One single session that turned Jimmy Page's career around

Given how gifted and innovative Page is as a musician, it is not surprising that having to play boring department store music broke him. Fortunately, the birth of Led Zeppelin was just around the corner...

When and Why Jimmy Page Decided to Found Led Zeppelin: History and Facts

Jimmy Page well known to rock guitarists and classic rock fans around the world primarily for his work on the six-string instrument with the legendary band Led Zeppelin! With her he recorded many hits, including "Whole Lotta Love", "Immigrant Song", "All My Love" and, of course, the immortal "Stairway to Heaven", a legendary classic of its time and genre. "The Zeppelins broke up after the death of their drummer John Bonham in 1980: tragedy forced the members to part ways and start working on their own solo projects. As for Page, he continued to participate in various successful musical endeavors, such as The Firm, The Honeydrippers and Coverdale and Page, among others.

However, before Page established himself as one of the leading rock and roll titans, he was a talented session musician. He began his promising musical career playing for Neil Christian and The Crusaders when he was a teenager. But illness curtailed his time with the band, so he stepped away from music for a while (though he still played local gigs) and enrolled at Sutton College of Art, where he studied painting. But the appeal of music was too strong, and so after he was invited to play guitar in "Diamonds." Jett Harris and Tony Meehan, he agreed. He became quite in demand when the song became a number one hit in Britain. Jimmy left painting behind.

The fateful session that changed everything

Jimmy Page
Jimmy Page

Gradually, Jimmy Page's career as a session musician went up, and soon he was playing in the songs of The Kinks, The Who and Petula Clark. After several years of recording for other artists, however, Page began to tire of the lack of creative freedom in his guitar playing.

Jimmy Page
Jimmy Page

The culmination of his frustrations was one sessionThe documentary, which led him to completely abandon his role as a session musician and concentrate on making his own music. In the documentary "Get ready, it's going to be loud." 2008 he recounts:

"The day I went into that session, there was a turning point... I felt very uncomfortable. In and out of the studio. It was literally Muzak (background music that is usually played in malls and other such public places). I'm not creating anything. I'm interpreting everything that's recorded now, and I'm even doing Muzak sessions. That thought has devastated me..."

Page never said which session it was, because he'd been through so many sessions that it was hard for him to determine for himself. Nevertheless, it certainly made a tremendous impression on him. Considering how much gifted and innovative is Paige as a musician, it's no wonder that having to play boring music from a department store broke him. Fortunately, Paige would soon have the opportunity to play music in a more pleasant environment, for it was not long before The birth of Led Zeppelin

Birth of Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin

Shortly after that fateful session, Jimmy Page accepted an offer to play guitar in the The YardbirdsThe Yardbirds, a band he had previously abandoned when its first guitarist, Eric Clapton, left the lineup. Paige was originally hired to replace bassist Paul Samwell-Smith, but eventually switched to six-string guitar when The Yardbirds hired another bassist. Another guitar guru was part of the band at the time, Jeff Beckbut he was soon gone. Although the constant changes in the lineup signaled the impending end for the Chicks, it proved to be a hidden blessing...

Jimmy Page
Jimmy Page

The band officially broke up in 1968, but Page decided to continue working with the new incarnation of the band, which was now called New Yardbirds. This new band included bassist John Paul Jones, vocalist Robert Plant, and drummer John Bonham. If these names sound familiar to you, it's because these were the guys who eventually formed Led Zeppelin - the most legendary band in the history of classic rock. And all it took was one bad session for Page to become part of one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

Now imagine how much we could have lost if Paige had been happy with everything in his day...

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