Club 27 - Complete List of Musicians: Part 1

Let's remember the well-known and many forgotten members of the "Club 27", their merits and... circumstances of their deaths.

List of deceased musicians of Club 27

They were all popular, talented, and sadly unhappy. The idols of many died at the same age, giving rise to the infamous "Club 27" - the name used to summarize influential musicians who died at the age of 27... And usually under strange circumstances...

Despite the fact that researchers consider "Club 27" to be only "the result of a biased selection of random coincidences," biographers have put forward facts proving the opposite... The death rate of 20-30-year-old musicians in the 70s and early 80s does exceed the death rate of the rest of the population by several times...

Musicians included in Club 27

Musicians included in Club 27
Musicians included in Club 27

Let us remember the well-known and many forgotten participants, their merits and ... the circumstances of their death.

Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson (July 4, 1943 - September 3, 1970)

Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson
Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson

The leader, lead singer and main composer of the blues band Canned Heat. Alan is the lead singer on two of the band's most popular singles in the USA! He got his nickname "Blind Owl" from guitarist John Faye: Wilson was nearsighted, had rounded features and a peculiar mindset.

Wilson died on September 3, 1970. The cause was intoxication with barbiturates...

Amy Winehouse (September 14, 1983 - July 23, 2011)

Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse

Winehouse had an expressive contralto... Her music combined such genres as soul, jazz, R&B... Among her most famous hits were "Rehab" and "Love Is A Losing Game".


Love Is A Losing Game:

The album Back to Black, released in 2006, won five Grammy awards! It helped Winehouse set a new record among British female singers...

Amy Winehouse died at her residence in Camden, London, on July 23, 2011. The cause was alcohol poisoning: its content in her blood exceeded the permissible norm by 5 times...

Brian Jones (February 28, 1942 - July 3, 1969)

Brian Jones
Brian Jones

The founder of the legendary The Rolling Stones! It was Brian Jones who recruited the members and gave the team the right direction... However, soon the team was forced to ask Jones to leave it... The reason was drugs.

In the late '60s, Mick Taylor took Jones' place. In the summer of 1969 Brian was found dead in his summer pool...

Chris Bell (January 12, 1951 - December 27, 1978)

Chris Bell
Chris Bell

American musician, guitarist, singer and songwriter. Widely known as one of the founders of the cult power-pop band Big Star. By the way: many critics describe this band as "One of the most mythical and influential cult projects of rock and roll!"

In the mid-'70s, Chris Bell pursued a solo career that resulted in the posthumous LP "I Am the Cosmos."

The musician died on December 27, 1978. While returning home from a rehearsal he drove into a pole. The pole fell and killed him instantly...

D. Boon (April 1, 1958 - December 22, 1985)

D. Boon
D. Boon

He is known as the guitarist and vocalist of the American punk rock trio Minutemen. The musician died on December 22, 1985. The cause was a car accident in the Arizona desert...

David Alexander (June 3, 1947 - February 10, 1975)

David Alexander
David Alexander

In 1967, David and his classmates, brothers Ron and Scott Ashton, met Iggy Pop! Together they formed the band The Stooges. David was new to music at the time, but quickly mastered the bass guitar! He was instrumental in arranging, composing and performing all the songs from the band's first two albums...

The musician died of pulmonary edema on February 10, 1975...

Gary Thain (May 15, 1948 - December 8, 1975)

Gary Thain
Gary Thain

Rock bassist best known for the band Uriah Heep. Thane was with the band until 1975, after which he was fired because of drug problems... Uriah Heep released four studio albums with him, as well as the live Uriah Heep Live.

The cause of death was an overdose... The body of the musician was found in his London apartment, in December 1975...

Helmut Köllen (March 2, 1950 - May 3, 1977)

Helmut Köllen is the German bassist, guitarist, and vocalist of the rock band Triumvirat.

The musician died on May 3, 1977, of carbon monoxide poisoning. Listening to studio tracks in his car, Köllen was working with the engine when the garage door was lowered... It is worth noting that Helmut was an experienced auto mechanic and car racer.

Janis Joplin (January 19, 1943 - October 4, 1970)

dzhenis dzhoplin janis joplin 2
Janis Joplin

The "white queen of the blues" - Janis Joplin delighted audiences with her powerful vocals with her trademark huskiness and relaxed style of behavior at concerts! Her own life was no less tumultuous and emotional... Misunderstandings in her family, drug problems - Janis expressed her feelings in her music...

The idol of millions, Joplin died on October 4, 1970, in Los Angeles. The cause of death was an overdose of...

In 1971 the Pearl album was released posthumously... And in 1995 Janis Joplin was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Jean-Michel Basquiat (December 22, 1960 - August 12, 1988)

Jean-Michel Basquiat
Jean-Michel Basquiat

An American artist and musician who won the heart of Andy Warhol himself! The latter was stunned by Basquiat's "mystery and charm"... His neo-expressionist works were exhibited in galleries and museums all over the world! And in 1979 Basquiat founded his own group Test Pattern.

Few people know, but in the early 1980s, Basquiat dated the singer Madonna.

The artist and musician died of an overdose in August 1988. The body was found in his personal studio in Manhattan...

Jeremy Michael Ward (May 5, 1976 - May 25, 2003)

Jeremy Michael Ward
Jeremy Michael Ward

He is best known as the vocalist and recording engineer for the Texas progressive-rock band The Mars Volta. In addition, Jeremy Michael Ward was a member of the dub reggae band De Facto.

Like many of the aforementioned Club 27 members, Ward died of an overdose...

Jesse Belvin (December 15, 1932 - February 6, 1960)

Jesse Belvin
Jesse Belvin

Belvin was popular in the 1950s... American rock and roll singer, pianist and songwriter - many know him from his 1956 hit "Goodnight My Love"!

His other hit, "Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)" was one of the first R&B singles to hit the pop charts! The record sold millions of copies.

The musician died in a car accident...

Jim Morrison (December 8, 1943 - July 3, 1971)

45 years ago we said goodbye to Jim Morrison My
45 years ago we said goodbye to Jim Morrison My

The iconic leader of The Doors, known for his scandalous antics both on and off stage... Today's critics consider Morrison one of the most influential rock musicians in history...

Few performers have been as defiant yet successful as Morrison. One critic said that Jim "represents the rebellion of hippie culture.

Unfortunately, the rock star was found dead in his apartment in Paris... His death was one of the most mysterious. There were many speculations: from overdose to suicide and even a staged suicide!

The musician's girlfriend Pamela Courson was with him at the time of his death, but it was impossible to get any testimony from her on this subject... After Jim's death she led a reclusive life, and three years later she herself died of an overdose.

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