Club 27-Full list of musicians: Part 2

We continue to remember the legendary members of "Club 27"...

List of all Club 27 musicians (Part 2)

We continue to remember the talented and, unfortunately, so early departed members of the infamous "Club 27" ...

List of all Club 27 musicians (Part 1)

Jimi Hendrix (November 27, 1942 - September 18, 1970)

The legendary virtuoso guitarist, performer and songwriter - Jimi Hendrix is rightfully considered one of the best guitarists in the history of music! It was he who made a real revolution in the skill of playing this instrument! His smooth, immersive style epitomizes the psychedelic rock movement of the late 60s...

Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix

Unfortunately, the career of a genius from Seattle lasted only four years ... The musician died, choking on vomit ...

The musician was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as "The Greatest Instrumentalist in the history of rock music."

Kristen Pfaff (May 26, 1967 - June 16, 1994)

Listeners know this girl from Hole, founded by Courtney Love. Previously, Pfaff was the bassist and backing vocalist for Janitor Joe.

Kristen Pfaff
Kristen Pfaff

Kristen was found dead in the bathroom of her apartment. It happened about 2 months after the death of Courtney Love's husband, Kurt Cobain. The cause was an overdose ...

Kurt Cobain (February 20, 1967 - April 5, 1994)

The leader of the legendary rock band Nirvana, a talented guitarist and performer ... In the late 80s, Cobain established himself as a successful representative of the Seattle grunge scene. After the overwhelming success of the group, Kurt was recognized as the biggest rock star of his generation ...

Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain

Cobain died due to a gunshot wound to the head (suicide). After 3 days, the body was discovered by Gary Smith, who came to install a security system in the musician's house ...

In fact, the term "27 Club" became widely known after the passing of the Nirvana leader. It was then that rock fans associated his age with the age of Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix.

Leslie Harvey (September 13, 1944 - May 3, 1972)

Scottish guitarist, widely known for founding the blues-rock band Stone the Crows (along with singer Maggie Bell) in the late 60s. Leslie was the younger brother of Alex Harvey (frontman of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band).

Leslie Harvey
Leslie Harvey

After two and a half years of existence of the Stone the Crows band, Leslie died ... The musician received a powerful electric shock after touching a microphone that was not grounded.

Malcolm Hale (May 17, 1941 - October 31, 1968)

Widely known for the 60s pop band Spanky and Our Gang (Malcolm was the lead guitarist and trombonist). Among the most famous hits are: "Sunday Will Never Be The Same" and "Lazy Day".

The musician died in October 1968 from carbon monoxide poisoning ...

Mia Zapata (August 25, 1965 - July 7, 1993)

Rock singer from Louisville, whose popularity came after her participation in the band The Gits.

Mia Zapata
Mia Zapata

At the age of 9, Zapata already knew how to play the guitar and piano. As a teenager, Mia was heavily influenced by genres such as punk rock, blues, R&B ... In 1986, together with college friends, Mia founded the group The Gits.

Mia Zapata was murdered on an early July morning in 1993... The girl was returning home from a concert hall in Seattle when she was attacked... The murder case remained unsolved for almost 10 years! Ultimately, the killer was brought to trial and was sentenced to 36 years in prison...

After the death of one of the founders of The Gits ceased to exist.

Pete De Freitas (August 2, 1961 - June 14, 1989)

Musician and producer best known to the public as the drummer for the rock band Echo & the Bunnymen. The team was formed in Liverpool in 1978. At first it was a trio consisting of Ian McCulloch (vocals), Will Sergeant (guitar) and Les Pattinson (bass). In 1979 Pete De Freitas joined the group.

The musician crashed on his Ducati motorcycle while driving from London to Liverpool...

Pete Ham (April 27, 1947 - April 24, 1975)

Welsh singer, songwriter and guitarist. Widely famous as the lead vocalist and composer of the rock band Badfinger (formerly The Iveys).

Pete Ham
Pete Ham

Together with Tom Evans, Pete wrote the popular ballad "Without You": a total composition of about 200 artists around the world (including Harry Neilson and Mariah Carey)!

In the early 70s, the group was going through hard times ... It turned into the death of two members ... It all started with the fact that their manager - Stan Polley - made a deal with Warner Bros. Records, according to which Badfinger had to release a new album every six months for three years! The legal quagmire went on for a very long time, and, as a result, led the group to ruin ...

As a result of this, Ham committed suicide by hanging himself on April 24, 1975. He left a suicide note in which he blamed Polly for everything ...

In November 1983, Tom Evans also said goodbye to his life ...

Richie Edwards (December 22, 1967 - ...)

Welsh musician, rhythm guitarist and songwriter for the alternative rock band Manic Street Preachers. Ritchie is widely known for his politicized and intellectual songs, which, combined with an enigmatic and eloquent nature, have earned him a cult status!

Richie Edwards
Richie Edwards

The Manic Street Preachers formed in Blackwood in 1986. Richie Edwards joined the band after the release of their debut single "Suicide Alley".

In February 1995, Edwards disappeared... He was legally "declared dead" in 2008.

Robert Leroy Johnson (May 8, 1911 - August 16, 1938)

Widely known in the 30s blues musician, songwriter and performer. His work influenced many subsequent generations of musicians, such as: Brian Jones (The Rolling Stones), Eric Clapton, Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), Bob Dylan and others.

Robert Leroy Johnson
Robert Leroy Johnson

Johnson died on August 16, 1938 under strange circumstances ... The official version says that the musician was shot dead by the husband of one of his mistresses. According to another version, Johnson flirted with a married woman at a dance, and she treated him to a bottle of whiskey, previously poisoned by her husband.

Rockin' Robin Roberts (November 23, 1940 - December 22, 1967)

Robin Roberts was an American singer best remembered for his performances in the early 60s with the rock and roll band The Wailers. In addition to the stage, Robin was a diligent student at the University of Washington, from which he successfully graduated in 1964.

Robin Roberts
Robin Roberts

From 1962 to 1967, Robin Roberts served in the US Marine Corps Reserve. After the service, he returned to music, releasing the single "You Don't Love Me" with The Wailers. He later moved to San Francisco where he became a chemist for Crown Cork and Seal.

Robin Roberts died in a car accident...

Roger Durham (February 14, 1946 - July 27, 1973)

American percussionist and musician best known for the rhythm and blues/funk/soul band Bloodstone.

He died in July 1973 after being thrown from a horse at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Ron "Pigpen" McKernan (September 8, 1945 – March 8, 1973)

One of the founding members of the Grateful Dead. Rumor has it that the musician was given the nickname "Pig" because of his unkempt and unclean habits...

Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan

Already by the age of 20, McKernan began to experience health problems due to alcohol abuse ... After the Grateful Dead "Europe '72" tour, his health deteriorated to such an extent that he could no longer tour with the group. His last performance was on June 17, 1972 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

McKernan died on March 8, 1973 from liver complications caused by years of heavy drinking...

Stretch (August 21, 1968 - November 30, 1995)

American rapper and record producer best known for Live Squad, a trio formed by him, his brother Christopher and DJ K-Low.

Stretch (left) and Tupac Shakur (right)
Stretch (left) and Tupac Shakur (right)

Stretch met Tupac Shakur in 1990. A friendly relationship developed between them, which seriously deteriorated after the November 30, 1994 incident. Tupac was robbed by two armed criminals in the lobby of Quad Studios in Manhattan, after which he began shooting. The next day he was convicted, and on February 14, 1995, he was sentenced to at least one and a half years in prison. Tupac was mortified to learn that his friend Stretch was still playing gigs with his East Coast rival The Notorious B.I.G. Tupac decided that Stretch sided with Bad Boy Records and Biggie while he was in jail...

Stretch was shot and killed on November 30, 1995 during a car chase in Queens. He received four shots in the back from three men who had pulled up next to his car. He was killed exactly one year (almost to the minute) after Tupac's Quad Studio shooting, leading many to believe Stretch was killed as revenge...

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