The legendary 45-degree tilt is now in 4K - the "Smooth Criminal" clip is available in high quality

"Michael didn't make music videos, he made music short films. He was on the next level, and people are still trying to imitate his style..."

The pop king's famous music video is now in 4K - you've never seen such a clear 45-degree tilt

"Smooth Criminal." - one of the most famous videos michael jackson. It was released at the end of the 80sThe pop king demonstrated his trademark 45-degree tilt trick for the first time! For a long time the public tried to unravel the secret of how, contrary to all the laws of physics, Michael managed to do such a thing! But later the artist admitted that the magic was in the special shoes he personally invented for his performances.

The song itself was also a success, and today it is one of Jackson's recognizable hits. However, the music video does not let the fans rest in peace. So, enthusiasts started "reconstruct." old clip. Thanks to this we can enjoy the legendary forward leaning Michael and his dancers in high crisp 4K quality!

Youtuber was the first to present his work "X Æ A-12." - The video was published on his channel in May 2020. Viewers were delighted, but noticed that it was interesting to see the whole clip - out of the original 10 minutes, the author of the youtube channel improved the approx. 40%. And the wishes of the public were heard, only by another enthusiast.

In February 2021 year on the channel "MJJ4K" a full-length "Smooth Criminal" music video appeared in 4K! Within a year it had more than three million views and a sea of enthusiastic comments...

"The best version of Smooth Criminal! You did a phenomenal job!"


"It's absolutely amazing..."


"As a kid, I never realized how good this clip was. God, what a masterpiece..."


"Incredible restoration!"


"The sound is perfect! The original is good, but it's a different level..."

And this is. original version clip:

The difference is obvious. Nevertheless, in spite of the low quality, this A masterpiece for all time! One of the users noticed:

"Michael didn't make music videos, he made music short films. He was on the next level, and people are still trying to imitate his style..."

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